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Thank You 5

To the Highest Bidder

Jessie was putting in long hours between internship and getting her major in Captioning. She had decided to specialize in Broadcast Captioning using Stenomask technology. She liked to use the simpler term “Voice Writer” although there is nothing simple about the whole computer based process. It would be her career.
But it was time to acquire some serious money. She would make investments to secure her future. She wanted total freedom and financial independence.

Mandy moved in alot of circles and she knew of a select few with mega money that would pay for certain…
privileges. Oftimes these privileges were at the expense of others. It was certainly unheard of that an auction was set up by the female in question. Certain guidelines were set in this case and would be strictly inforced. An independent gynecologist would verify virginity. A video would be presented showing Jessie in various stages of dress. Then nude. Bidding begins at $1.5 million in increments of $10 thousand. Highest bidder to deposit half at time of winning and the balance to be held in trust and deposited upon completion. It is understood that this will be “one time only”. No claims…rights…or future liberties will be allowed. This is a ONE TIME ONLY privilege make the most of it. Jessie asks that the winner stipulate that she be blindfolded or not. Do care will be taken in the physical act with unnecessary force or violence strictly prohibited. Should any of the guidelines not be followed the winner will be removed and forfeit all money. If a potential bidder has any problems with the rules…DO NOT BID.

Jessie was satisified with the conditions. She wasn’t concerned about the physical aspect. She had been planning this for a long time and looked at it in a business sense. Virginity meant money to her and nothing more. She had no doubt that she will enjoy sex…maybe even in this case. However it is the means to and end. She will go with the flow.

Ray was noticeably absent and Jess thought it was because he was upset with her about the up coming auction. It was causing quite a sensation. Money from Europe planned on sitting in and from what Mandy was picking up on their was going to be alot more bidders involved than she thought. Its not everyday that a beautiful…willing…virgin…is on the market. Its one thing when its taken… But another when it is given…so to speak.

“Jessie have you given any thought to the video?”
Jess laughed and toyed with Mandy…
“Oh shit!…the video. I forgot all about that. What should I do?”
“Well…just kind of strip tease.”
“Strip tease?…I don’t know…you mean like this?”
Jess popped a dvd in the player and watched Mandy to see her reaction.
A pole stood in an otherwise empty room. The lights dimmed and in school girl dress a dancer appeared. The lights remained low as she warmed up to the pole…first the top then skirt come off and she has on flesh colored pasties and thong which looks like she has on nothing…the lights come up long enough to see that it is Jessie…then they strobe and the effect is mesmerizing…she tears off what she has on and begins to fuck the pole…the strobe slows…picks up speed and it intensifies the illusion then as if she is cumming she writhes and arches her back and cries out…the spot light frames her face pans her body…she is a vision. Her body gives off wave after wave of sexually induced fire.
“Damn Jess…I’m all hot and wet…You are so sexy…you are going to have the bidders stroking their junk when they watch this.”
“So this good for the video then?”
“Very funny! I will set up the show and then we will set the auction date.”

Jess put in a call to Ray…it went to voice mail.
“Hi…its me. I was hoping to talk to you before the auction. I was wondering if you would kind of be here. But if not I understand I guess. I miss you. Bye.”
Jess was thinking that Ray must be really mad at her. He has never avoided her before. As much as it bothered her she wasnt about to let it change her plans. She was too close to realizing it.

“Well Jess the auction is set for tommorrow afternoon. As expected the video was very well received.” Mandy couldn’t help laughing and Jess joined in…”Go figure!”

At high noon the auction opened with $1 million 5…it increased in various amounts up to $250 million…and just as the final call came up an anonymous bidder would chime in…again a rally of bids and it stalled at $365 million. Once again an anonymous bid …$500 million. As the final call rang out…a $1 Billion bid from yet another anonymous bidder…and the bid stands and wins at 1 billion dollars!

Jessie can’t believe it. She never ever dreamed this. She figured 1.5 was it. But she didnt take into account that when you get a bunch of boys together and they want the same thing… and they got money…well they love to throw it around…show off…Lucky for Jess.

Next came the verification that she was indeed intact. The money was delivered and accounted for. The winner requested she be blindfolded …as he wished to remain anonymous. He would go to her that evening at 9:00. He sent a very beautiful white nightie…a diamond chocker…
bracelet and anklet. Jess was really quite taken back by the gesture. But she had to retain her business like approach…and so she did.

Jessie sat back on the bed waiting. She heard the door open and close. She heard the rustling of clothes as the man approached her. She waited for him to speak…but he did not. She felt the bed give way as he came up to her. He softly brushed her cheek with his hand. He reached around and let her hair down. As it fell to her shoulders he traced the skin there with his finger. Jessie shivered. She had not expected it to be like this. She thought that he would come in and mount her. Get busy and be done.
He now had her hand and he kissed it. He kissed her arm all the way to her neck…kissed the top of her nose and faintly kissed her lips…then kissed them again with passion. Jess leaned in and kissed him back…his hand found it way to her breast…a gasp caught in her throat. He gently caressed first one then the other. Jessie was becoming aroused in ways she had not expected. She was responding to this man she wanted him to take her. She felt the intense heat between her loins give way to waves of wetness. She felt something else too…although she couldnt quite place it.
He felt Jessies arousal…as sure as he felt his own. He pulled away somewhat. He wanted to take his time with her. Make this a night to remember…He wants her to feel like she has never felt before.
He remove his clothes and takes the nightie from her. She is quite simply a very beautiful creature…ivory skin
…full firm breasts…her nipples are long and nestled in pink areoles the size of quarters. Her stomach is flat and muscled…flairing out to the curves of her hips and the rise of cheeks that form her perfect bubble butt. He notices she is clean shaven and has a ring through her hood.
He is overcome with desire and moves to part her legs he looks at her…parts her lips and looks at the entrance that he seeks to explore…he can smell her sex…it is intoxicating. He takes her lips in his mouth…to taste the nectar there…she becomes inflamed by his touch…he backs away…careful not to take her to far. He wants her to orgasm from his penetration and not from his administrations.
Jess is on fire…her pussy aches and she craves that its secret pleasures be known to her at last. She finally gives in to her desires and whispers to him…
“Please take me now. Please!”
He moves to her and has her lay on her side. He begins to enter her in a awkward position but rolls her to her back as he pops her cherry and she felt no pain. He strokes slowly but she is now overcome and lifts up to meet him…faster and faster she thrusts up hard…she feels the beginning of an orgasm overcome her…
” Ohhh!…this feels so incredible…ohhh! yesssss…Ahhhhh!…fuck…FUCK ME!”
Unable to hold on he cums with her and both throb in unison. He pulls back and thrusts several times fast then deep and she erupts again…
she bucks under him shaking…
“Oh fuck…fuck..that feels so fucking good…don’t stop!”
“YOU feel so fucking good
Jessie gasped…”Ray!”


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