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A Spanking Good Time

I was looking forward to seeing John after work, as I’d had a bad day. When I got to the pub, I found him talking to a girl. He didnt seem very pleased to see me. But I assumed he had a bad day. I was introduced to Cindy, who I found out was his ex girlfriend. I wasnt impressed. I tried to chat to them both, but they were to busy talking amongst themselves to chat back. I’m a very impatient person, so I grabbed him and told him we had to get back to my place urgently. He seemed very annoyed and embarrassed, I didnt care.

We got in my flat, didnt speak. I said ‘Upstairs NOW, take yr trousers off and wait for me on the bed. He knew I was really really annoyed with him. He didnt speak, just did as he was told.

About 20 minutes later, I followed him upstairs. He was in for it……smack, smack, smack….

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