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A Caning Experience

A Caning Experience

It was a fine summer’s morning when my wonderful experience got under way. I left the driveway in my car, only to be stopped two hundred yards down the road by Sally, a single mother neighbour of mine. She signalled me to stop, and I pulled up alongside her.

“Want a lift, Sally?” I asked her. “I’m going into town, if you want to come along.”

“No, no – it’s not that,” she smiled. “Can I get into the car a moment?”

“Yes of course,” I replied, and flicked the electronic lock to open.

Sally climbed in and sat in the seat next to me. It was obvious that she had something on her mind.

“You don’t want a lift then, Sally?” I asked.

“No – no not really,” she replied, somewhat diffidently I thought.

“But – there is something you can do for me please,” she turned her eyes towards mine.

Sally was a bit younger than I was. Previously we had met socially in other peoples’ homes at parties and occasional meetings in the local pub.

“You know I have a daughter, Kelly?” Sally said to me.

I knew Kelly. A bright eyed girl, I sometimes saw her pass by our house on the way to school on those mornings I left home later. She had honey gold, long flowing hair, hazel eyes, and full and generous lips. Her figure was maturing, and I thought she would break some boys’ hearts sometime in the not-too-distant future.

“Yes,” I said to Sally. “I see her going to school sometimes.”

“Well, ” began Sally, and then paused.

“Yes?” I encouraged.

“Well – I don’t know how to say this, but well – she’s been quite a trial for me these last few months.”

“Why?,” I asked, wondering where this conversation was leading.

“Well – there’s no man in the house,” Sally went on, somewhat hesitatingly I thought.

“Kelly is bright and she’s a lovely girl, but she is playing me up something terrible.”

“I can’t control her, and that’s a fact. I think she needs to be taught a lesson.”

Sally turned to me, and faced me square on, looking straight into my eyes.

“Will you come around and cane her, to make her see that she can’t get away with things all the time?”

“C-c-cane her?” I spluttered, thinking maybe I had misheard.

“Yes, cane her,” was Sally’s firm and decisive response. “I want her to be taught a lesson – and I can’t do it myself. I’m too soft. Now if my ex-husband were around I’m sure he could handle it. But he’s not around – so will you? Please?”

To say I was astounded was a true understatement. Wasn’t this the kind of thing I had thought about for a large part of my adult life? The caning of a young girl, still in school. Lifting her dress, perhaps baring her bottom – the thoughts raced through my head, inflaming me. I struggled to keep a grip on myself.

“How do you want her caned, Sally?” I asked keeping my voice as smooth and as disinterested as I could. I expected Sally to say something like ‘two cuts on each hand’ and leave it somewhat vague.

However Sally had far different views from that.

“I want you to come around – say about eight o’clock one night – and go up to her room, where I will have sent her previously. I will give you a cane – I still have an old one that my great grandfather used when he was a school master back in the thirties.”

“She is to be told to take off her panties, lift her dress, or take it off, and bend over the chair, or rest her hands on the bed, so you have her bottom plainly available for at least three cuts. That’s what I want you to do. Will you help me?”

I considered the proposition for a moment.

“Well,” I began.

“Oh, please say you’ll do it, please please please!” Sally was almost in tears I thought.

“How old is Kelly, Sally?” I asked.

“Sixteen two weeks ago.”

That was one hurdle over! At least it would be legal to review Kelly’s bottom – or at any rate view it!!

“Alright Sally,” I said. “But there have to be certain safeguards, you understand?

“What sort of safeguards?” Sally came back at me.

“Well – with such a young person, I think it is essential that someone else is present.”

“I can’t, I can’t,” Sally wailed.. “I just couldn’t watch my little daughter being punished like that!”

“Very well,” I continued. “I want to bring in another person – a colleague of mine – who can be present. I really would hate to be accused of anything improper, you understand, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes – of course,” Sally replied. “I understand perfectly. You bring your friend along – when can you arrange it?”

I thought for a few moments, and then realised my wife was going to one of her social gatherings that same evening.

“Tonight any good?” I asked.

“Perfect.” Sally smiled, relief spreading across her face like a ray of sunshine.

