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Summer Camp Spankings

Ollie and I were both counselors at a boy scout summer camp. I was the medical officer of the camp and Ollie was the Waterfront Director. As medical officer I could not be assigned to any restritive duties that would take me away from being able to respond to any medical emergency that might occur.

The third week of camp, Ollie mistakingly scheduled me for a shift as a lifeguard. I reminded him that I could not do lifeguard duty and he would need to find someone else to cover it. As it would happen, the time that I had been scheduled for lifegaurd, a camper got stung by a yellow jacket and I rode with him in the ambulance to the hosptial.

When I returned later that evening, Ollie verbally jumped me for not covering the lifeguard shift. We had a very loud, heated exchange in which I told him to read the job descriptions and he would see his mistake and to quite being such an ass.

That evening at dinner, Ollie pulled me to the side and asked me to meet him in his quarters after campfire. When I arrived, he met me at the door in only a skin tight yellow pair of coaches shorts. He closed the door behind me and apologized for being such a jerk and making a scene. I was happy with that and was content to let it go. Ollie had other plans. He asked me if I would mind if he made it up to me and when I said that I would not mind, he went to his closet and pulled out a well worn leather belt. He handed the belt to me and stepped out of his yellow shorts and draped he naked ass across the bed and asked me to blister his ass for his behavior. With the first crack of belt against ass cheek, I was in heaven. I whipped Ollie with all the force I could and he was in tears within minutes.

Two weeks later on a Thursday night, Ollie asked me to meet him in his waterfront office. I did and he led me to the storage room where all the broken equipment was housed. He didn’t say a word but simply reached on a high shelf and produced a broken boat oar which made it about two foot long. He silently handed it to me and again stripped naked and draped himself across a canoe resting on two sawhorses. I didn’t need an invitation as I swung the oar and brought it down hard on that lucious ass. Again and again the “paddle” fell and Ollie moaned in pain and begged for more. The more I whipped, the harder my cock grew and when I could stand no more, I replaced the relentlessly falling paddle strokes with my hard cock buried deep in Ollie’s bruised ass. I fucked him as hard as I had whipped him and we both came at the same time in a heated exchange of vocal pleasure. For the rest of the summer, we repeated this Thursday exchange…..

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