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Ricky stood quietly next to the bed while Jack reached out and played with his young butch’s hard pecker!!! Are you gonna be a good boy for me today, Jack asked while jerking on the six inch piece of hard meat!?! Oh, yes, Ricky moaned, I promise I’ll be good, you can count on me!!! That’s not what happened last week is it, Jack retorted while recalling the events of a week ago!?! N-no, Ricky gasped as his orgasm bubbled close to the surface, I-I didn’t mean for it to happen but he was so strong that I couldn’t resist him!!! Ricky was Jack’s bitch, but last week Ricky had had and interlude with a big hard stud who fucked Ricky in his tight little ass, and while Jack acted upset over the incident, he understood how a big hard prick could attract such a cute little bitch like Ricky!!! While Jack was six feet tall and built like an athlete, Ricky on the other hand was slight of build and easy prey for a marauding hungry stud, and as cute and attractive as Ricky was, it was always a job to keep the little prick in line!!! If he was a woman he would have been your typical cock tease, and I guess that is exactly what he was, a tease!!!

Now gently teasing his little friend, Jack went on, I dunno, Ricky, you’re really not very trustworthy, think I’ll have to do something to keep you in line!!! Y-you’re not gonna whip me are you, he asked contritely, I said I was sorry!?! Do you think you deserve to be whipped, Jack asked!?! With his head bowed Ricky replied, I-I guess so, but I’m really sorry and I’ll try really hard to be a good boy, I promise, I really will!!! Well, Jack replied thoughtfully, I know that you’ll try, but that just isn’t good enough, I’m gonna have to do something to let you know what a bad little boy you’ve been!!! The twenty three year old shuddered at the thought of being punished, and just as he was about to reply, his hard pecker lurched hard in Jack’s hand and sent a spate of cum shooting into the air and all over the bed and of course Jack!!! I-I’m sorry, Ricky moaned, I couldn’t help it, you got me soooooooo excited!!! You’re just sorry about everything this morning aren’t you, Jack replied evenly while reaching into the night stand drawer, let’s see if this doesn’t straighten you out!!!

W-what’s that, Ricky asked nervously while staring at a large latex object that looked a lot like a dildo but different!?! You mean this, Jack asked casually?!? Y-yes, Ricky replied very nervously, w-where does that go!?! Where do you think it goes, Jack asked evenly!?! O-oh nooooooo, Ricky moaned, not in my asshole, it’s way to huge, please don’t do that to me!!! Are you telling me what to do, bitch, Jack asked harshly,

cuz if you are I will whip your fucking ass, got it!?! Y-yes, Ricky replied quickly, I’m sorry, it’s just that it scares me, that’s all!!! Now reaching into the drawer and extracting a jar of petroleum jelly, Jack calmly began greasing up the head of the latex dominator, and after taking his sweet time with it finally looked up and ordered, Okay, bitch, on your tummy and spread your legs!!!

With his heart pounding a mile a minute, Rick slipped onto the bed, and while nervously looking over his shoulder, watched with his eyes wide as saucers as Jack pressed the huge butt plug into his tight little ass!!! Oh, god, Ricky gasped, I-it hurts so bad, ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy, be careful, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck that hurts!!! Jack chuckled to himself as his bitch groaned louder by the inch, until finally the latex monster snapped into place as Ricky’s ass gripped the brutal invader while if left him gasping for air!!! My, my, my, Jack said softly, it seem that my little bitch is having some discomfort, are you in pain little man, is your asshole burning!?! Y-yes, he replied with a moan, b-but it feels all hot and full, I can’t quite describe it!!! Maybe this will help, Jack replied evenly while whacking the end of the protruding rubber with the palm of his hand, instantly causing his hot bitch to gasp and moan while his pecker instantly became erect and ready to go!!!

Jack casually tapped the end of the fat butt plug, and with each stroke the poor man was being driven closer and closer to a stunning orgasm!!! When he was sure that he was on the precipice of cummimg, Jack had the glassy eyed young man sit on the edge of the bed, which naturally put more pressure of the brutally thick plug, and after standing up in front of him, he offered his huge pecker to Ricky’s hot mouth!!! He then let the hot wired bitch suck him to a quick and satisfying orgasm as his own pecker bobbed helplessly up and down in dire need of some relief of its own!!! Mmmmmm, that was a good little bitch, Jack sighed, I guess we’re all done now, right!?! With his eyes practically rolling back into his head Ricky grabbed his own pecker, and with a series of vicious strokes brought himself to a crushing orgasm!!!

Jack pulled the hapless bitch to his feet, and after kissing him full on the mouth, gently turned the young man around, and after having him bend over, grabbed a hold of the thick invader, and after caressing Ricky’s smooth hairless ass, rammed the thick cudgel in and out of his burning bung hole until his cock again erected itself again and spasmodically fired off another cum shower, leaving the poor lad totally and completely wiped out from the experience!!!

After extracting the plug from Ricky’s abused bottom, Jack planted little kisses all over his smooth cheeks and whispered, Now, next time it will be worse, do you promise to be a good little bitch!?! Now barely able to rely, Ricky managed to mumble, Yeah, but I think we’ll have to try this one more time just to be sure!!!

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