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Veronica's Gift (His Fantasy Fulfilled)

Saturday was Greg’s birthday and I had a surprise waiting for him later in the evening. He was slightly timid, which was unusual for a man over six feet tall. The most handsome man I had ever laid eyes on. What made him more attractive was the fact he did not know how attractive he was. His cowboy rugged features stood out, his calm air of confidence surrounded his presence. No one would have ever guessed that beneath the surface was the most erotic, sensual and horniest man I had known. He rocked my world daily, and it was time for me to please his every fantasy.

We were celebrating his forty-seventh birthday, although he did not appear more than thirty-five. I planned a very romantic evening calling him at work to meet me at the best restaurant in town. The atmosphere was perfect, wine, candlelight and nice dinner with a wonderful gift later. As we were finishing a friend of mine showed up, Francine. She was five-seven, long sandy blonde hair, large bust and curvaceous hips. A body most women would kill for. Her pale skin and light hair were in contrast to my bright auburn hair and dark eyes. Standing an inch or so shorter than she, but the rest was nearly the same.

” Hi there, and happy birthday Greg.” She smiled at him. I could not help noticing how he looked her up and down and nodded acknowledging her being there. Bending down she gave me a kiss hello, but to Greg’s surprise she kissed me then looked at Greg. His mouth was hanging open, but he did not say a word.

“So, what are you two up to tonight?”

“Nothing much Francie, just going home and having a few drinks maybe. What about you?” I asked.

“Well, I am done here and was headed home. Would you two like some company?” She looked at Greg for an answer. He nodded yes. We went to our cars and headed to our house.

Once home we all had a couple drinks, talked, giggled and played a couple hands of cards. Francie had too much to drink so I told her she could spend the night. While Greg went to shower, she followed us up the stairs so I could give her a nightgown to wear. Greg took a turn into the bathroom and we went straight into our bedroom.

Both of us were still giggling, teasing each other, while we tried to change. Francie asked me, “So, how long do you think Greg will be?” I told her, “He usually takes a while, shaving and doing his manly things.” This is when she dropped her gown she was about to put on and walked over to me. I was standing in only my underwear, which was practically nothing since it was a lace thong. Leaning in she had no qualms about taking my large nipple into her mouth. At first I was surprised, but the feeling was over whelming and felt so good that I did not stop her.

I reached down and pulled her face to mine and kissed her deeply running my tongue into her mouth tasting the wine she had just had. She moaned slightly as I began thumbing her nipples while kissing her. She walked forward pushing me back onto the bed. We scooted up the bed on the pillows to get comfortable as our hands roamed each other’s bodies. Francie felt so soft, smooth ivory skin, hot to the touch. Her nipples stood out like pencil erasers in need of some attention. I suckled each one for a few minutes thumbing the one that wasn’t getting attention. “Oh yes Veronica you do that so well.” She murmured.

Pushing me, back she began kissing me down my chest to flick my nipples with her tongue. Taking each one between her fingers and rolling them as she traveled down kissing my stomach stopping at my belly button to dip her tongue in. “Your thong has got to go.” Francie had one hand pulling my thong down the other hand rubbing my shaved mons. She took her long elegant fingers and stroked my pussy lips, “What a pretty little pussy you have.” Taking one hand opening the lips, she found my clit hood, her tongue snaking out to flick it over and over. I moaned loudly “Eat my pussy you little cunt sucker.” Francie began teasing my pussy with her tongue and fingers enjoying my hips raising up to meet her mouth as she would pull away and laugh wickedly. She wanted me to beg for it, and I did not let her down. “Oh please, please my little kitten lap me up and make me cum,” I whimpered needed to feel her tongue deep in my juicy love hole.

