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We’re Not Bad; We’re Just Drawn That Way!

Club Harlem World had the streets of uptown shaking. Inside, the music was blaring; the best drinks were flowing; the hottest exotic women were all over the place dancing; and the getting-money fellers spent dollars around, having a great time. Mar’e sucked in the atmosphere with a smile on his face and a drink in his hand. He was upstairs in the VIP lounge holding court with a few friends. Mar’e looked cool in his black Dolce & Gabbana suit blazer with subtle polka dots.

“I love Harlem!” Mar’e shouted. “Ain’t no party like an uptown party, ’cause an uptown party don’t stop!”

His friends cheered and tossed a few dollars in the air. Sitting next to him was a slim, fair-skinned woman named Holli Would. She had long honey-blonde hair with a bun on her crown and bangs that covered her ears. She was clad in a white strapless swimsuit with a deep V-neck, matching sheer microskirt, and long white boots.

“Why are you not on the dancing floor showing your moves?” She asked.

“I’m about to hit the dance floor after I finish this Courvoisier.” Mar’e continued. “I like to see you hopping atop this table and dance for me. I love your outfit!”

“This is my signature outfit, white and lustrous all over!”

Mar’e chuckled. “That’s right! I saw all eyes on you when we walked in. You attract men and women. You are the greatest fantasy. How does it feel knowing you can have the best of both worlds?”

“That I’m the baddest bitch in here!”

After taking a final sip of his drink, Mar’e left the VIP lounge to dance with some cute Ebony freaks with long hair. Holli was also in the mood to dance and be around her admirers. As she was walking down the stairs, she could hear some of them whistling and saying her name. She stopped in her tracks when she noticed someone as sexy as she was. That chick was dressed in a long red strapless dress with high cut slits, long purple opera gloves, and shiny red pumps. Holli knew she was staring at none other than Jessica Rabbit!

Jessica, the slender and fair-skinned hottie, was a beautiful, passionate, and glamorous woman. She had nice red pouty lips, long red hair that covered her right eye, and an air of vivid sexuality. Yes, Jessica was possibly the hottest girl in the club, and she knew that. Men, who thought they were the ultimate players, tried their best to get a dance or a number from her. Holli watched as Jessica turned them all down one by one. She was in her own world.

Holli’s dazzling icy-turquoise eyes roamed over Jessica’s voluptuous figure. She loved her curves, perfect face, and full red lips. Here was a sex goddess, a femme fatale, and a mouth-watering beauty. Her pussy twitched abruptly and she licked her lips like a hungry feline. What would it be like to devour her body? What does she taste like? Does she like girls? She asked herself inwardly. The thought made her pink pussy moist!

Instantaneously, Holli decided to act on her naughty desires. She sauntered behind Jessica and squeezed her hips. Jessica turned her head around, with an intention to slap a rude man whom she assumed touching her, but paused at the sight of a girl as sexy as herself. To Holli’s surprise, she smiled.

“May I dance with you?” Holli asked.

“Sure.” Jessica answered.

They began dancing together. Holli’s erotic dancing was a blatant seduction. She slithered about, moved her hips seductively, and rubbed her ass on Jessica’s pussy. She was definitely putting on a show. Jessica ran her hands up and down Holli’s body, and she enjoyed playing game. Several people on the dance floor had stepped aside to make a circle around them. Mar’e briefly watched them too. For a few minutes, Holli and Jessica were the only dancers. The blonde beauty had a sultry smile on her face as she looked at Jessica’s ocean-blue eyes and purple eyelids. The more they danced the more they touched each other, grabbing the ass cheeks and squeezing the tits. Their pussies rubbed together, and the effect turned them on. As the love juices were running down their legs, they kissed each other.

“I don’t do women, but I would do you.” Holli admitted.

“If you keep being that naughty, I might let you taste me.” Jessica flirted.

“Do you want to get out of here with me?” Holli whispered.

“Yes,” Jessica affirmed, “and I want to get out of these clothes too.”

No sooner had they entered Holli’s air-conditioned Manhattan penthouse, than their erotic games resumed with more passion. Holli took Jessica’s flowing gown off like an amateur lover. She sucked Jessica’s tits by peeling down her red gown and exposing her huge tits. Then she knelt before her, moved her hands under her gown hiking up the material, and exposed her thighs. She pushed Jessica on the pool table and splayed her legs. The redhead was not wearing any panties, which made it easier for Holli to go for an easy feast. Jessica’s bald pussy looked creamy. It tasted wonderfully sweet and yet a bit tart.

