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Stella Gets Smothered Out In Style

I followed Stella up the driveway to the studio. I was telling her over and over that this fight was a bad idea. Stella was having none of it.

“I’m gonna beat that bitch,” she said. Stella was tough, she was a personal trainer and had even wrestled for a short time on the amateur scene.

Just as we reached the door it opened, a young woman beckoned us in, “I see you made it then,” she said.

Stella looked at her, “Of course, what did you think?”

The woman pointed to a glass door, “In there you will find a shower.” Then she pointed to another door, a heavy wooden door, “That’s where you will fight. Oh, and what will you be wearing,” she said.

Stella held up a tiny white bikini, “This,” she said.

The woman looked at me and said, “I guess you’re the witness for your friend. Well I’m the witness for Kim, your opponent.”

I followed Stella into the shower room, it was huge for a shower room. I looked around, “Wow, it’s huge.”

I watched Stella getting out of her flimsy outfit; it was what she wore when she played tennis – a short mini skirt, halter top, bikini bottom, and socks, all in brilliant white. She had a great body; at five ten she was quite tall, slim with a well worked out body which was muscular in a feminine way. I watched her closely as she moved and turned, her boobs were so firm, hardly moving as she moved around, she had a flat six pack abs, her ass was rock hard and lifted high from all her exercises. As she bent down slightly to pull her socks off I saw her cheeks spread apart, she was completely free of hair and her thick bulging lips were clearly visible. Then she stood up and walked into the shower.

I decided to take this opportunity to sneak a look around, not too much but just to see if anything was going on outside the door. I walked up the corridor in an open way, not trying to look sneaky or anything and stopped at a door that was half open. There were a lot of knocks and thuds coming out of it and I couldn’t stop myself from looking in. I looked at what was going on and quickly looked away, looking up and down the hallway to make sure I wasn’t seen. Two women were fighting on the carpeted floor, one was on her back with the other one on top sitting across her waist. Two other women were standing close by, luckily they all had their backs to me.

The woman on her back couldn’t see past the woman sitting astride her waist. I looked back in quickly for a few seconds then turned away. The women seemed to be fighting for control of a pillow. The woman on the bottom was twisting and turning furiously, arching up and down as much as she was able, kicking her legs back and forth and I saw the unmistakable three black straps of a butterfly vibrator, one around the top of each thigh, and the other around her waist.

I looked back in and saw the woman on top leaning forward, both women had a hold of the pillow and were engaged in a slow motion tug of war to take control of it. The woman on the bottom had her legs wide apart and was slowly twisting and turning hard from side to side. As she did so her legs would pull alternately back and forth. I looked away for a few seconds. When I looked back in the woman on the bottom was still moving her hips and legs as before but was now jerking her hips up and down in a kind of random way. I watched her hands reach up and begin hitting out at her tormentor, she grabbed at the pillow with one hand while trying to push the woman off her with the other.

Suddenly her legs kicked out wide apart and her hips began gyrating and bucking furiously up and down. It was obvious the vibrator had claimed her. The woman on top leaned right forward, she wrapped her arms around the back of the vanquished fighters head pulling the pillow in tighter. It was obvious there was no hope of escape. The woman threw her flailing arms out wide to each side and above her head, her hips still gyrating like crazy. Then with one final arch upwards she fell back silent. I looked away quickly. Then looked back in, the woman on top was holding the pillow up above her head and the woman on the bottom was groaning loudly and squirming under the obvious winner.

I walked quickly back to the shower room, I couldn’t have been gone more than five minutes. I got back just in time to see Stella pulling on her white bikini. I looked at her standing in front of me, the bikini covered her like a second skin. It pulled in deep at the front making her bulging lips stand apart, her bikini bulged out in a lump just where her clit was. When she turned around the bikini was already pulling in between her ass cheeks.

Stella asked me, “Did you see anything out there?”

I said, “No, not really.” I didn’t want to tell her what I saw. I only hoped that she would win, whatever that meant.

The woman that we saw when we first arrived came in and said, “Well are you ready?”

Stella said, “Yes, lead me to the bitch.”

My head was still swimming with what I just saw and following behind Stella I couldn’t keep my eyes off her super tight ass. We went through the heavy wooden door, the room had a kind of fighting ring in the middle of it. It was square, about fifteen feet across, it was right on the floor and was covered in thick rubber mats. Attached around the edges every few feet were long pieces of thin nylon rope. In the ring was a butterfly vibrator, a round thick pillow and a long one foot wide cushion in the shape of a sausage. Kim was standing next to the ring. She was about Stella’s height and build, very fit looking and also muscular with hard tits and a hard tight high ass. She was also wearing a white bikini.

