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When I think of you I touch myself…

After a tough day at work all you can think about is getting home and relaxing. That is what I was thinking when I went to the restroom to take a quick piss and leave. When I got there, I hear some noises in the stall. It sounded as if someone was hurt. I walked along the stalls but did not see anyone. I went further back to the storage room in the back. The door was ajar just enough for me to listen, there it was I heard it again but this time I could hear moaning.

Looking in I could see Mary and Lee going at it like a couple dogs in heat. He had her bent over an old desk pumping her from behind. I stood and watched for a couple minutes then left. Why stand and torture myself when I knew there was no one at home waiting for me?

My boyfriend lived eight hours away and I knew he would not get there to please me like I needed. Man did I need to get laid in a bad way. Maybe if I went home and took a cold shower and read a boring book it would calm down my horniness. That was the plan.

When I got home, I decided I would rather have a quick warm shower and a drink to go to sleep. I undressed quickly walking into the bathroom starting the shower. In the shower I started soaping myself. Loving how the slickness of wet soap on your skin feels so sensual. It almost feels like satin, smooth and silky causing your hands to slip all over your body. Tony always enjoyed feeling my pussy through satin, my wetness always making a large noticeable wet spot. Then I started thinking about what I had seen today. Making me caress, and pinch my nipples more than I would normally. How good it felt to touch me.

Closing my eyes I remembered the last time I was with my man. The way he touched me, his large finger finds my clit and teasing me by running circles around it but not touching. Sliding his finger up and down my wet slit whispering in my ear of what a lovely pussy, I had. My hand wandered down to my slick shaved snatch. Running the bar of soap back and forth across my sensitive lips. Soon my fingers took over rubbing up and down teasing my own clit. The warm water rushing down my body dripping of the ends of my tight nipples. Running my fingers further back up into my ass crevice thinking how Tony would rub his cock up and down my wetness barely pressing against my rosebud, teasing me into begging him to pound my horny love hole.

I took down the flexible showerhead and began rinsing off. Knowing how much soap I had ran up in my pussy it needed rinsed out good. Opening my labia to expose my swollen clit I pointed the spraying water directly on my pleasure pearl. What a tremendous feeling it was, I turned the adjustable settings to slow massage. Pulsating the warm water. Imagine that warm water pumping ever so gently, over and over against my clit. My pussy was getting the best washing it has ever had, but I knew it would not be the last. God did this feels so fucking good, the vibration and warmth took me over. I did not want to stop. It sent wakes of pleasure through my body. Putting the spraying water closer pulsating harder, leaning against the back of the shower I felt it start the beginning of an orgasm. My other hand was free and I inserted two fingers deep into my tight cunt. Oh God how I wish Tony was here to pump his hot meat into me over and over again. I turned to see the hairbrush, the handle looked inviting. I soaped the rounded slim handle sliding it in slowly, before long I was fucking the hairbrush handle. The only thing that would have made this more hot was if Tony were here watching me and jacking off.

I started to cum; my hot cunt started grabbing at the handle trying to suck it deeper into my hole. My knees grew weak, but my thighs were tense. Waves of pleasure deep satisfying pleasures “Oh fuck yes” I yelled as I began to shudder hardly being able to stand. I slowly turned the water to a cooler temperature, turning the nozzle back to a normal spray the coolness felt so good on my pulsating pussy that I moaned out loud. Turning the water off I dried off and walked to the bedroom. The orgasm was so intense that I still felt my pussy throbbing, but now I had a smile on my face. Feeling much more relaxed and ready to sleep.

I lay down with my naked body against the cool cotton sheets satisfied and drifting into sleep remembering I had to make sure to take a shower more often. Although taking a bubble bath with my dildo seemed a good idea. Now why haven’t I thought of that before? That is another story….

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