“Ok then,” I said. “I’ll be around about eight, and I will have my colleague Farley Grainger with me. You’ll let Kelly know that you have arranged this? That she won’t object too vociferously, and arouse all the neighbours, or anything like that?”

“Don’t worry – everything will be fixed – no problem! Just make her realise that she can’t keep on playing me up because her father is not around – that’s all I ask.”

Sally opened the car door, and got out. She leaned in before she slammed it.

“I know it will be difficult for two men to see Kelly’s bottom Don’t let it worry you – she’s got it coming to her!”

And with that she closed the door, and was walking back to her home. I let off the handbrake and set off for my office, which was about half an hour away. I arrived at more or less my usual time, despite my being accosted by Sally on the way. Once inside the office I went to see my friend Farley. I knew he would be very surprised at what I was going to ask him to do!

I found him already sitting at his desk, and as it was still early, there was nobody else in yet.

“Farley,” I said. “You are free tonight, and you are going to accompany me to a special event!”

“Well,” he replied, “you assume too much old son. I am going bowling this evening, and it will have to be a fantastic event to get me to cancel that.”

I knew Farley was a bowling fanatic, but to miss out on what I had to offer would have been ridiculous.

“Come off it, Farley,” I grinned, “if you had a choice between seeing a sixteen year old girl’s bottom being caned and going to bowls – you’d cancel instantly, wouldn’t you?”

“Course I would,” Farley responded, ” but let’s be reasonable. You can’t offer me an event like that so forget it!”

“That’s what I’m offering,” I grinned. “Come with me tonight – I am caning a schoolgirl at eight o’clock. You interested?”

At that moment two of Farley’s office staff arrived, so we had to cut short the conversation. I turned to leave his desk.

“Let me know what you decide,” I said, as I went through the door.

Within seconds of reaching my own office, the telephone rang. Of course – it was Farley.

“What did you mean?” he asked. “What you got on man? You trying to get me going or something?”

“It’s true, Farley,” I replied. “What I said to you was absolutely true. You want to join in, be a witness, see it all happening – cancel bowls and get to my house about quarter to eight. The action starts at eight – down the road in my neighbour’s house. You want to come then?”

“Course I do,” Farley answered. “Course I do. But you are not pulling my leg – this is not a hoax is it?”

Farley and I had been friends from school. We knew each other’s peccadilloes, fantasies, expectations, secret thoughts – everything. Like me, Farley was a married bisexual. He and I had enjoyed mutual masturbation and suchlike since our days together in school. There we had been very close, and frequently had sleepovers in each other’s homes. Always at those sleepovers we would indulge in mutual masturbation, especially easy since whenever we slept over we would be sharing the same bedroom.

Even currently, we still managed to get a session together when wives were out on occasion, and our masturbation had progressed to fellatio more frequently in the previous three or four years. Farley I knew would enjoy the spectacle of seeing a girl’s bottom getting striped. We had often talked about caning, tawsing, or spanking, and sometimes played caning games ourselves. One or other of us would be the ‘naughty boy’ and the other would be the teacher, or uncle – or some other authority figure. We used garden canes, or sometimes belts, as the punishment tool, and the sessions always ended with mutual masturbation or mutual fellatio.

“No Farley,” I said. “What I told you was the full truth – come along as I asked – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed – but obviously we can’t discuss details over the phone.”

“You’re on,” Farley responded. “I’ll cancel tonight, and I’ll be with you just before eight OK?”

“Great man!” I ended the conversation, and put down the phone.

It was a long day. It was difficult to concentrate with the prospect of the evening’s activities constantly intruding into my thoughts as I struggled to complete a software project that was already two weeks over time. Again and again Kelly’s beautiful face swam into my mind, and I tried to imagine how she would look with her skirt hoisted over her hips. It required a conscious effort to return my brain to the task in hand, and several times I surreptitiously squeezed my hard penis, hoping nobody else would notice what I was doing.

Even the longest days end eventually, and with lascivious thoughts still crowding my mind I left the office at five o’clock to make for home. We had our evening meal, and I confirmed that my wife would be away from seven until at the earliest eleven o’clock.

