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Growing Up With My Cousin

This story is about my experiences with my female cousin when we were growing up as kids and started to get experimental.

It was the summer of 2014 we were both 18 (I’m two months older), it was a pretty normal summer until my hormones kicked in. One day out of the blue I realized how hot my cousin was becoming, at the time she was 5′ 5 shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes and about a 42C with a sexy ass. Anyway I was staying the night at my Aunt’s house to hang out with my cousins mainly my cousin’s older brother.

We were in her room playing Sims on her computer, and I nonchalantly put my arm around her. I held my arm resting on her shoulder for a couple of minutes, then I moved my hand over her left breast and felt it. I instantly started getting hard, her breast felt so good in my hand it was so round and full. Then I got the nerve and slid my hand into her low cut sleep shirt into her bra. I started playing with her nipple which started getting hard as I noticed her right nipple poking through on the other side.

She was sitting in her chair playing the game, and didn’t try to stop me at all. I was so turned on that I could barely hide my erection. That was as far as I got the first night. A couple of weeks later I spent the ┬ánight again. This time I did the same thing again with both breast except for I got even more ballsy because I pulled her shirt down underneath her breasts and pulled her bra down to where they were exposed. I teased her hard nipples and couldn’t resist the urge and I leaned over and started sucking on her nipples. Yet again she didn’t try to stop me.

Few weeks later I continued the routine except this time my Aunt walked in and almost caught me when she came to tell me my other cousin was going to bed. It was a close call which turned me on even more, her brother is my cousin I’ve written about before so that night it didn’t take long for me to cum when he jerked me off.

Later on during the summer I got even more gutsy and would play with them during the day at our grandmas while we were watching tv, sucking on them pinching her nipples and all. I even indulged my foot fetish one day when she fell asleep at our grandmas watching tv on the bed, and I got down on my knees and started smelling her feet and licking them until I heard my grandpa walking down the hall. That same week, she had fallen asleep one day so I played with her tits then got curious and slid my hand down her pants and felt her pussy all hairy and wet from me playing with her tits. I laid down beside her took her hand and put it on my crotch which felt amazing especially when she gave it a squeeze.

That summer was the best summer ever and a great learning experience for me. I couldn’t imagine what it would have been like if we would have went further. She’ll be 21 soon and her tits are even bigger and whenever I see her it takes me back to that summer of experimentation.

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