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The ‘A’ word

Do your analingus right and he will be begging you.  You will feel this through his body.  His hole does not resist your tongue; the beautiful bud has opened and is ready for its seed.  If you’re good, his body is beginning to undulate, his hands are on your head trying to force more of you into him.  O for an 8 inch tongue!

If my lover wants to welcome and receive my tongue, his legs and cock up, that’s fine.  The holy hole is most exposed and vulnerable.  Myself I prefer ass up on his knees, my hands parting his cheeks, those hard muscles pressing against me as his need for seed grows.  My tongue technique is conventional, but with gusto and lust: loving the crack, loving the hole, tonguing the hole.  And then his voice: luxurious moans of pleasure at first, building to the gasps as his bud opens, then to the short sobs and whimpers of desperate need.  And then the words: “O … GOD … PLEASE, NOW”.  He is ready for fucking and seeding.

recently a writer.

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