Friday Night With My New Daddy

So it’s Friday night, I just got off work, and all day I had been thinking about sucking cock. The night before I was lookin’ for something to get into, so to speak, and saw an older guy talking about meeting at a ice cream shop and indirectly flirting from across the room.

So after I got off work I looked his ad up on there and luckily it said he would be there from 5 to about 7, unless he found what he was looking for. So I drove to the ice cream shop walked in and look for him from the description he left in his ad.

I ordered what he said to order in his ad and sat somewhat close to his table. I sat there staring at him and eventually we made eye contact; I did all what he asked then he stood up and walked by my table on the way out and left me a note which was his address and number and said to call in 10 minutes.

So I call and he asked when was I coming over and I said I’d love to right now. He laughed and said, “Ok, you have the address… I’ll be waiting.” So I pulled up and it was dark by now. I walk up to the house and there was a note on the door and it said ‘come on in and join us’.

I was a little nervous; I was just lookin’ to suck on a nice cock and now I was getting two. So I walked in and there they were both standing in towels dripping wet from the shower. I guess one told me to get naked and the other said to come here. I was confused but turned on at the same time so I asked what they wanted me to do.

Then they walked up to me and started to get me naked. One brought me down to my knees and put his cock down my throat, choking me. He pulls it out, grabs my face, and tells me he’s in charge. His buddy asked if he could feel my throat, too. He pulled my head towards his cock; although it wasn’t as long as the other it was thicker. I opened my mouth for him and he slid his fat cock all the way in and fucked my face for a while. Then he pulled it out and my daddy grabbed my neck and he walked me into the bedroom, threw me on the bed, and told me to watch.

His buddy walked in and he got on his knees and swallowed my daddy’s cock. I begged him to let me suck his buddy’s cock while he was sucking yours, but he said no u have to watch. As I watched I got hornier and hornier, then he pulled his cock out and slapped his now wet cock on my face. I started to lick it and suck it for daddy. His buddy put his cock close to my mouth and started to jerk it. I switched back and forth between the two but as I felt my daddy getting close I just sucked him. He rubbed my head and told me I was gonna make daddy cum so I started to suck harder. His buddy was just standing there watching and jerking me and him off; it was driving me nuts because my daddy said I couldn’t cum.

As hard as it was to focus on not cumming it made it easier to know my daddy was on the very edge of cumming. The next thing I knew he was letting loose in my mouth, screaming that he was cumming and couldn’t stop. It was over flowing out of my mouth and as he pulled out he covered my mouth and told me not to swallow. Then his buddy came up and shoved his fat cock into my cum filled mouth.

He was rock hard and he went right to work fucking my face while my daddy was telling him to fill my mouth with more cum. He started to get louder and louder with his moans and screams then again before I know it hot sticky cum was dripping out of my mouth. He stood up and pulled his cum covered cock out and I swallowed both huge loads in one big gulp. Then my daddy told my to clean his cock off so I did that too.

I started to get up when they both started asking where I was going. I told them I thought they were done with me but they both told me it was my turn to cum now. They pushed me back on the bed and both started sucking my cock, one on my balls and the other on my cock. It wasn’t long before I came hard; I haven’t came in a while so there was enough to go around and they both shared it and swallowed my cum. Then we all got dressed and I left.

On my way home I got a text message from my daddy and it said ‘let’s do this again, I got more friends I wanna share u with.’

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