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i made my wifes dreams come true

Dream Cumming True
“Happy Birthday, honey,” I said to my wife Kay, kissing her softly on the cheek as she looked around our bedroom in amazement. There were five naked men there, with hard cocks and muscular bodies, and I told her they were all there for her pleasure. I knew she had always fantasized about being with a lot of guys at once, and this was her dream come true.

Kay kissed me back, and then headed straight for the bed. “Come on, boys,” she said. She took off her clothes, revealing a body that looked way younger than her 40 years. I could see from the juices on her thighs that she was already horny and ready for them. The men quit stroking their own cocks and joined her on the bed.

Within only a few minutes, I was watching my wife suck one guy’s dick and jerk two others off. The other two men were taking care of her, sucking on her nipples and eating her out. I was glad to see that Kay was enjoying this as much as she thought she would. She came on the guy’s face, moaning around the cock filling her mouth. As the man who was licking her tits pulled back, the two guys in her hands shot their wads at the same moment. Cum spurted into the air and rained down on Kay’s breasts. Her soft pale skin was soon sticky with their spunk.

“You,” she said, pointing to the man who had eaten her pussy. “Come here and fuck me.” She got onto all fours and then took the other guy back into her mouth, sucking his dick in earnest as the pussy-eater slid his hard cock inside her cunt. It was amazingly arousing watching my wife fuck and suck these other men. I sat back and stroked my dick as I watched them.

The two men who had come were lying under Kay and sucking her tits and fingering her clit as she fucked one man and sucked the other. I could see from the state of their cocks, though, that they would soon be hard again. The guy in her mouth finally exploded, and Kay drank down his cum, letting the last drops drip onto her face. I knew she did that for me, because I love the way she looks with cum on her face.

Another guy moved in to take her place, sliding his cock inside her mouth as the guy in her cunt exploded, spraying the inside of her luscious pink pussy with his batter. Kay took her mouth off the man’s dick long enough that she wanted to be double penetrated, and the two men sucking her tits hopped right in. One guy lay under her, sliding his meat into Kay’s pussy as the other guy knelt behind her and fed his dick into her tight asshole.

Kay and I enjoyed anal sex often, but I had never seen her as crazy for cock as she was that night. She was still sucking the one guy’s dick as the guy in her pussy licked his balls. The guy in her ass was holding her hips and fucking her hard. I could see her come a few times before they both spurted. When they pulled out, cum ran down her legs from her pussy and ass.

The guys weren’t nearly done and neither was Kay. They kept fucking her and eating her out. By the end of the night, they had all come in her ass, her pussy, and her mouth, and Kay was covered with spunk, but still smiling. I had jerked off so much that I didn’t want to fuck her, so I took her into the shower and cleaned her off and then we fell asleep together. The next morning, Kay kissed me and thanked me for making her dream come true

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