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Summer Camp

I guess my fantasies about “hearing” wet pussies started when I used to go to summer camp as a teenager. I still can’t help but get off when I remember the very first time I heard that squishy sound coming from the bunk bed below.

Her name was Tammy. She was by no means plain looking. She was about 5’7″ and when you are 16 that seems very tall. Her legs were long and tan and every time she wore a bathing suit, I could catch a glimpse of her pubic hair sneaking out the sides. Her breasts were also very perky with her nipples seemingly hard all the time. I love that look! Tammy and I shared the bunk beds in the corner of the cabin, somewhat removed from the rest of the girls.

This particular night was hot and very humid. Most of the girls were restless because of the heat and wore next to nothing to bed. Mostly just a tank top and panties. It must have been an hour after we all lay down that it started to quiet down. But all was not quiet. Coming from below was the distinct sound of wetness. We have all heard it by now, but the very first time is incredible. I knew what my own pussy sounded like, but to hear some one else, their own technique of pleasuring them selves, was fantastic. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to see her doing this, but I didn’t want to scare her and make her stop. I waited until I thought there was enough noise in the room and peeked the best I could to see this wonderful act.

I loved what I saw. From my viewpoint, all I could see was from the waist down on Tammy. She had her hand inside her cotton panties and I could see the outline of her finger rise up slowly then plunge itself deep into her pussy. She continued this for some time giving herself a slow but very deliberate finger fuck. I also noticed she had a towel under her ass. I guess she didn’t want to sweat too much on the sheets. She let out a soft moan and changed what she was doing. She no longer was fucking herself, but instead she was rubbing her clit very fast back and forth and then up and down. Her hips have risen off the bed and the pace is becoming furious. Then it happened…she came right in front of my very own eyes, she came. She grabbed the top of her waistband and pulled up. This drove the panties inside her slit, which were very swollen. Then I saw it in the moonlight. Her panties became very wet, in fact soaking wet. Her body shook from excitement and she started to pat her pussy through the thin material. It made a slapping wet sound and her moans became more distinct. She was cumming harder than I ever imagined one could. She started calm down and pulled the towel up between her legs to soak up any excess wetness.

Then it happened…she reached up with one hand and put it on top of mine that was holding onto the side of the bunk bed. She then whispered…”your turn”. I was ashamed, but excited. I had no idea she knew I was watching but I was so turned on that it didn’t matter. Unlike Tammy, I went straight for my clit. I was touching it very lightly, then hard and then again lightly. I kept repeating this when all of a sudden; I realized she was standing next to me. Her height was now coming into play. She started to rub my leg starting at the calf and working its way upward. Just when I thought it was going to help my already wet hand, she would go back down the other leg. I saw her put a finger in her mouth and get her finger very wet. She took the finger and found my nipple that was already hard and just set it there. She didn’t pinch or move it at all. She just held it against my nipple. The feeling was awesome.

She then leaned close to my ear and said that she wanted to see me fill my panties with cum just like she did. I wanted that as well and I knew I was close. Her hand on my leg and her finger on my nipple was getting to me but when she started to lick my ears and I could hear her breathing that was all I could take. I started to cum! I grabbed her hand and held it against my pussy so she could feel me shake and convulse. My pussy had a life of its own and was out of control. Tammy started to rub her palm against it and she knew what she was doing because with out warning my pussy started gush. I had never “squirted” during orgasm before and what it feeling it was.

This night changed my life forever. I discovered both “wet” sex and what it feels like to have another woman touch you and please you. My sex life has never been the same. I guess I did learn something from summer camp.

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