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Cute Girlfriend and hot Roomate

My girlfriend of three years recently had her friend Kayla move in with her. My friends and myself are always drooling over her and Annie (my girlfriend) Knows that we do. Kayla has shorn Brunette hair, long beautiful legs and curves. She has perfect smooth skin and the nicest perky tits. She just makes your mouth water.
When I heard that Annie was going to be living with her many erotic thoughts immediately went through my mind. Over the course of our relationship Annie has always told me little details about her friends sexual relationships. She always told me how Kayla would get caught at home with a dildo and how she gets special adult toy mags. She has also told me recently about Kayla’s clit ring.
I have brought up threesomes in the past with Annie, but she is too conservative and wants nothing to do with another woman. I always fantasize about, and to Annie’s luck she is good in bed and gives great blowjobs. She is about 5’3” 115-120 with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a nice rack. She is just a little cutie. The kind of girl you want to take home to see your mom.
My hope was that maybe time around Kayla would loosen her up. After a month living there Annie told me about how Kayla could hear us fucking at night and was curious about what we were doing. At this point I was going crazy everytime I would see Kayla shaking her ass around the apartment, but I knew Annie would not go for anything.
One day I came over unexpected and there was no one out in the kitchen or the main area. I could here some moaning. I quietly look down the hallway into Kayla’s room at the end of the hallway. Kayla was butt naked on all fours on her bed. Annie was on her knees on the ground at the edge of the bed with her face in Kayla’s pierced wet muff.
I made sure my presence was not noticed. Annie was still clothed and there was a gigantic dildo on the floor. My suspicion was that Annie found Kayla doing her dildo and one thing led to another. Kayla’s ass looked beautiful in the air with Annie’s tongue on her clit. Kayla played with her titties as her moan gave me a hard on. As she moaned she quietly said “do something to my asshole!” Annie stuck her left index finger in there. As she did this she kept rhythm with Kayla’s hot gyrating body.
By know my cock was coming to the surface. As I slowly unbuckled my jeans, Annie began to use her free hand to get inside her own pants. As she took off her shorts, she revealed that she did not have panties on. She then reached over to grab the lonely dildo and shoved the big thing in her shaved pussy. She began to moan and then squealed, but did not let this affect her licking and fingering of Kayla. In the meanwhile I was steadily stroking my hard meat.
How great was this. I had just walked in on my girlfriend on her knees licking hot ass Kayla’s clit while she shoved a dildo in her own wet cunt. Kayla’s moans and gyrations became louder and faster, so I began to beat my cock even harder. Annie began to vigioursly shove the dildo in her twat. As Kayla’s moans became louder I began to climax. As she screamed with Annies face dug into her muff and fingers in her ass I exploded all over my stomach.
I then pulled my pants up and left, making sure they thought their secret was safe.
I then planned many surprise visits from that day on.

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