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My Teacher Who Shags Me

I’m Aleisha and I just turned 19 years old. Every guy in school dreams about me. Sometimes they ask me if I could have a one night stand. I always say no because I don’t want them to know my biggest secret of all and that is ” I’M STILL A VIRGIN!!!” Anyway… I got this very handsome and cute teacher in my computer subject his name was Alex. His 5’6″ and most of the students are aftering him. But then he didn’t mind them at all I don’t what his problem is with girls. But sometimes when I’m having my class under him I always caught him staring at me with delight. One afternoon in my Math12 class he went on my room and ask me if I could help him encode the grades of his co-teacher whose on leave for almost a week now. And I said “sure why not!”
Then After my last period I went to his office and I found out that all the teachers have time-off and left except for sir Alex of course, his waiting for me to help him. As I start encoding, I can feel his breath behind my neck. Then he said ” You know you’re really good at encoding and you’re much beautiful than i ever imagine. ” then I started teasing him ” Oh really? ” As we’re having our conversation I can see his face reflecting at the computer screen. Shit! his so cute and all I ever wanted was to kiss him. Then suddenly I feel his right hand caressing my legs and then to my tits. God, i feel hot and like I was horny. there’s nothing I can do, I don’t him stop what his doing. In my mind I said go ahead make it. Then he did, slowly he started kissing my neck while his hands keep on caressing by tits then slowly he opened the first button of my shirt. I can see how he kiss my neck by the reflection to the computer. I can’t take it anymore, I turned around and face him. We stared at each other for a while and then I found myself again kissing him and this my hand is unzipping his pants and boy did he ever had a wonderful dick. He leaned against the table and started licking my tits and then he goes on lower and lower until he reached my pussy and boy did he ever lick so great I was moaning and yealling his name “Sir….Alex…pls….don’t stop”. In then she spread my legs wider so he could lick it more I had my orgasm. Then he reached to me again kissing me but this time we’re standing naked inside the faculty office. I can feel my juice around his lips and then I lick his whole buddy, reaching for his dick. As i reach into it all I ever wanted was to lick insert it into my mouth and in into my throat. As i lick it in and out I can hear him moaning and then he tried to clear my hair out of my face so he could see me how I lick his little junior. I ate his for almost an hour and its getting harder. After 60 minuted of licking his milk fulled me and then he let me lie down on the deans table and started squeezing my tits again and then he spread my legs wider than before he put his little junior inside of me. Fucking me! He ask me harder? And I said yes fuck me harder, harder sire, harder, God! I feel like heaven.
After doing such a wonderful thing, I started to thank him and we did a little rumpage on the room so we fix it up so that it would be as normal as it was. Then from that day forward sir Alex always fench me after my last class and took me to his apartment and we do what we’ve have done before but this time more intense and a lot of action. And now I’m fucking every fresh-graduate teacher but their kinda a dull when it comes to sex sir Alex is always the best and I’m still doing it with him at school especially at the Comfort room and backstage.

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