“Probably out with Farley tonight,” I told her. “If I’m not in when you get back – don’t worry. Won’t be long after you.”

I went to my den, after the meal, and switched on the computer. I joined a chat room, and tried to find someone with tastes similar to my own. Not a lucky night in that respect though. After fifteen minutes or so, I gave up in the chat room, and connected to a newsgroup – a spanking group with pictures. I looked at some of the thumbnails and downloaded a few showing women being birched on their bare bottoms. At seven thirty my wife called out that she was leaving, and I heard the door close behind her.

I went out to the living room, and poured myself a drink. I was eagerly awaiting Farley, and before I got back to the computer, he had arrived on the drive. I opened the door to him.

“Hi my old mate,” he greeted me. “How you doing tonight?”

He came in and I closed the door. Before I could say anything he rounded on me.

“Now look….” he started.

“It’s true Farley,” I said. “You will get to see a schoolgirl’s bottom, that I am going to apply the cane to – just twenty minutes or so to go. Honest!”

I told him about the meeting with Sally in the car this morning. Farley listened, his eyes appearing to get larger as I outlined what Sally had asked me to do. As the story progressed, Farley started squeezing his crotch area, obviously getting an erection.

“Stiff is it?” I grinned at him.

“Sure is,” Farley agreed.

He opened his zipper and took out his erect penis, the foreskin already retracted.

“Wow!,” he said, “you the same?”

In answer, I too opened my fly, and brought out my erect penis to let my friend see that he was not alone with his predicament. For a few minutes we stood close, indulging in slow mutual masturbation. It was a wonderful feeling to have Farley’s hand on my erection, and be able to slide his foreskin up and down his hard shaft.

“Better stop,” Farley said after a while. “Want to keep this load for later – what time we going?”

I glanced at the clock – it was nearly time.

“Now,” I said. “Zip up Farley – let’s go!”

We left my home to walk along the road to Sally’s house, and reached it in three or four minutes. As we approached the entrance, Sally opened the door to welcome us.

“Hello,” she said. “You are right on time – come in.”

She ushered us into her living room, and I introduced Farley. They exchanged pleasantries.

“Right, then Sally,” I began. “In what way exactly do you want us to deal with your problem.”

Sally sat down. “Gentlemen,” she said, “Kelly has really been playing me up for some time. She stays out late, sometimes simply won’t do her homework. I think at her age she could help a little by keeping her room tidy, or even putting the dishes in the dishwasher on occasion.”

“But no – nothing at all. I’ve threatened, cajoled, pleaded. Nothing seems to work, so I think that a short sharp shock of pain, and also humiliation, might help to get her started to a more co-operative and helpful attitude.”

“Mmm, yes,” I said, “I understand that it must be frustrating for you. But you said you wanted her caned – you have a genuine school cane available you said.”

“Yes,” Sally went on. “I want her to be caned. On her bottom, of course. And before you ask – yes, on her bare bottom, please. Three strokes will do the trick I think – given with a minute or so between strokes.”

“Baring her bottom will be humiliating for her – and that is what I want you to do.”

“Have you told her that she is to be caned on the bare?” I asked.

“Yes,” replied Sally. “She says she will not undress in front of men under any conditions, but I have told her she must do as you say.”

“Where’s the cane then Sally?” I requested.

She went over to a bureau under the window, and brought out a thin bamboo cane, about three foot long. It was curved at the end just like we see today in internet caning pictures. I think also that similar instruments can be found in some ladies’ premises in city centres throughout the world. Well – certainly in English cities anyway!

“Here you are,” she handed me the instrument, “let me take you up to Sally’s room. She’s waiting.”

“Before we go though, gentlemen,” Sally said. “There is something we had better discuss.”

“Yes, OK,” I responded. “What is that?”

“I know it is a very stimulating experience for men seeing the private parts of a young girl.”

I glanced at Farley, and he raised his eyebrows back at me.

“You are both almost bound to get erections,” Sally continued.

“Hmmm, er..” Farley and I both stuttered.

“No need to be embarrassed,” Sally smiled, “I do know about these things, don’t worry.”

