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My uncles favoite

At 13 I was very naive in mind but not in body. 5’2 inches, 36c,25,34,pretty and black. I was my uncles favorite. One day he showed me a picture of a man gettinn his dick sucked and aked if I would like to try it. I kne where this was leading. Next thing I knew I was ont the edge of the bed with 9inces in my mouth. It was hard to get my mouth around it at first but the hotter I got the easier it became. He was squeezing my nipples and girating his hips so I get get it all, then all at once I felt this hot cream in my mouth as he forced my head down on him. I gagged as i swallowed cum for the first time. He stood me up and put his hand in my shorts i was wet and he smiled saying I must have like it. He pulled doown my shorts and panties and slid a inger inside I grunted in delight. He then laid me on the bed and began to lick my young pussy telling me h good I tasted. Comparing me to his wife, who was sort of a snob about sex. His beard rubbed against my hole as he sucke my clit. Not knowing what was happening i got dizzy and came. His dick was still hard, so he climed on top of me and slowly put his big dick into my virgin hole. He asked if i wanted him to stopped as the tears rolled down my face, quickly i said no. He finally forced himself in with one thrust. We kissed and he sucked every part of my body until we both collasped in pleasure. afterward he told his wife would never suck his dick for him. He turned me over and began licking my asshole, then i felt a pain as he slid his thumb in. He used his other hand to rub my clit I was in heaven, turning me over to eat me out once more while he finger my asshole i was now broken in as he wuold say. He then came closer and began to put his dick in my ass as he plyed with my pussy. AHHHHH, he said as the head went in I arched my back,as he slid in all the way. Never had I known my uncle was so sexy. As we came we heard the keys at the front door we quickly dressed and both went down stairs as if noting happened. he smiled at me all day as his wife cooked dinner, after dinner I slept the rest of the day.

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