My Neighbor Thanks Me

It was the middle of June, everyone is on summer vacation. One day I was out mowing my grass when my neighbor on the other side of the lane walked across she’s a few years younger than me and at the time was 18. Well she asked if I could help her with her mower, so I walked over and helped her get hers started. Later that day she walks over with some cookies.

She came over and gave me the cookies and said thanks for helping her. Being a horny guy I couldn’t help but notice her tight tank top she had on which showed she wasn’t wearing a bra and her short shorts. I told her “It was no problem, that’s what neighbors are for.” She said “I understand that but I felt really bad about it, that’s why I wanted to give you something special.” “I really appreciate the cookies,” I replied. “That’s not what I want to give you!”

She told me to come over to her house in an hour. I show up she says to come in then it happened. As I walk in she walks into her living room wearing see through red lingerie. She looked at me and said “I want you to have my cherry.” I told her “It’s not right for me to do that.” She kept on insisting and my cock was about to explode, so I said yes.

She lead me to her room where we began to make out, and I quickly ripped her clothes off and started sucking on her tits. For a eighteen year old she had a big rack probably a 36D. I sucked on her nipples for so long until she wanted it she undid my pants and let out my 8″ cock. She took it in her mouth as I began to fuck her face as we 69 there in her room, sponge she was wet enough and she had me lubed up I popped her. She cried in joy as I started fucking her, she was very nimble as she is a gymnast so as I fucked her I licked her feet because of my foot fetish. I pulled out and cummed in her mouth after 45 minutes then as we were in the middle of round two.

Her mom got home to find us fucking non stop. We begged for her to keep it a secret and she said the only way she would is if she could have my cock too. I wasn’t going to say no because her mom was 5′ 6 brown hair and eyes with a 42E rack. So I said ok, we stripped her and I began to lick her pussy as mother and daughter kissed. While I made out with my neighbor, her mom gave me the best footjob ever with her big size 11 feet, I covered her feet in cum and we kicked it off.

Then I started to fuck her, while I fucked her pussy she ate her daughter out to her fourth orgasm, then she wanted me to fuck her ass, so out of my comfort zone I did it she was loose surprisingly after I filled her ass we were done. I fucked them for four hours and afterwards they said if I want more to come over.

I’ve been fucking my neighbor for a year now and it is great. But I will never forget popping her cherry, that’s when our love for sex began.

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