“But I do ask gentlemen, that you do not let my daughter see either of you in an obviously aroused state.”

“It is unlikely that Kelly is a virgin, I admit, but she will only have had experiences with boys her own age. You two, on the other hand, are experienced men of the world. Spare her the sight of mature erect penises for the present!”

She smiled, and both of us agreed with her that on no account would Kelly be embarrassed by having to view our erections, no matter how inflamed we were by the viewing of her naked genital and anal region.

“But I do agree with you,” I added, “it is likely that we shall experience some activity in our own genital area – guess if we are honest that it would be impossible to avoid altogether in the circumstances.”

“I’m glad we cleared that up,” Sally smiled. “Come on, let’s go upstairs.”

Farley and I exchanged glances as we turned to follow Sally to Kelly’s room. Farley told me afterwards that Sally’s strictures on penis display had disappointed him a little, but the overall prospect opening before us was nevertheless extremely welcome. He had had ideas about displaying his erect penis in front of the girl as she received her punishment, but that plan had to be abandoned now.

Sally opened the door to Kelly’s bedroom. Kelly was sitting on the bed, her hands clasped in her lap, her eyes downcast looking at the floor.

She was still dressed in her school uniform. A crisp white shirt, with long sleeves, was accompanied by a short brown skirt. She was wearing a brown and orange tie. On her feet she had white knee length socks, but she had slipped off her shoes which were lying alongside her.

“Here we are Kelly,” Sally said to her daughter. “You know about the punishment I have arranged for you. I will leave you with these two gentlemen, who I have asked to give you a caning for your constant unreliability and general disobedience.”

“Aw, mum…” Kelly began.

“No aws or ahs,” Sally said. “You just do as they tell you – they have my full permission to treat you as they see fit to discourage you from being difficult in the future.”

“Not going to take it on bare bum!” Kelly declared.

“Oh, yes you will, young lady. I have told them both that it’s on your bare bottie that you are to receive punishment – so don’t make it worse for yourself by resisting. Now – I’ll leave you. Gentlemen – she is all yours – get on with your task.”

Sally turned and left the room, closing the door tightly behind her. We were left with Kelly looking at us defiantly from her bed, on which she had been sitting when we came in.

“Not gonna undress!” she said defiantly again. “‘s not right for a girl my age to be caned, so there!”

“Kelly, ” I remonstrated, “don’t make it worse for yourself. You know what your mother said. You are to be caned on the bare bottom, and we are here to do as she asks.”

“Would you prefer we forcibly took off your skirt and panties?” Farley asked. “It must be better for you to do it yourself surely. Because if you don’t, then we will have to hold you down while your clothes are removed.”

There were tears in Kelly’s eyes as she looked at us both, looking first at Farley and then at me.

“I’s jus’ not fair,” Kelly said eventually. “don’ wan’ to be caned, don’ want it. ‘S not fair!!”

“Kelly – give it a few moments thought while Mr Grainger and I prepare the place. Much better you do as your mother says, and take off your own panties and skirt. We don’t want to embarrass you unnecessarily. Now – think it over please…”

I turned to Farley.

“Let’s arrange this easy chair,” I said. “We will have Kelly lie across the two arms, and I shall cane her from her right side,” I said. “The back of the chair will be on my side, so that I am caning her from behind the chair, as it were.”

I lowered my voice.

“That way, she will have less chance of seeing erect penises,” I muttered.

Farley nodded in understanding and agreement. Together we moved the large easy chair into the position we wanted, and I turned again to Kelly.

“Right Kelly,” I said. “Do we have to hold you down, or are you going to co-operate?”

Kelly raised her tear filled eyes.

“I’ll do as you say,” she replied.

She stood up. Her eyes were now fixed very firmly on the floor. Slowly she undid the fasteners on the side of her skirt I glanced at Farley, who was watching the girl intently. Although nobody else would have noticed, I could see that Farley’s penis was in a partially erect state. So was mine, I have to admit.

The top of her skirt loosened, and Kelly pushed it down her legs. We gazed in lustful admiration of her long brown limbs, and the brown shapelessness of her regulation brown cotton school knickers that were revealed to our eager eyes. I saw Farley’s hand in his right trousers pocket catching hold of his erection.

