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Real Gay Fantasy

I am a 20 yr old man. I have a beautiful girlfriend and am by all outward appearances very straight. I go to the gym frequently and keep my body clean shaven to accentuate my tan muscular build (or at least thats what i say).

In reality i shave because i think it’s sexy. Gay men like guys who are clean shaven right? Anyway… my girl has several guy friends who are gay. I dream about fucking them (or rather getting fucked by them) almost every night. I dream that my girl and about 10 of her gay guy friends and I are all sitting in our apartment getting drunk. We play truth or dare and my girl dares me to get naked and suck Avi’s (one of her gay friends)cock. So of course i do.

There i am butt naked all clean shaven on my kneessucking him off while he sits on the couch. my wife begins video taping and directing me. She sees that Avi is going to cum and she coaches me to swallow his hot load. I don’t need the coaching. I’m dying to tase his cum in my mouth and in my throat!

He thrusts his giant dick in my mouth and i feel his hot cum explode down my throat. As i release his cock from my mouth i say enticingly “who’s next?” As the next stud unzips his pants exposing his rock hard cock, Avi gets behind me and shoves his enormous dick in my ass and starts thrusting it deep inside me.

Now i am getting fucked in the ass and sucking dick while my girlfrien videotapes. soon Avi and the guy i’m sucking begin to cum simultaneously. I feel Avi explode again, this time shooting his hot cum deep into my sweaty ass while i swallow another huge load.
Once again there was a switch. The guy i just swallowed got in behind me and a new guy shoved his dick in my mouth. pretty soon i had cum all over my face and chest despite my best efforts to swallow it all. Cum was dripping out of my ass and running down my thighs.

I had sucked off and swallowed 10 guys and then let them fuck me in the ass one at a time until they all came! I was the life of the party (the slut of the party too!). This is my jack-off fantasy as well as the one i use when i need to get hard for my girl. I have used her dildo when she’s not home and i love it! It is really big too!

So thats it. I dream of being a gay slut. I dont really get off on the thought of “pitching” just “catching” and doing a lot of it! I wish i were naked in a sea of gay men right now. I would fuck every one until my ass couldnot possibly take another fucking, then i would just suck and swallow the rest. (i have tasted my own cum and i luv the taste. I’m ready!!)
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