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Hershel Rides Mercedez

My name is Monica Hershel. I am a twenty-eight-year-old model. I have a straight figure with tanned skin, and I sport a short close-cropped hairstyle. I have blue eyes and my body measurements are 32AA-24-32. My face is pretty and I am a proud lesbian.

The autumn breeze feels good blowing on me as I lay in bed, clad in my white bra and panties, rubbing my pussy and pinching my nipples. I cannot stop thinking about my sexy Goddess! Her name is Nina Mercedez, and she is 31. She stands at five-foot-six-inch, her mouthwatering body measures 34E-25-34. She is an outstandingly beautiful Latina! I love her long wavy black hair and tanned skin and Nina loves the way I eat her pussy. I am waiting eagerly for her with an intention to devour her sexy body when she comes over.

I hear a car pulling up to my Florida mansion. I know she is home. Therefore, I jump out of the bed and go to peer through the window. Yes, I see Nina. She is getting out of her silver 2011 Mercedes-Benz, dressed into her black halter-top and G-string. She knows I like to see her in sexiest looks! My nipples are hard and my pussy is even wetter. I run downstairs to greet my partner at the door. I feel like I am in a race on how fast I can move down the spiral staircase.

I open the door, and Nina is standing there, smiling. Her body looks so sexy, glistening with sweat. The sight of her excites me!

“Hey, baby!” She says.

I kiss her on lips. Her breasts are squeezed against my chest and I can feel her erect nipples. She needs to be attended and I need her body badly. So, I kiss Nina’s body down to her knees and lick her backside repeatedly. I do not care who is watching us. We let them enjoy the scene.

“I love your taste!” I tell Nina. “You don’t know how bad I want you!”

So, I take her to my master bedroom, where we kiss again. My tongue forces its way into Nina’s full mouth. As our tongues intertwine, I love exploring the wetness and sweetness of her mouth. My hands soon go on a sexual tour of Nina’s voluptuous body. I love her sweaty skin!

I remove her bikini before she lies on the bed and spreads her wonderful legs. I strip myself, and watch her along. I love the way she stares at me. Nina is always satisfied with my petite body as her wonderful proportions arouse me.

“Come on, baby. I’m yours!” Nina says. She loves to play the innocent role.

I stretch atop her and proceed to lick her. I work my tongue down from her face, stopping briefly when I reach her tits and sexy pierced navel, leaving a trail of hickeys. Then I lift her sexy leg up and continue to lick and suck on her thigh. The aroma of her wetness is driving me untamed! I know Nina is very sensitive between her thighs. My mouth is glued on her moist pussy, and I am savoring the greatest taste on earth! Nina’s eyes are closed and her tongue is licking her lips. She moans passionately, which drive me wild. I keep licking and sucking her clit with fervor. I can feel her quivering cunt lips. Nina’s stomach muscles are tightening for the heightened lust and she spills out a cool stream of her love juice. I am filling my mouth with her essence avidly.

Nina pushes me away because she cannot take any more pleasure, but I am not done with her yet. So, I let her lie to settle down before rolling her over. It is time to get her anus licked and tasted. Hence, I push apart her huge cheeks and proceed to lick her ass crack. Nina laughs and squeals with delight when I flick circles about her salty anus. She loves it when I poke her backdoor with my tongue. She coos and her body shakes for all the attention I am giving. As I continue to probe through her intimate depths, she moans and groans for another climax.

I reach for my 11” strap-on with the curved and polished gold shaft sitting on my dresser. I spit on the dildo and run my hands to lube it. Then I fasten it to my groins and hips. I feel like I have been transformed into a man. Lucky me! I am ready to ravage my sweetheart.

I insert the shaft into her ass and begin to fuck her, slow first and getting harsh in the frenzied tempo. I am Nina’s Wildman. Perspiration is pouring down my body and I am in a lust zone. Nina cries out, and grabs the pillows and sheets. I love the sight of this as I spank her ass and pull her hair. All this excitement is making me extremely wet. My love canal is filling up. I love it!

We have an exploding climax, in unison. It slows me down. So, I take out my shaft to kiss and lick her back before going for her buttocks. I lick her ass crack again. My tongue tickles Nina and she laughs dreamily. Perhaps, Nina has no idea that she is turning me on again.

I turn her on back. She smiles at me and I beam at her, positioning myself between her thighs. Her pussy is so wet that I easily slide right in. I move in and out of her slowly. Then, I pick up the pace soon. Nina pinches my nipples and I am turned on, even more. I keep on pumping her wonderful pussy, slamming against her clit along. Nina’s screams echo through the room; the building pleasure is shaking her. I know her pussy is on fire! It is not going to take long! My Goddess is about to climax any moment and I am savoring every erotic sensation with effortless, full, rhythmic strokes. I gaze down at her beautiful flushed face, watching as her eyes roll and close. ‘Here she goes,’ I deduce and continue to ravish her pussy as if I am a wild stallion who is riding his mare. My hips move in unison with the rapid thrusts. Now, I am moaning too and my moans are blending with Nina’s shrieks. Love juices are running down my thighs and Nina is shouting for gratification. Nina is convulsed all over for a turbulent climax and soon, she passes out.

“You are the best, sweetheart!” I say, as I stop, and wait until my breathing is back to normal.

We are drenching in sweat; it is an aftermath for such an infernal sex. I resolve to remove the dildo from Nina’s pussy and crawl atop her. The feeling of Nina’s wet and smooth skin always rejuvenates me. She looks so sexy and peaceful, sleeping underneath me. I still yearn for her body and so, proceed to suck her plump tits and lick my way down to her pussy, which I devour again. Hence, I make her cum while she is asleep. I quench my thirst by licking every drop of her love juices. Then, I snuggle up with Nina and just stare at her.

I love my Mercedez and I love to ride her!

I am a carnivore, a winner at all costs. God has blessed me with the power and potential to achieve great things. Whatever the enterprise, I strive to be the best and most successful in that field. I am extremely competitive and not afraid of challenges. I am a visionary, a realist, a loyalist, a planner, discipline, perseverance, dynamic, efficient, powerful, and a conqueror that devours the weak and rules the strong!

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