Kelly stepped out of her skirt, and picked it up off the floor, to deposit on the bed. Farley was better placed that I was for this manoeuvre, and I could see that he enjoyed the sight of Kelly’s knickered bottom as she bent over.

Next, Kelly turned her back to us, and slid down her knickers. These also she stepped out of, and both of us were treated to a wonderful sight as she bent over to pick them up. Although turning away from us to preserve some modesty while removing her knickers, Kelly was probably too preoccupied with her ordeal to realise what she was revealing by doing this.

She turned to face us again, her hands placed so as to cover her vaginal possessions. But Farley and I could see the wispy golden brown hair that she was trying to hide, and the firm line of her belly beneath the white shirt and uniform tie. It did nothing to lower the hardness inside our trousers, and I began to worry that despite our promises to Sally, Kelly was going to get some inkling of what we both possessed.

I elected to be business like and firm. That statement should not be taken as containing any pun either.

“Right Kelly. I want you to come around this side, and lie across the arms of the chair. On your belly, please.”

Kelly moved from her position close to the bed, and – still covering her modesty – stood on the right side of the chair, its back to her left. She was facing the right arm of the chair. I also was standing to her left, and Farley stood directly behind her. The thin cane was held presently in my right hand, waiting for the joy of landing the first crack on that delicious young bottom.

And what a lovely bottom it was! Firm, and plump, its whiteness contrasting with the brown sunburnt skin above her bikini line. I glanced at Farley, but he never noticed. His eyes were very firmly fixed on the youthful rear before him. His hand was obviously manipulating his erect penis inside his trousers.

“Right Kelly,” I instructed the girl. “Stand with your feet twelve inches apart please.”

The girl looked straight ahead, but parted her legs as I had told her.

“Now, lean forward and lie across the seat of the chair, across the two arms.”

Unwillingly Kelly lowered herself. She placed her two hand on the opposite arm first; then she lowered her whole body so that her hips rested on the right arm of the chair, and her chest across the left arm. Her own arms were kept inside the chair arms by this position, and she tucked them under her so that they rested on the chair seat. I pushed up the tail of her school shirt, so as to have a clear view of the area to be punished.

How wonderful that sight was! Before starting the girl’s punishment, I moved directly behind her so as to look at the same as Farley had been viewing for the last few seconds. Between Kelly’s thighs we could see her golden brown pubic hair – quite wispy, not at all thick really – and through it the rosebud lips of her young vagina.

Then I regained my position on Kelly’s left side, and prepared to administer her punishment. For a few seconds I gazed on her youthful plump bottom, and reflected on how many times in fantasies I had caned girls like Kelly. How many times I had masturbated as I thought of a young girl baring her intimacies before my eager eyes as I prepared – like now – to swish the cane painfully across the defenceless bottom presented to me.

“Ready?” I asked Kelly, resting the cane across her buttocks.

She didn’t answer, so without further ado, I raised the cane and brought it down sharply across the white flesh. It gave a satisfying ‘sthwack’ as it contacted the girl’s bottom.

Kelly cried out and straightened up, her hand grasping her stinging bottom. I held the cane at rest by my side while the girl rubbed her buttocks. She was in a standing position now, her belly and the spot at the junction of her thighs being the target for my hot, lustful gaze. My penis was rock hard, and I am sure Farley’s was as well. I longed to get it out – in my fantasies, I was always fully dressed, but with my zip undone, and my stiff penis out, the foreskin drawn back, the head hard, shiny and deep reddish purple.

“No more, please” Kelly said. “I’m always going to do what mum wants from now on. That really hurt – no more, please please!”

“We have to give you three cuts, Kelly,” I said. “That’s what we agreed with your mother. Now – please bend over again, in the same position.”

She wasn’t exactly crying, but there were tears running down her flushed cheeks as she once more assumed the position. Farley and I could enjoy the quickly developing and angry looking wheal across the fair skin of Kelly’s buttocks. It was – as Farley remarked later – horn inspiring!

