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Fraternally Yours Part two

After their first physical encounter it seemed that a special bond had developed between David and Peter. Each day, after returning from school they would meet in David’s room and discuss their day but inevitably all conversations would lead to a mutual desire to satisfy themselves. It was obvious that Peter was the teacher and David the eager pupil.

One evening, after supper, they were listening to music in David’s room when Peter turned and said to him “Why haven’t we kissed yet?” David replied ” Because we’re family and it doesn’t seem right!” Peter laughed at the ironic reply. He retorted “But you suck and fuck me every day, why can’t I kiss you on the lips?!” David looked at him with a cold stare and replied” Look I’m satisfying your needs and you mine. Let’s just leave it like that”.

Peter was upset at this reply. He wanted full commitment and total togetherness. He approached David slowly and said, ” Well, if I can’t kiss your lips then I’ll find another place.” With that he began to take down David’s shorts, which revealed a white pair of briefs. In one movement he tore down the briefs and placed his head between David’s butt cheeks. His tongue flicked along the crack whilst his fingers were spreading the cheeks of this butt which had as yet been untouched in any way. David slowly bent over, resting his arms on the wall. Peter kissed and sucked his hole and flicked his tongue in and out sporadically. Releasing one hand from David’s butt he moved it between David’s legs until he found a large and pulsating cock waiting to be stroked. He rhythmically licked and stroked until he felt David was about to come and turned him around to receive his cum on his face. David felt so empowered by this act that he instinctively fell on his knees, grasped Peter’s dripping face in his hand, and began to kiss him furiously.

And then it happened. Their lips met and their tongues embraced and they explored every angle of their mouths and God, it felt so good between the stickiness of the cum and the streams of saliva. David looked into Peter’s eyes and said, “This doesn’t mean I love you, do you understand?” ” I know” smiled Peter, his mission accomplished, ” I don’t love you either!” They spent that night curled up in David’s bed but didn’t make love. They just held and kissed each other until they both fell asleep………………………….

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