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The Underground

It was a Friday night and I was looking for some action. I decided to go all out and dressed in full leathers, then added my navy and light blue hankies to my right pocket. I decided that my black leather wallet would show as my black hanky in the subdued light of the bar. As a final touch I added a pair of handcuffs to the right eppilte of my favourite motorcycle jacket and a chainmaiile collar to an inside pocket. In a backpack that I always take to the bars I threw a pair of grey coveralls for the way home if I needed to change after the bar and take public transit.

An hour latter, I was in my favourite spot, next to one of the bar’s pinball machines, sipping a beer in one hand and smoking with the other, watching the crowd swirl in front of me and looking for action with the right man. Then I saw him. He was slightly shorter in height that I am, a little over weight and dressed in a leather bomber jacket and biker chaps. I saw him stop, look at the pinball machine, then at me. I could feel his gaze rake down me from my confederate style cap to my tight leather pants and knee high boots. I could see that he was getting hot from what he saw as he raised an eyebrow at the handcuffs. I smiled and nodded at him, then turned to have a game or two of pinball. I wanted him to come to me and submit to what I had planned. I could see him stand there as I played, losing the first game then winning the second and matching as well. I now had two extra credits.

I paused as he approached me with a pint of draught in one hand and his own beer in the other. He placed the pint in front of me saying; “to the victor goes the spoils”. I thanked him for the drink and introduced myself. “Please to meet you sir, my name is Duane”. I could tell from his accent that he was a visitor to Toronto.

I led him outside to one of the free tables on the bar’s patio so that we could talk and explore the possibilities of getting into some action together. It was a warm night and I watched as he unzipped his jacket revealing a relatively thick pelt of hair. I could see his nipples nesting in the chest hair and started to wonder how that would taste. He beat me to it. When I removed my jacket I felt his hand on my right thigh as he reached over the table to caress my nearly hairless chest under my leather vest and harness. He slowly played with my nipples until they were hard, then got up and licked each one till they glistened in the patio’s soft light. We both knew that things could not go further than this, the bars really frowned upon patrons have sex on their patios.

We both shared our experiences about work and family but in the backs of our minds we were thinking of where to go that was close and private. His place was out, he was sharing a hotel room with a travelling companion and I have a lover at home that might not appreciate me bring home a plaything. When he excused himself to hit the can I checked out to see if he had and hankies in his back pockets, nope. That left me wondering if he was looking for a top of a bottom to play with this night. He returned with another beer for each of us, when I offered to pay for mine he just smiled and said that it was a pleasure to serving me. Now I really wondered if he might be looking to a master to give him some hot orders to reveal his hot ass and beg to get it plowed by a hard saliva covered cock in some dark alley. I had to smile at that possibility.

We stayed until the bar closed, drinking our beers slowly and talked about everything except what was really on our minds. When the house lights came up I got my first good look at him and knew that I really wanted him in the worst way. I knew that I had to find somewhere to hot and hard with him. Then I was hit with a possible location and knew that I would do almost anything to get us there. He seemed torn between heading back to the hotel or following me. I helped him decide by telling I would walk him part of the way back to his hotel and that we would see what would happen along the way.

Heading back into the downtown core, we passed through one of the cities many parks and I saw a very shadowed group of trees and decided to see how willing he was to some action. As we passed the spot I pulled him quickly into the trees and planted a long and passionate kiss on him forcing my tongue into his mouth. I guess that I shocked him by my sudden actions but I had to find out if what I felt earlier was a passing flame of interest or the full force blaze of lust. I had to give him credit, one he figured out what was happening, and he acted very quickly and with force. We embraced each other tightly and started to explore each other as we continued to kiss. When we came up for air I unzipped his jacket and ran my hand across his chest stopping to tweak his nipples. They were hardened instantly as he let out a groan of pleasure.

I felt his hand slip between us as he unzipped my jacked and started to caress my chest. He started to lick my exposed nipples until they were hard. I let my jacket slip to the ground so that he would have full access to my chest and let myself to cool off a little. He then surprised me as he dove for my left armpit. First sniffing, then lapping up the accumulated sweat that had built up over the night. The smell and taste seem to drive him crazy. He licked and sucked the pit till it dripped with his saliva before he licked clean the right one. The feeling of this hot man worshipping my body like this made my cock so hard it started to ache and started to demand release. I started to groan loudly as he continued to worship my pits and nipples. He seemed to know this was happening for he suddenly dropped to his knees and started to lick at the button fly of my leather jeans.

Just then we both heard a loud snap of wood being broken and knew that this was not the play to get too serious. I could tell that this frustrated him but I knew of a better place and it was two lights away from here. We both straightened up and quietly left the trees. Without a word I lead him to an entrance to one of the city owned parking garages under one of the major office buildings. The good thing about this was that it was open 24 hours and we could enter and exit through the same door without being seen. We headed to the bottom level where I knew we would be completely alone and could do as we please. At the door to the bottom level, he slipped me a quick kiss and a long squeeze of my crotch.

The parking level was completely deserted and with luck would have it one corner of the level was completely dark. I had to thank the universe for this good turn that maintenance had not replaced the light yet. I lit a smoke as we walked across the parking level to the unlit corner and there in the darkness he picked a spot where we could get completely naked if we chose to. On a ledge nearby I threw the backpack and finished my smoke I watched as he stripped off his jeans and put back on his chaps. I hungered for the feel of that ass wrapped around my cock and gently let my leather gloves brush across his ass. But first I wanted a taste of the hairy man.