This time Kelly’s legs were close together, but we had agreed that humiliation was part of the punishment. I directed her therefore to part her legs, placing her feet at least twelve inches apart. This enabled Farley and I to view her young delights as we prepared for the next stroke. I though making her part them more than this would be perverted.

I lay the cane across Kelly’s bottom again. Farley broke in with a request.

“Can I come and stand by you?” he asked.

Naturally, I had no objections, although I wondered why he was foregoing the pleasure of looking at Kelly’s privacies.

But suddenly I understood. Changing his position meant that Farley was out of Kelly’s line of sight. He took refuge behind the back of the chair, and immediately took out his stiff penis and proceeded to masturbate it with some vigour. He was really and truly erect, his foreskin, somewhat tighter than mine, slipped sensually over the glans as he manipulated it.

The cane was still resting on Kelly’s bottom, and glancing at Farley, I raised it and again brought it down on the tender young bottom. Again the satisfying ‘sthwack’, and Kelly once more straightened herself, grasping her bottom, and crying out. Farley just managed to stuff his erection back into his trousers out of sight.

Kelly was actually crying now, and she was sobbing at the pain of her tortured backside. All thoughts of protecting her vaginal area were gone as she jumped from foot to foot, grasping her bottom with both hands, and trying to mitigate the sting by rubbing herself. Farley and I kept our eyes glued to her front, enjoying the gyrations of her hips and the clear sight of her pubic region.

“Aw, no more, no more,” Kelly sobbed. “I had enough. No more, pleeeassse! I promise I will always do what my mother asks in the future. Please no more, no more, I can’t stand it. Please!”

I have to admit that I was touched by her pleas. Not being a sadist at heart, despite my love of the cane, I started to relent. It seemed as if the girl was genuinely repentant, and I thought her mother would find her easier from now on than she had in the past.

“We promised your mother that we would give you three,” I started.

“No, oh please no more, please! …” Kelly broke in.

“So – for the last one, I’ll make it a light one. I do think you have learned your lesson now, and I will tell your mother that you have. But – get back into position, Kelly, so that I can do like I promised her.”

Reluctantly Kelly lowered herself once more, and Farley took advantage of this, again pulled out his hard penis to masturbate. I lay the cane across Kelly’s buttocks. This time however, I let it lay there for a few seconds while I took the opportunity to catch hold of Farley’s erection and masturbate it for him, using my left hand, well out of sight of Kelly’s eyes. I knew he wouldn’t object!

As I masturbated him, I tapped the girl’s bottom a few times with the end of the cane, just raising it and lowering getting ready to make the last cut.

“Right, then Kelly. This is the last one – and it won’t be so hard as the first two. We just have to have three stripes on your bottom so that your mother knows we have carried out her instructions correctly. You ready?”

I saw the bare bottom tighten in anticipation of the next stroke as Kelly whispered, “Yes!”

I raised the cane and brought it down once more, but this time more a token than a real cut. It was just about hard enough to ensure that Sally would observe three wheals on her young daughter’s bottom when she came to examine the girl.

Kelly called out “Oooow”, but it was more a reflex response than one generated by pain. This time she didn’t get up and grasp her bottom, so I knew I had kept my promise to make the third stroke easier than the first two.

I signalled to Farley to rehouse his penis, and told Kelly to stand up straight. She did so, showing off all her charms, no longer concerned about covering herself as she had done before the caning. Farley and I could not help admiring the loveliness of the girl, the tear stained cheeks, the top half of her still in her school uniform, her bottom half naked and displaying the potent centre of her sex appeal.

“Kelly – I do hope you won’t misbehave for your mother again. You won’t will you?”

“No,” replied Kelly truculently.

“I would hate to have to come around again and have to give you the same treatment,” I lied. “But if you do misbehave – then I will be ready to do it again if your mother asks.”

“Won’t be necessary,” Kelly answered. “Can I dress now please?”

“Yes, alright,” I said. “We’ll leave you now and go and talk to your mother. Behave in the future Kelly – it will help your mother cope as you know.”

The girl didn’t answer, and as we left the room, we saw her pulling on her knickers. We closed the door behind us and went downstairs.

Sally was waiting in the living room, her hands clasped together, her eyes quite bright I thought.