Francie wasted no time in giving me the best tongue fucking I could have asked for. She suckled up to my clit sucking it into her mouth letting it plop out with a sucking sound. Francie moved so her snatch was within reach of me. I was so hot I started for the first time in my life fingering a pussy. So slick and smooth, her eating my twat had made her very wet, so wet it had dripped down her crack. I reveled in playing with her sliding up and down her cleft. Dipping my finger in her hot tight box. She was too far away for me to get my mouth on her, so I stuck my ring finger, and middle finger deep inside her fucking her like a cock would. My thumb was rubbing her clit the way I liked mine rubbed. She moaned loudly, “That’s it, fuck my nasty cunt so I can fill your hand with my juice.” We were so into what we were doing I did not notice Greg standing at the door.

My eyes met his and he smiled, he apparently had been standing there a long time. Greg’s cock was standing at a full nine-inch erectness as he slid his hand up and down watching us torment each other’s pussies. This was Greg’s fantasy the biggest of all time was to watch then join in. “Greg why don’t you come over and join us,” I heard Francie say. He wasted no time in joining us on the bed coming straight to me kissing me deeply as I whispered “Happy birthday my love. Take a look at her tight little cunt wouldn’t you like to put your big cock deep inside of it?” as I rubbed Francine’s clit harder.

“Yes, I would love to fuck her will you put it in for me?” He asked me and I smiled guiding his big cock into her hole. He moved so that we were in a sixty-nine and I was below him watching his cock sliding in and out of her wet cunt still rubbing her clit driving her nuts. “Have you tasted your first pussy yet Veronica?” I shook my head no, “Well you are about to my love.” Greg pulled out of Francie and put his throbbing cock in my mouth, I sucked the pussy juiced soaked cock like a kitten needing milk. He pulled back out and I guided him into her cunt again. I began sucking on her clit, then licking Greg’s cock as it slid in and out. There were so much moaning and groaning going on I could not hold back, “I am cumming in your mouth suck me dry, eat me, eat me!” Francie sucked and licked for all she was worth and began cumming on Greg’s cock her juices leaking around the sides dripping down onto my face. Greedily I licked and searched for more.

I slowed my bucking against her face, when Greg said “I want your twat around my cock now Veronica, so bring that ass around to me.” I did not need him to say it a second time as I readied myself for him. “No, I want you to ride my cock honey, and Francie I want to see you suck her tits for me, and finger her beautiful clit.” Without a word Francie did as he asked, I mounted Greg and began riding him as he watched her suckle my breasts and rub my clit. I couldn’t believe he was still so hard, hot and throbbing. Greg pulled Francie over his face and buried his tongue deep into her pussy eating and licking her up and down until she was riding his face.

His hand was busy rubbing her tiny little ass hole using her pussy juice to lubricate it. She started to yell loudly that she was cumming. Greg pushed his finger deep in her ass, his tongue sucking all the love juices she squirted out. I had never seen him so excited before and was glad I did this. Not only did it please him, but it pleased me as well.

He pushed me off of him gently and told us both to lie down with our head together. Greg said, “Now fondle and rub each others body while I jack off on your faces.” We were still hot and we did, as he wanted. We were kissing and rubbing each other soaking wet twat, which was erotic to say the least. Greg was kneeling above us jacking off his massive meat. Francie and I had the same thought as we both reached up massaging his huge tight balls until he started grunting and squirting his hot jism all over our faces. Together we licked his cum off of each other then turned our attention to his slightly dripping flaccid cock and suckled the remaining milk from his cock. Greg’s hands were in our hair, then down our backs to our round rumps. He slightly slapped each of our bottoms saying, “Thank you for the perfect birthday gift ladies.” The three of us kissed at once all tongues entwined.

When finished Francie grabbed a pillow and went to the living room to sleep on the sofa bed. Closing the door behind her. Greg turned to me and told me he loved me more today than he ever thought possible. Kissing me deeply his hand went to my still wet crotch to massage my love hole. “You are beautiful Veronica. I will never forget this.” I felt his cock harden against me, but it wasn’t for us to have sex he wanted to fall asleep with his manhood inside of my womanhood the ultimate bonding of a trusting couple.

Falling asleep that night with the most wonderful lover in the world buried deep inside of me, making us one with each other.

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