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Christiane and the Bus Ride

Stupid car. My old Toyota had broken down again, and the only way I could get to Adrienne’s house was to take the bus. I needed fortification in order to face that kind of a trip, so down went three glasses of wine, and I was ready to go. Whoops not quite yet. I had promised Adrienne I would try one of the Viagra samples that she had given me. No sexual opportunities had presented themselves since she had given them to me, so what the hell; I’ll take one now and then tell her if I feel sexy when I get there. Better take two, or how about three. That way I’ll know for sure if they work on a woman.

I waited and waited for the bus. Finally it showed up, and I boarded, found a seat and tried to relax. It’s been years since I’ve ridden this thing. The wine made me drowsy, and I tried to take a nap. The bumpy ride felt good. My bottom felt nice and warm. Wait a minute, why does my bottom feel warm? Why do I feel, uh, sexy? It’s the wine. Maybe it’s the Viagra. Anyway I started feeling very drunk and horny. I began wiggling on the seat, and shrugging to the music that was provided by a radio somewhere. I looked back, and saw two young guys who winked at me. I winked back.

I leaned back on the seat, crossed my legs, and made my crotch a bit warmer by rubbing my thighs back and forth. The little old lady across the aisle began to stare at me. I smiled at her as I wiggled my ass and thighs. Bus rides can be really cool. I began to get this confined feeling, and addressed the problem by pulling off my panties, and flipping them in the air toward the rear of the bus. Now I’m ready for action, I thought as two hands immediately dove for my hair farm. Then they started to fight for the pleasure of entering Chrissies’ fun box. I leaned back on the seat, and began to lightly rub myself. Then I thought, fun box? Hmmm, I had never thought of it as a box before. Things are stored in boxes. What can I store there? I rummaged through my bag. Lipstick. Up old twatty it went. Three quarters and a pack of gum. Welcome to your new home guys. Finally I dredged up a big Snickers bar. Off came the wrapper, and the candy joined its buddies in my hole down below. My, how useful pussies are. Maybe I could do away with my worn out old bag, and keep everything safe inside of me. Now when I wriggled on my seat, and played with my furry triangle I brought up some new sexy feelings. I could feel my goodies jostling about my vagina. God that makes me feel horny. Looking to my left I noted that three faces were looking at me. The high schoolers had moved up for a better view, and grandma was looking very stern. I just smiled and nodded in time to my clitoral rubbings. The guys must want a better view. I lay back on the seat, pulled up my dress, and showed them how it’s really done. Two fingers in my front hole, and ahh yes, two fingers in my back hole. Stir well and then shake. Each of the two guys grabbed one of my legs, and started to massage them, working their way up toward my thighs.

I suddenly decided that I needed space. I needed to jump about just like I do when pleasuring myself at home. I brushed away the hands, and leapt from my seat. Down the aisle I went toward the front of the bus. Lot’s of people up here who would like a show I decided, but the aisle run had made me aware that lots of movement made the stuff in my pussy an irritant. It all had to come out. I lifted my dress, squatted, strained and grunted. Out came the snickers bar. I then heard cries from my new audience. “Ooooooh”, “Uggghhh”, “GROSS”, “Peeuuuh”. I quickly realized that folks thought I had just taken a dump on the bus. I strained harder to show them that I was just removing some stored items. Three quarters exited and rolled down the aisle followed by my lipstick. This event left them speechless. My public antics made me hornier and hornier. I pulled off my dress, and stood nude before my adoring crowd. I picked up my snickers bar and inserted it in a very warm place. Just like a dick. I began humping the Snickers, thrusting my hips back and forth, back and forth. Forget that a few folks were thinking that I was fucking a hunk of feces; this is fun. One of the teen guys was now behind me clutching my ass, and pushing and pulling to enhance my fucking of the candy cock. The hands in back released, and I now felt a sublime tickling in my asshole area. My but a tongue can make you feel sexy. The tongue penetrated, and I got lost in a tremendous feeling of lust. I needed to fuck something, and right away.

I tossed Mr. Snickers and moved away from the inquisitive tongue in my rear. Down the rest of the aisle I ran, headed toward a pole like object next to the driver. Shift? Brake? I didn’t know what it was. I just knew that I wanted to perch on it. With a shriek I squatted down on the knob of this delightful imitation prick. God, this thing is two feet long. I was facing the rear of the bus, and twenty pairs of bulging eyes seemed ready to burst loose from their owners’ faces. With my hands on my thighs near my knees I started diligently fucking the shift. My cries and grunts mesmerized the audience. Having twenty people watch me fucking myself made me more and more turned on. “Look at my pussy folks, it’s going to cum. Don’t you want to see a girl cum?” I panted; I fucked the stick. The two young guys were in front of me clapping to my rhythm. One hand now went to my crotch and I squeezed my pussy, and ran my fingers all around my pleasure zone. Oh, oh, oh, I can feel it coming, I thought. My body grew tenser and tenser, my cries louder and louder. My up and down strokes became deeper and faster. Whew, Whew, Whew, Whoopee. Orgasmic spasms convulsed my body. I almost passed out, but luckily grabbed the bus driver’s shoulder to steady myself. Well I was lucky up to a point. My shoulder grabbing caused him to make an unplanned turn. I don’t know which shook my body more, the orgasm, or the bus coming to a sudden stop when it hit the telephone pole. Ah, that was an interesting day.

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