“Did you do it?” she asked, in quite an animated way.

I realised that having Kelly caned was something of an aphrodisiac for Sally. That fact had not occurred to me previously. Now looking at the brightness on her face it was obvious. Farley told me later that he instantly came to the same conclusion.

“Yes,” I answered. “We caned her as you said we should?”

“Three stripes? You gave her three stripes?” Sally continued.

“Yes,” I replied, “three stripes across her bottom. And she felt them too.”

“You made her take her knickers off did you?”

“Yes we did.”

“…and her skirt as well? You did cane her naked bottom did you?”

“Oh, yes, Sally. That is what you wanted – so that is what we did. I think you’ll find her easier to deal with from now on. We told her that we’d do the same again if she didn’t behave.”

Sally sat down.

“Sit down with me for a few minutes and tell me about it,” she requested.

Farley sat on the sofa alongside her, and I took a seat opposite. I wondered where this conversation was leading, and why Sally was so interested in the fine details of the punishment.

“Did she cry?” was the next question.

Farley replied, “Yes, but not excessively so. But she did sob a bit. The cane really hurt her, I can tell you that for certain.”

“And, ” Sally went on, a bit hesitantly, “did you have her bent over, or was she standing up straight?”

“We had her bend across the easy chair she has in her room,” I answered. “All the stripes were across her naked bottom, just like you asked.”

“Right…,” Sally musingly. “You saw her private parts then did you, the two of you?”

Her eyes were very bright now, and I remember thinking that she was sexually aroused by Kelly’s caning and our conversation.

“Well,” I said, “I really couldn’t help it. I don’t know if Farley saw them as well.”

“Did you Farley?” Sally asked, turning her head towards him.

“Yes,” Farley said. “It was difficult not to.” – as if he and I had tried not to view the girl’s immature delicacies.

“And tell me, both of you – did you get erections at all?”

“It was difficult to avoid a little stiffening of members,” I told her, still wondering where the conversation was leading. “But Kelly never knew, we are sure.”

“Have you still got erections then,” Sally smiled at each of us.

“Not any more,” Farley replied. “And in any case, we didn’t get full erections anyway. We just felt a little – er – stiffening of the sinews as it were.”

“I am flaccid too,” I backed up Farley’s story. “After all we were just carrying out instructions to help a single mother cope with a problem.”

“A little stiffening, eh?” Sally smiled.

“You go into a schoolgirl’s bedroom, with a cane, you have her take off her skirt and knickers, you have her bent over a chair, revealing some of her most private intimacies – and you just got little bitty hards on?”

Farley and I exchanged glances.

“Come on gentlemen – be honest! I’ll bet you got real raging erections, didn’t you? It’s only natural after all!”

“Don’t worry, boys! I’m not about to denounce you to the local constabulary or anything like that. If you got aroused – I understand. Hardly any man can resist the sight of a young girl’s pussy. My husband couldn’t when we were married – that’s why we divorced.”

“Let me show you something,” Sally went on.

She crossed the room and picked up the TV remote control from the occasional table. Pointing it at the set, she pressed some buttons, and the screen flickered into life. Sally had pressed the ‘Play’ button of the recorder. What we saw took us aback somewhat. It was a view of Sally’s room, and there were Farley, myself, Sally and her daughter, at the time we entered the room first

Unfortunately – or fortunately! – there was no sound, but what we watched completely floored us. We saw Sally talking to her daughter, we saw ourselves arranging the arm chair, we saw Kelly undressing. The camera, I worked out, must have been placed in the right hand corner of the room as I prepared to give Kelly her punishment. It plainly showed Kelly placing herself in position, and the vicious first cut from the cane across her inviting buttocks.

I have to admit that my penis started to stiffen again, at the sight of this replay. We saw Farley change position, and the camera was now blocked from seeing his crotch area. Not only did the back of the chair protect his penis from Kelly’s sight line, it also prevented the camera from seeing directly what was happening in Farley’s new position.

But the movement of his right arm revealed everything! It was obvious that Farley was masturbating, despite not being able to view his penis. And then, a little later, it was obvious what I was doing to Farley from the movement of my left arm.

