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Submissive traveler

So I was in town on business had an evening flight so I got to my hotel close to 11 pm checked in and wasn’t really ready to go to bed yet went down to the hotel bar witch was pretty empty a few couples and a few guys chatting and talking about the latest sports but the two gentleman close to me seemed to be flirting and messing around under the bar and I’ll be honest it turned me on as I felt myself getting hard

So I asked the bartender what those two guys were drinking ordered the drinks and walked over introduced myself and asked if it was OK to join … they both looked at each other and said yeah so I sat we had a few drinks and while we were talking they both(i was in the middle) ran their hands over my now rock hard cock they both took turns on grabbing my hand and showing me what they had witch was very big and thick cocks

All three of us decided to finish up our drinks and go back to my room when we got to my room witch had a nice TV and a full mini bar and we all sat around watching porn and drinking… they both stood up and got undressed and started to swing their cocks around touching them and rubbing them together I have to admit I was getting really turned on and before I could say anything they both stood me up tore off my shirt pants and underwear and made me get on my knees then they both told me to suck their cocks like a good little boy

I looked up and them and my cock got extremely hard and one of them shoved his huge 8 and a half inch cock into my mouth and pushed against the back of my throat pulled it out gobs of my spit and slobber were dripping off his giant cock then the other one grabbed my head and forced his cock the same way into my mouth and to the back of my throat and face fuckin me till I pushed him out of my mouth again his cock is dripping with my spit

Again they stood me up but only to lay me down on the bed with my head over the side one of them started sucking my cock and the other started to fuck my throat I didn’t mind it as much because it felt so good feeling his tongue all over my balls and all around my cock he was really good I could feel myself getting ready to cum so I told him and he obruptly stopped then switched positions with his buddy and shoved his cock right into my mouth and down my throat

His buddy held my head while he fucked my mouth I was gagging on his cock and choking on his huge thick cock he would pull it out and let me catch my breath then shove it back in his buddy was holding my head and jacking off he told his buddy that he was about to cum and wanted to fill my mouth with cum

So he took his cock out of my mouth and his buddy set the tip of his huge cock onto my tongue and let off shot after shot of cum filling my entire mouth spilling and dripping down my chin. His buddy said that looks like fun. So he jacked off until his urge became too much and he let loose as well. Man they tasted good i thought but i was just laying there with a rock hard cock and lips n mouth covered with cum. Both of them started to share my cock and did that feel good 2 tongues and 4 lips all on my cock. The feeling of that plus thinking of them using my moith like they did was just enough to put me over the edge. I started to cum and from everything happening I let out a sigh of relief. It was great watching my cock shoot load after load and them catching and sharing it. Reminded me of a porno that I watched a few weeks ago.

They both finished their drinks got dressed and went tobthwir room. I’m sure they fucked before they went to sleep i just layed there … satisfied and really happy with myself that I made two guy cum only using my mouth.

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