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Love Overdue – Part 3

The next morning Lisa woke up and looked over at Shane. He appeared to be sleeping peacefully with a slight smirk on his face, probably reliving the night he just had. Thinking about what had happened the night before and what would happen next, Lisa began to cry. Her lover was awakened by her sobs and turned to comfort her. “What’s the matter babe? I thought everything would be wonderful in the morning,” he said. She responded bitterly, “Well how can it be so fucking wonderful when you’re about to leave me and go back to your bitch of a wife? I don’t know what the hell I was thinking making love to you. I’m a fucking idiot…that’s all to it.” Shane got out of bed and got dressed. Not knowing how to respond to Lisa’s emotions he simply said, “It was a beautiful experience. I’m going back to my hotel and will call you before I leave town.” She said nothing as she watched him walk out of the door. Little did she know, he was walking out of her life…again. He never called her when he got to his hotel room. That was in February. It was August and Shane was set to visit once again to attend an annual family BBQ. Lisa, being a resilient woman, wasn’t worried about seeing Shane or his bride. In the back of her mind and deep in her heart she knew her true feelings for him but refused to let them surface. After he screwed her and left town without calling, her attitude was pretty much “Fuck it!” In the meantime, Lisa had been involved with a woman she met at the library. One day, Lisa was looking for a book on Kama Sutra so she asked for assistance. Brooke, the helpful librarian, led her to the appropriate section. She picked up a book, flipped through it and pointed out a position. “It’s the position of the wife of Indra, one of my favorite. The woman lies on her back with her knees pulled to her breasts so the vagina is fully open allowing for maximum penetration. Its quite enjoyable.” Lisa looked at Brooke with a puzzled expression because she didn’t appear to be the “type” to know anything about sex outside of the traditional missionary position. She was about 5′ 2″ and 140lbs with thick thighs and a fat ass. Her tits were a little small for Lisa’s taste but still appealing at a perky size 34 B, especially since Brooke didn’t have on a bra. Her skin was a sun kissed bronze and her hair was cinnamon brown, chin length and fell perfectly around her heart shaped face. “My name is Brooke by the way. I see you’re sort of surprised at my interest in this subject.” “I’m Lisa and yes I’m totally caught off guard,” she said trying to collect herself. “Listen, would you like to discuss this some more over coffee sometime?” Delighted by the invitation, Brooke suggested that Lisa join her for coffee in the library’s break room since it was about that time. She followed her new companion up the stairs and towards the back of the building. Delightful daydreams filled Lisa’s mind as she thought about how isolated the break room was. She quietly admired Brooke’s luscious legs peeking through the split in her long black skirt that also embraced a beautifully round ass. “See anything you like?” said Brooke as she turned to find her body being visually violated. They both laughed and began sipping and talking. Lisa couldn’t contain her attraction any longer so she bent over the small table and quickly kissed Brooke on her soft lips. Lisa began to blush as she started to regret her hasty decision. Brooke responded with a sigh of relief, “Don’t worry honey, its ok. Actually, you must’ve been reading my mind because I’ve been creaming since I saw you.” Lisa took that as a hint and kissed Brooke again, this time fully giving in to her desire and using her tongue to express her enthusiasm. She could feel the temperature rise between her thighs and the nectar beginning to coat her wanting lips. Brooke moved around to where Lisa was sitting and told her to lean back and spread her legs. Without hesitation she did as she was told. She tossed her head back and released soft cries of joy as Brooke delicately nibbled on the tender flesh between her legs. Lisa’s pussy squeezed out more honey as Brooke teasingly brushed her tongue over her pleasure bump. Lisa’s hips began to rise from the mounting satisfaction. Then all of a sudden Brooke got up. “Break time’s over hun. I got to get back to work.” Disappointed yet intrigued, Lisa gathered her thoughts and nodded her head to show she understood. “Here’s my number. Call me tonight,” said Brooke as she smiled and walked away. Lisa sat there trying to recover from what had just happened. She was too hot to get up and just leave so she looked around to see if anyone was coming. After confirming she was alone, she draped one leg over the arm of the chair and began manipulating her pulsating clit. Intense delight spread throughout her body prompting her love hole to excrete its sweet cream. Her walls clamped together hungry for penetration so she slid two of her fingers inside. The feeling was overwhelming. She thrusted her fingers in her hungry hole furiously while her hips swiveled uncontrollably. Waves of heat and passion came over her body as she quietly but feverishly climaxed. She took a spoon from the table and scooped up as much of her cunt cream as she could and stirred it into her cup. Feeling refreshed, she casually finished her coffee and left.

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