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Daddys huge load

So it was a sunday evening and I was really really horny so I texted this guy who I have played with a few times before… he didn’t reply for about 30 minutes I was getting to think he had fell asleep so I turned on a porn and started to jack off

Then I got a text and I knew it was him he said that he was headed to bed soon so hewasn’t in the mood at this time and maybe we should do something later this week … I started to plead with him telling him what I wanted to do with his cock … sneak in kneel by the bed whip his cock out and let him enjoy some really good head … so he text me come on over the back door is unlocked I’ll be laying one the couch waiting for u …

So I immediately got up went to my car a drove to his house .. parked in the back walked into the house and found him on the couch I got down on my knees and pulled the blanket back to reveal his 8 inch long 6and a half inch wide cock put my lips on the tip and let all the spit I had been gathering up in my mouth drop and coat his nice daddy cock …

He let out a moan or relief as I took the whole cock down my throat up and down in and out up and down the noises my mouth was making on his cock slobbering all over it splashing spit all over his ball as I grabbed and squeezed with my already soaked hand

there was no way he could be still sleeping so I asked him how he liked it and he said to shut up and suck his cock then he forced his cock into my mouth and started to fuck my face … as I started to choke and gag he pulled it out and said I was a good boy for making his cock so sloppy

He told me he wants to cum and that he want me to take it all down my throat and swallow it he layed back and told me to suck his cock like the little slut I am .. so I got over it and spit on it again started to stroke him he got mad and said I said suck it then grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock into my mouth

As I gagged and choked I looked up and he had a smile on his face I knew he was about to explode so I grabbed his balls and kept on working his tool I could feel his sack get tight as he told me he was going to cum so I sat up and got ready to take his loads

One after another he shot 9 huge loads of cum into my mouth so much that it drooled and dripped out after he pulled his cock out he said show daddy his load so I opened my mouth and showed him as he made me shut my mouth and told me to swallow it … there was so much there I had to swallow twice he said I was a good by and told me to leave …

I left went home and went to bed only to wake up to a few texts from him saying he wanted to do it again but he has a buddy that wants some head too …. to be continued

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