“Fuck, you taste good,” Holli called out, staring at Jessica’s pink snatch. “I want to drink your nectar so bad.”

Jessica giggled like a drunkard. Holli swirled her tongue around Jessica’s moist clit before sucking it hard. Then she came down, licking into the pussy lips and down the musky ridge of skin. She traced a wet salivary line and stopped at her puckered hole. Clawing at her ass cheeks, she stretched them and ran her tongue to lick the smooth anal ring. Jessica’s body trembled and she moaned as if her pussy had not received the tantalizing attention for long.

“Ah … Aah … Mmm…” Jessica moaned as she quivered for the pleasing sensation.

Holli went on with rimming her. As her eyes fell on Jessica’s pussy, she noticed that her labia looked ripe and wet. The aroma of Jessica’s femininity intrigued her to move up and she pressed her mouth on the quivering, swollen pussy lips. She probed her tongue into Jessica’s pussy hole like a little pink cock. The red-haired hottie moaned and heaved her torso for the electrifying waves, which soared up her spine.

“Oh my God, I’m cumming,” she screamed.

Holli switched her tongue upward to lap her clit. Then she clamped her lips over the engorged morsel, sucking it. Jessica’s love juice sprinkled down like torrential raindrops on Holli’s tongue, which she drank it avidly. It was such a turn on for Holli, watching a powerful climax that hit the red-haired doll.

Jessica breathed heavy as she bit her lip and squeezed her tits. With a smile on her face, Holli licked Jessica’s navel and proceeded all the way up to her mouth. They French kissed each other, and Jessica tasted her own cum.

“Do you love the taste, baby?” Holli asked.

“Yes, honey.” Jessica answered softly.

Holli wasn’t done yet. She began grinding Jessica’s pussy wildly. The redhead loved the slippery feel of her blonde lover’s pussy. She reached up, cupped Holli’s tits, and pinched her nipples. The aroma of love juices, which dripped from their pussies, wafted around them.

“You are so fucking HOT!” Holli yelled.

Jessica laughed. She grabbed Holli by her waist, and switched places with her. Now, she was atop the blonde hottie. They resumed grinding their pussies together, giving rise to a pleasing sensation of squashing and friction. Holli’s bouncing tits thrilled Jessica for action. She started moving faster and faster against her blonde lover’s mound. Sweat drenched their bodies, which was the outcome of heightened lust and erotic intimacy. Seconds later, the sex goddesses exploded into a very intense climax. Their love juices oozed out, mingling together with each convulsion. They gazed at each other, eyes wide and with heaving chests.

“That was so amazing!” Jessica trilled. “I love how your pussy moved against mine.”

“Oh God, yes,” Holli sighed. “I cannot believe we made love just a while ago.”

Jessica smiled and slowly spread Holli’s toned legs to taste her wet, creamy pussy. She licked, sucked, and fingered her with expertise. Holli moaned squealed in delight; she humped her hips into Jessica’s face.

“Yes, just like that baby!” Holli yelled.

Jessica ate and fingered her cunt passionately. She smiled inwardly as Holli’s body moved, showing an impulsive response to her lovemaking. Holli grasped Jessica’s head, letting her mouth be glued to her pussy. The pleasure was so indescribable for her! Jessica knew that Holli was close to cumming so she nibbled and sucked on her clit. It sent Holli up to the heights, as she started to cum. Sweet pussy juices flowed down Jessica’s chin and down to her tits. Jessica lapped it up like a hungry, eager baby. Holli started trembling for the ecstasy that overwhelmed her.

“I love to watch you cumming for me!” Jessica said as she kissed Holli on lips. “You look so hot when you cum!”

They wrapped their legs together, kissed, and cuddled with each other.

With a big smile on her face Holli said, “We’re not bad…”

“We’re just drawn that way!” Jessica finished.

The two hotties French kissed and drifted off to sleep, in a warm erotic embrace.

I am a carnivore, a winner at all costs. God has blessed me with the power and potential to achieve great things. Whatever the enterprise, I strive to be the best and most successful in that field. I am extremely competitive and not afraid of challenges. I am a visionary, a realist, a loyalist, a planner, discipline, perseverance, dynamic, efficient, powerful, and a conqueror that devours the weak and rules the strong!

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