I gently ran my gloved hands over his chest to feel the coarseness of his chest hair and to waken his nipples. I then held him tightly as is nibbled on his neck and right ear before starting to work my way down his body. I stopped at his right armpit and tonguing it clean and tasting his salty sweat. I knew that I got his attention when my teeth ran across his right nipple roughly before licking it hard. As I played with his right I pinched his left nipple till it was as hard as his right, then gave it the same treatment that the right one got. Trailing further down I cleaned out his belly button and was surprised to find it scrupulously clean.

When I passed the buckle for his chaps I felt his hands on the back my head. I knew what he wanted but he would have to wait. I started to lick his cock in long strokes. It was rock hard at this point and wanted release in the worst way, but not in my mouth and not this night. I worked lower and started to lick his balls. When his sack was coated in spit I suck one then the other of his balls into my mouth and let my tongue tease them. I then took just the head of his cock into my mouth. I could feel the pressure he was applying to me to take his entire cock but I wanted to tongue just the tip. I heard him groan loudly in pleasure and saw his ball sack draw closer to his body in anticipation of cumming and I let his cock slip out of my mouth.

When I stood I saw how close he had gotten and he had to take a few moments before we continued. He was covered in sweat the shone in the shadows of out location and noted again how hot this man was. He took a step closer to me pressing me against the ledge and proceeded to give my body the same treatment that I had just given him. When he got to my leather jeans he gently opened them with his teeth. With opening the last button, he yanked down the jeans to the tops of my boots and started to lick my sweaty balls I spread my legs to give him better access to my crotch and leaned back groaning in pleasure. I felt his lips tease the tip of my cock and his hands grabbed my ass checks before he slowly sucked the entire length of my cock down his throat. As he sucked my cock I felt his hands explore my ass crack and start to rub my hole. I then felt one of his fingers invade my hole and he set up a rhythm with his mouth. On another night we could have fucked each other in this quiet location but the universe had other plans for this night.

I suddenly head one of the garage’s doors close followed by booted footsteps. Coming from the same entrance that we had used was one of the site’s security guards doing his rounds. I had to smile, I knew him, his long hard cock and knew what he would want if he found us. He really looked hot in his tailored police style pants and leather jacket that they had for cool nights. As Duanne’s suction increased I groaned loudly and the guard heard me and headed directly for us. When he entered the darkened are I heard him say, “Hello Keith, I knew that I would find you here tonight. I even switched shifts with a buddy just to be here. I hope that you like the setting, I arranged very carefully for you”

Duane suddenly stopped in mid stroke and pulled away from me quickly. He was probably afraid that he was going to be arrested for having sex in a public place but I did not move a muscle, which really must have confused him. Duane looked at me and said, “you know him?”

I nodded and said, “Duane please meet David”. David smiled at me and I knew what he wanted and what he would get. Fine by me I would get Duane’s sweat ass and David would get mine. I saw that David’s cock was already semi hard in his pants. Silently he unzipped the jacket to show his bare chest. Then unzipped his pants and hauled out his cock giving it a slow stroke. I reached over to my jacket and grabbed two condoms from one of the pockets I knew that both might get used tonight.

As David got closer to the two of us I could see Duane thinking in flight or fight mode. I reached over to him and pinched his left nipple to reassure him. He drew closer to me still not sure what was going on. I think he realised how things were going to be played out when David grabbed my ass and gave it a hard squeeze.

I did not have time to tell Duane about David nor the hot scene that happened between us a month earlier but I knew that he would witness at least part of it. Briskly David ordered me to lean against the ledge in a frisking position and for Duane be start to rim my ass for all its worth. I saw that Duane started to get hard again at the order. He started to tongue my ass with hot little strokes and let the tip of his tongue enter my hole. When my ass was completely cover in spit under his watchful eye, David then ordered Duane to suck him hard slip one of my condoms onto his salvia-coated cock. He then order Duane do the same to me with the same tender care.

With his flashlight David then arranged us against the wall, Duane first, then me right behind him and ordered me to mount Duane. Duane’s ass was tight and warm package that seemed to enclose my cock like a glove. I reached around Duane to pinching his nipples as I steadied myself for the next act in this scene. I felt David’s tip of his hard cock slither down my ass crack before he entered my hole. With the tip within me he plunged the entire length into my ass. It’s a weird feeling being fucked as you fuck someone else but it can be very erotic if the ultimate top knows what he is doing and David does. As David pulled his cock out of my ass slowly I felt my own cock pull out of Duane hot ass. On the return stoke we refilled each ass. David moved back a few inches giving me some room to swing my torso.

As I pulled out of Duane’s ass, David’s hard cock fuck me. As the tempo of my own fucking increased so did David’s. As the heat increased I reached down to Duane’s hard cock and started to stoke him. I felt that Duane was getting close and tried to time my climax with his, I knew that even after I came that David would still a while before he shot his own hot load into my ass. Duane’s breathing got shorter and shorter as we continued, then with a heavy groan he shot several long strings of pearly cum on the concrete in front of him. The clenching of his ass muscles sent me over the edge and I filled his ass with my own equally large load of cream. By this time, everyone was covered in sweat but we were not finished.

As Duane and I slowly recovered, David closed the distance between us and continued to fuck my ass in long hard strokes. With me still impaling Duane on my still hard cock the fuck got hotter and harder until David let out a shout of pleasure and plunged his cock fully into my ass and began to fill it with cream. David allowed his cock to get soft before he withdrew it from my ass. I then slowly slip out of Duane and allowed him to move from the cramped position he ended up in.

David was smiling as he rearranged his clothing and I lit a smoke to watch Duane put back on his pants. David then told me with a laugh that he wanted to repeat the action that had happen the month before and that he would be very happy to repeat all of this again. He then gave me his home number and told me to call ahead a week in advance to be able to have some more fun. I think that Duane looked at me then at David as we both laughed at the thought of more hot action in the underground.

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