Kim spoke first, “You know the rules, there are none, no referee and only one winner.”

Stella said, “That’s alright with me, this won’t take long.”

Kim and Stella stepped into the ring and were instantly down on the floor rolling around trying to get the upper hand. I could see within minutes that Kim was a much faster fighter and with more moves than Stella.

Kim got the first real chance to break down Stella. She had managed to get behind Stella and bring her hands up under her armpits and cup her hands behind Stella’s neck. She held on in a vice like grip bringing down Stella into her body. Kim was on her back with Stella pulled into her. Then she wrapped her legs around Stella’s waist and let the back of her ankles rest on Stella’s obviously huge clit. She began to rub her ankle up and down over it. Stella grunted, it was no use shouting or crying out, she twisted wildly from side to side trying to escape from the ankle. Kim was in no hurry, she followed Stella’s every move. I noticed that as Stella twisted and turned trying to keep her clit from Kim’s ankle it was rubbing harder in time with it making things even worse.

Stella must have realized it too because she suddenly hissed out at her saying, “I can see now what you’re doing, bitch!”

Stella stopped her wild twisting and turning and lay there with her legs wide apart with one pulled right back. She was trying to squirm her way out of Kim’s grip. I saw that it was too late for Stella and any hopes of her winning were fading. Kim was rubbing Stella’s clit harder and faster. A large wet patch was spreading fast from under Stella’s bikini, her inner thighs were getting wetter and wetter. Kim’s witness said, “She’s soaking wet now, Kim.” Stella groaned and twisted hard to the side arching up and out to the side as far as she could trying to get free of Kim’s ankle, her teeth were clenched, groaning, her hips jerked in quick succession.

Kim said, “It’s time to end this fight now.”

Kim must have known that Stella was at her weakest point and suddenly turned her over onto her stomach. Stella hit the floor face down with a thud, her arms spread above her head and legs wide apart. Kim sat astride her back and started to get her into a sleeper hold. I watched Stella’s hard tight ass twisting madly trying to get from under Kim. Stella knew what was about to happen and this was her last chance to try and escape.

Kim told her, “I’ve got you now, bitch!”

I watched Stella in her no win situation, she had to try and escape by struggling on her stomach, as her ass twisted and turned her legs pulled alternately up and down. With the weight of Kim on her back it meant her clit was held hard against the floor. As she struggled I could see her clit rubbing from side to side and up and down on the floor.

Kim’s witness called out to Kim, “You can go straight for the pillow, she’s almost there.”

I caught the eyes of Kim’s witness, she smiled at me, we both knew Stella was going to lose. Kim reached for the round pillow and before Stella had time to react had it over her face and had wrapped her arms around it pulling it hard and deep into Stella’s face.

Stella went wild fighting even harder to escape, her hands grabbed the pillow and began pulling wildly at it. Her ass cheeks were spreading wider and wider as she lifted off the floor trying to pull a leg, any leg under her to try and escape. Her ass was clenched tight as she twisted and turned trying everything to get away. Her clit was rubbing harder and faster into the floor as her struggles got more desperate. Her bikini had pulled right into her ass and deep between her thick bulging lips. Her inner thighs were soaking wet.

I watched Stella lift her ass upwards and drive her clit downwards pushing it into the floor gyrating her hips in a frenzy. Her legs pushed wide apart and her clit began to rub up and down along the floor in long fast strokes. Her hands pushed upwards above her head. Her body was shuddering and her inner thighs trembling like crazy. I don’t know why but I knelt down between my friend’s wide open legs and began caressing her ass, going deep between her cheeks and lips. I pushed her ass back and forth in time with her thrusting telling her, “It’s OK, baby. It’s OK, baby.”┬áStella suddenly pushed her clit hard into the floor, her ass tighter than ever, her body arched slightly backwards, then she slumped back completely still.






I smother fight other fit female athletes and models from other countries. We use g-spot vibrators, butterfly vibes, smother pads or pillows and ties or handcuffs. The loser is usually smothered unconscious while a g-spot or butterfly vibrator is attached. The loser is usually in a raging orgasm for about 30 seconds before falling unconscious. It seems bagging has become a hit now, due to new friends and casual encounters.

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