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Total Humiliation

“Stand to attention, my naughty little Sissy-Boy.”

“Yes, Auntie Helen.”

“Answer me with a lisp in the future.”

“Yeth, Auntie Helen.”

Alan Jones is wearing pink, satin panties and a matching bra. The rest of his clothes have been removed. The heating has been turned up to the highest level possible. Alan Leighton Jones has been a closet transvestite until being found out by his boss who had planted hidden cameras in the toilet.

Helen fiddles around with her very special laptop. It seems to control the mind of the pathetic male in his early fifties.

“So Alan, being the only male amongst so many sex-starved women is not a good idea.”

He feels inadequate. Not even a small erection against the soft material covering his privates can’t make an impression on his heavily built manageress.

“Its about time you became one of the girls.”

“Yeth, Auntie Helen, that would be lovely.”

“Why did you fall out with Hayley?”

“I don’t know, I’m very thorry.”

“I think you mean sorry, love your lisp. Just like a little girl.”

Helen presses a buzzer on her desk. Becky Sharpe enters the room in her flowery summer dress.

Becky looks at Alan, bursting into infuriating laughter.

“Oh my God, Alan. What a mess you are in.”

Helen, becoming impatient, orders Becky to bring Hayley into the room. Becky leaves the room, but before she shuts the door another demand is made to her.

“Oh Becky, could you also bring pregnant Lowri here too. I think her milky breasts are going to come to good use.”

Becky’s common laugh bellows down the corridor.

“Alan! Do you know what this is?”

“It’s a laptop, Auntie Helen.”

“A very special laptop. This button will put breast-milk in all my female staff and this one will make you produce permanent semen to satisfy everyone.”

Alan starts feeling very exciting, but before he can contemplate this interesting prospect, the door opens. In walks a heavily pregnant Lowri and gorgeous Hayley. Becky sits behind the desk next to Helen.

Helen moves towards Alan, unclasping his brassiere and pulling his panties down. Alan Leighton Jones is now completely naked.

“Oh Hayley, your revenge on this kinky bastard will be so sweet. Well darling, you did tell him to grow up.”

Hayley smiles politely, her dark gelled hair clinging protectively around her cherub face.

“Well he did upset me, been ignoring me for the last few months. I think he needs to be taught a lesson.”

Pregnant Lowri sits down on an armchair in the corner of the room. Her swollen stomach turns Alan into a wobbling jelly.

Helen holds his head back by grabbing his hair, kissing him passionately on the lips. Sticking her tongue inside his mouth, Alan recoils at her forcefulness. He never really fancied Helen, but now tastes her bodily juices in a revolting snogging session. He feels he is eating her regurgitating breakfast. The remains of Cornflakes stuck between her teeth flutter about inside his mouth like playful butterflies. The sexual encounter with Helen lasts about ten minutes. She whispers into his ear.

“I’m going to put you into baby-mode. Be afraid, very afraid.”

Hayley, Lowri and Becky watch his reaction at being molested by his boss. They are very interested with this unusual situation.

The table is cleared, then sprinkled with powder. Alan is told to lie down on the top. He is completely naked. The girls giggle at his discomfort.

Helen menacingly presses the button marked “BABY MODE.” Alan’s body dramatically shrinks until he becomes the size of a little baby. His face is still recognisable but everything else is different. He still has a penis but its shrivelled and so tiny. Hayley wipes all kinds of lotion into his soft skin. Oil-gel and Vaseline is followed by nappy-cream and more powder. Wet-wipes are used on a regular basis.

“There’s a good little girl, look what mummy has found in her bag.”

She produces a tiny pair of girls Pampers. Slipping them on to him, she fastens the Velcro-slips tightly around his waist. He can hardly move. Becky opens a large cupboard crammed with pretty baby-clothes.

Hayley slips a pair of very noisy, plastic panties over his Pampers, followed by white, frilly panties.

“Ah you look so sweet babes, Mummy Hayley is so proud of you.”

White, lacy socks are placed over his legs. A white bonnet and bib are attached to his neck and head. Hayley then produces a cute little white, satin christening dress.

“What’s good enough for my Layla is perfect for Holly Grace, oh sorry have been keeping that secret. I’m naming you after my eldest daughter. What’s it like to be named after a five year old?”

Alan gurgles and dribbles down his chin. His speech has disappeared. He is a helpless baby-girl with mummies who want to humiliate him to the extreme.

Mummy Hayley takes a used tissue from her handbag, wiping his mouth clean, kissing him sloppily on the lips.

“Well sweetie-pie, I did tell you to grow up, but you wouldn’t listen and now you pay the consequences.”

Lowri turns to Helen.

“ How long do I have to remain pregnant? That bloody contraption can certainly change your life.”

Helen laughs vulgarly.

“Holly Grace needs to be breast-fed, then I will return you back to normal.”

“Thank god for that, feel like a bloody beach-whale.”

Helen orders Hayley to put her new sissy-baby onto Lowri’s lap. Alan watches his pregnant milk-machine lift her grey top over her head. Hayley nestles him into Lowri’s arms. Her brassiere is unclasped by Becky.

Lowri’s milky breasts are released. She pushes his face towards her right nipple. His lips close around, suckling the sweet milk.
Mummy moans with satisfaction.

“That’s lovely Holly Grace, milk Mummy Lowri dry.”

Mummy places his small finger towards her nose, Alan seems to know what is expected of him. Slipping it inside her nostril, he twists the finger around like an electric drill gathering her bogies up like a duster. Sucking hard, he gulps her milk down quickly. It tastes like nectar.

“There’s a good girl, Holly Grace.”

Hayley giggles like a demented schoolgirl.

Helen is delighted as she presses her face close up to the sissy-baby.

“That’s why I stopped giving you a lift in the morning. Perverts like you deserve to suffer.”

Alan switches nipples drinking happily. His finger leaves her nostril with green bogies dangling from it. He wipes them in his pretty dress, picking her other nostril almost immediately. He cuddles against Lowri’s swollen stomach.

“These sissy-boys are so loving.”

It was all over to soon. To Lowri’s delight her baby picks an enormous sticky bogie out. Lowri nodding her head approvingly, laughs as Alan devours it hungrily.

“There’s a good little ickle wickle baby, give Mummy Lowri a wet sloppy kiss.”

Lowri produces plenty of saliva, kissing Alan for over three minutes. He is beginning to enjoy this as her bodily juices enter his mouth. Hayley rescues him, cuddling the baby in her arms.

“You never did grow up, Alan and that’s why you are our pathetic slave. I think it’s the time for your baby-food.”

Helen passes her a jar of “Banana Surprise.”

Hayley feeds Alan with her fingers. He seems to be enjoying himself. Taking a weaning-spoon, licking it all over, mummy feeds his first of eighteen jars of different flavours. His mouth is messy, but he doesn’t care. Alan Leighton Jones has enjoyed his time as a pretty baby-girl with two extremely confident mummies covering his every need.

Becky Sharpe remains silent, wanting to join in the fun in the near future.

I'm a cross-dresser in my fifties who just wants to be loved. Love the pretty girls in the office who treat me as their kinky little girl. I love you Mummy Hayley Kim.

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