The recording came to an abrupt end as we left the room. Sally had been watching everything, and had hurried to stop the recording and rewind the tape as we came downstairs. She had started the recording before taking us up to her daughter’s bedroom! Then, at the appropriate moment she only had to press the ”Play” button to present us with startling evidence that we were lying when we said we had not had full erections.

“Come on gentlemen,” Sally laughed. “We couldn’t see what Farley was doing behind the chair back there -but I reckon I could guess in one try!”

“And you helped him as well,” Sally looked at me grinning widely.

“Well,” I began. “Faced with the evidence, it is no good denying that we were a little affected by the sight of Kelly’s private parts. Yes, I did get an erection while caning her. It would have been impossible not to I reckon.”

“Yes, I did as well,” Farley offered. “I certainly can’t deny it, because it is plain that I am masturbating even though you can’t see my cock, Sally.”

“Don’t worry boys. I really expected you would get erections, that was why I cautioned you about revealing them to Kelly. She’s a bit too young for that yet, I thought. Although – I am not!”

“I expect you will be giving each other some kind of relief later will you?” Sally added.

Farley glanced at me, and I looked at him.

“I guess you’ve twigged it Sally,” he said. “Yes – I am sure we will masturbate later. No doubt about it.”

“Each other?” Sally asked.

“Mmmm, yes, that’s right,” I agreed.

“Listen,” Sally went on, conspiratorially. “Want any help from me?”

Farley grinned.

“I wouldn’t mind,” he said.

“Nor me,” I added.

Sally stood up. She was wearing a light summer frock, which she proceeded to lift, to reveal a pair of blue lacy panties. These she pushed down her legs, and stepped out of. She sat back on the sofa, spreading her legs widely, and pulling up her frock to show off her genital area.

“Let me watch the two of you playing with each other,” she asked. “Don’t worry – we won’t be disturbed. Kelly has been told she must stay in her room until you’ve gone and I go up to bring her downstairs.”

Farley had already opened his zipper by this time, and had extracted his erection. I followed suit quickly. I reached over and took hold of Farley’s six and a half inches of hard penis, and immediately started masturbating him. In turn he did the same back to me, and while Sally watched, we
mutually masturbated each other. Sally lay back on the sofa, and fingered and masturbated her mature vagina which gave us a good incentive as well. The circular motions of the first, second and third fingers of her right hand, massaging her clitoral area was very stimulating; we knew she would be getting similar feelings in her sexual area as we were getting.

“Let me lick you,” Farley gasped looking at Sally’s inviting sex.

For answer, Sally stopped masturbating, opened her legs even wider, and threw out her arms in an invitation to Farley to go ahead. He did so, kneeling in front of Sally and applying his eager mouth to the wet and open slit between her thighs.

Sally began gasping, and making mewing noises. I took the opportunity of getting down on the floor, on my left side, to take Farley’s erect penis into my mouth. At the same time I started masturbating my own penis. It didn’t take long! The air was charged with real expectation, and I knew we were all about to come. I kept sucking Farley’s enlarged erection, playing with his foreskin with my teeth, sliding it back with my lips, then drawing it forward again. Sally’s mewing sounds were becoming more urgent, closer together. I masturbated myself; I had to come, and I briefly wondered what Sally would think of my ejaculate all over her carpet. But I didn’t care, and couldn’t stop. Farley’s erection exploded in my mouth, filling it instantly with his pungent sperm, and pumping more out immediately behind the first spurt. It completely filled my mouth, so fast I couldn’t swallow it all. As I struggled to keep control of his thrusting penis with my mouth, my own orgasm hit me with a delightful force. I spurted ejaculate, some over Farley’s body, but mostly on Sally’s carpet.

Sally too had come, and while the three orgasms were not precisely in concert, we were all three pretty close together. As Farley later remarked to me, “It was real good, wasn’t it?”

Later on, back at home, when my wife asked me if I had a good time out with Farley, I replied, “Yes, not bad. Quite a lot to talk about tonight.”

“Such as what?” asked my wife.

“Just this and that,” I replied. “Nothing too important really.”

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