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Maggie How you Maketh my Heart Quiver

The chats online were to a point where just the sight of the other online made her loins moist. Margaret Ann was married and had three children. She was in Ontario, a world away from her loving companion. Her thoughts would drift into making love with her online romancer. Knowing the other for so long it seemed inevitable that the two would meet.
She escaped the wrath of her husbands ranting and raving for a three day stay with her online lover. Her first instincts were nervousness and fright, what ifs ran through her mind. Her felt the softness of her lace stockings and promptly boarded her plane ride. Maggie’s thoughts were getting warmer as she boarded the plane. Her pussy ached to be touched and the lace was making her more hornier. The flight seemed endless as she closed her eyes and imagined making love to her lover. She felt the wetness seeping into her black lace panties as she imagined being one with her lover. Soon she heard a voice, it was the captain saying the plane would be landing ahead of schedule. Her pulse quickened and she was still thinking of that tounge that would be licking her every fiber. Soon before too long the plane had reached the gate and her destiny would be soon awaiting her. She made sure that nearly everyone was off the plane so as not to see her soiled panties. Finally she emerged from the plane. Her and her lovers eyes locked onto one oneanother. She had known it was him from his look. her pussy was wetter than ever before. They embraced. Kisses and tounges were swapped. Her mouth full of tounge couldn’t wait to lift up her skirt and pull back her pussy hairs and scream to ‘fuck me’.
The smal bits of conversation in the car were hardly heard as all she could think of is getting inside this man and tasting his sweet cum in her mouth. Her pussy screamed for release, soon entering the hotel, she stripped to her panties and threw them on the floor and spread her eagle like wings and felt his cock rub ever so close to her. She was already coming and she grabbed his cock and took it in her moist wet mouth and began tasting him. Her pussy was dying and needed attention so, she fiddled with it when she was tasting his cock inside her. She popped the cock out of her mouth and took the cock and slipped it deep inside her aching pussy. She eased into the cock and felt the whole shaft inside of her and felt wave after wave of excitement. Her pussy aching hungerily for filling and soon the warmth of cum filled her pussy. Maggie turned over and said..”More….

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