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Late From Sports

Matt was late finishing from sports. He ran upstairs to find the changing rooms totally empty. He sat him self down and started to put his clothes on. He didn’t have time to shower. With all of his rushing around he did not notice his sports teacher –Mr Jones in the showers.

Secretly Matt had always fancied his teacher. He was not interested in girls at all. He would stare at the boy’s crotches when they get changed for sports.

Mr Jones was hot. He came from Australia. He had short brown curly hair. He must have been about 6ft 2″ and his broad shoulders made him look like a real hunk. Mr Jones eyes were green and he had always been nice to Matt. When talking to Matt he would always ask him how he was. Matt had never seen him topless before let alone naked.

The water shut off in the showers and Mr Jones walked out wearing a pair of tight black boxer shorts. They were a bit wet from his shower.
‘Hey Matt, I didn’t know you were still here’ said Mr Jones.
‘Ur yeah I was late finishing’ answered Matt
Mr Jones walked past Matt and into his office. After about 2 minutes he came back out again with a pile of clothes. He sat opposite Matt on a bench.
‘I might as well keep you company’ said Mr Jones

Mr Jones started to put his trousers on and Matt’s cock started to rise. He felt it stir in his pants and he tried to cover it up with his hand.
‘You o k there buddy, it looks like your having a bit of trouble’ asked Mr Jones. Matt went red and said ‘I suppose that’s the thing about being a teenager, they spring up all the time’ answered Matt.

Mr Jones smiled and said
‘I remember being your age and jacking off at least 5 or 6 times a day. How often do you do it?’ asked Mr Jones.
‘Depends really, if I need to do it at school I go in to the toilets’ answered Matt.
‘Yeah me too’ replied Mr Jones. Matt was shocked.

Amongst all the talking Matt had not seen Mr Jones crotch rise and when he did he was startled. He couldn’t believe that Mr Jones had an erection and was basically showing it to him.

‘It looks like you got the same problem, sir’ Matt said and pointed to his dick.
‘Oh yes, I don’t suppose you want to wank together here, do you’ Replied Mr Jones.
Matt did not need anymore persuading. He answered with a quick ‘sure’ and went and sat next to Mr Jones.
Mr Jones asked him if they were going to do it properly or just pull their cocks out of the top of the boxers. Matt said properly and Mr Jones stood up and pulled down his trousers and then his boxers. Mr Jones hard cock sprang up and bobbed around in front of him. Then he sat back down.

Now they were both next to each other and started to pull their dicks. Mr Jones’ cock was about 8 and a half inches where as Matt’s was seven inches. Although this was not bad for a 17 year old.

After a while Matt felt Mr Jones hand on his thigh which moved from his thigh to his cock. Mr Jones was stroking Matt’s cock and Matt let him.
Matt moved his hand onto Mr Jones cock and started to wank that.

After about 10 minutes of Mr Jones wanking him Matt could feel the cum rising.
‘I’m gonna shoot Mr Jones…im going to cum’ and with that Matt shot 5 or 6 strands of hot cum onto Mr Jones’ hand.

‘You really needed that didn’t you mate’ Matt said yes in a puffed out voice.

Now that Matt had cum Mr Jones needed to. Matt knew what to do. Matt moved down to the floor and opened Mr Jones legs. Matt then moved in side them so he could get at his cock better.

‘Go on mate suck my juicy cock….make me cum in your mouth’ said Mr Jones
Matt started on Mr Jones’ cock and after about 10 minutes of deep throating him he heard Mr Jones Say ‘aaaar shit im gonna cum……..oooooh yeah im going to cum….suck that dick hard’

Mr Jones shot hard streams off cum into Matt’s mouth. Matt swallowed it all and licked Mr Jones semi hard cock clean. All Mr Jones did was stroke Matt’s head and back.

When they had both been satisfied they got dressed and kissed each other deeply on the lips. Mr Jones could taste his cum in Matt’s mouth.
‘We could do this again sometime’ said Mr Jones
‘Sure’ said matt and with that he left.

Matt and Mr Jones have been meeting up a lot since then and have gone on to do much more adventurous things.

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