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Caught pleasing myself at work

I had one of those weekends where I got teased at the night clubs and left with a hard-on but was to tired to jerk off by the time I got home. Now it was monday and I couldn’t concentrate so I finally went into the bathroom to take care of myself. My balls were aching.

I wanted to get a quick release so I could finish the project I needed to finish by the end of the day so I quickly yanked my pants down and stood over the only stall.

I was thinking of an especially cute innocent cock tease I met that weekend and was deep in thought, so I didn’t hear the light knock. I felt my balls tightening and knew I was going to shoot a nice load really soon. My balls felt fuller than usual and I took the time to rub them softly – and then harder.

The next thing I knew there was a female voice gasping in astonishment and I whipped my head around but it was too late even for excuses. It was my bosses wife. Shit! I’m fired for sure I thought.

She looked more shocked than I was so I leaned over to shut the door behind her and beg for her to keep it a secret. I was leaning over to do that and tripped as my pants were down at my ankles. She helped me catch my balance.

I figured I was already fired so why stop now. My boss was 35 and she looked about 23. Figuring I had nothing to lose I thanked her for helping me up and apologized but did not cover my throbbing cock. She paused and I knew she was deciding what to do so I asked her if she was wearing a thong like the bathing suit she wore to our summer picnic. She blushed.

I ordered her to show it to me and she told me NO! I told her if she did not show it to me right now I would force her to suck my cock. She tried to slap me but I could tell she didn’t try that hard. I kissed her and she melted.

I asked what turned her on the most and she blushed again. I reached up her skirt and yanked on her thong and told her to tell me her fantasy and she told me NO! again.

I told her to suck my cock and think of her fantasy and she dropped to her knees and started giving me the best head I’ve ever had. She moaned as she sucked me all the way down and after only a minute or so I pulled her to her feet and asked her if she liked other girls or anal sex better and she told me she loved both.

I took my spit covered missle and turned her around and told her to bend over and spread her cheeks and she did exactly that. I playfully teased her anus with the head of my cock until she begged me for it and then I rammed it in as deeply as I could.

Her asshole was so tight that I almost came immediately. She came after only about 10 strokes or so and that sent me off. I poured cum into her ass until it dripped out of her.

We left the bathroom carefully and keep in touch occassionally and always find a way to “get lost” at company functions.

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