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Working Up a Sweat

My sister-in-law, Tara, was a terrific looking lady. Tall, at around 5 foot 9 inches, twenty-six years of age, straight red hair which fell to just below the shoulder and a figure of 34C-24-34. We had recently fucked twice – once at the local swimming pool and once in my bedroom – both of which were absolutely fantastic, memorable experiences. Much like losing my virginity to an older woman all those years ago…

Although she lived close by, we didn’t meet up for a couple of weeks after the last encounter. But when we did, about three weeks later, I was in for another treat.

It started out when my brother phoned to ask me for help in his garden. Knowing I was a shift worker and had several days off at a time, he asked me to help clear some waste ground for him, as he had an important business trip to go on and needed the ground cleared before the coming weekend. He pointed out that Tara would be home to help me… so I certainly wasn’t going to refuse!

I arrived early as the temperature was expected to reach 80F and I knew that I would be working hard for most of the day. Dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, I knocked at the door to find a smiling Tara standing there in a bathrobe. She greeted me warmly, pressing her firm breasts into my chest as she kissed me gently on the cheek. Behind her stood my brother, suitcase in hand, just about to leave the house. He briefly explained what was needed and that he would be gone for at least two days, possibly three.

And then Tara and me were alone. As Tara walked upstairs to take her bath, I made my way into the garden and began to clear the ground. After about 20 minutes I’d worked up quite a sweat and took a short break. Looking back towards the house, I saw Tara standing at her bedroom window. She turned her back to me and dropped her robe, revealing her tanned, naked back, partially covered by her flowing red hair. She then began to slowly and seductively brush her hair, still facing away from me.

I stood and watched for several minutes as my cock began to stir in my shorts. It was certainly looking promising as she suddenly turned to face me, her firm breasts swaying gently. Again I was captivated by her wonderfully, sexy smile. She waved at me and then she ran her hands through her hair and down across her breasts, past her flat stomach before they disappeared from view.

It soon became clear that she was playing with herself. Just the thought of her own long, slender fingers slipping inside her sopping wet, red-haired pussy had my cock harder than steel in seconds. I looked up at Tara to see her kneading her left breast with her right hand, whilst her left hand was buried in her pussy, and began to rub my cock across the front of my shorts.

I had to release my cock from the tight shorts I was wearing so I had a quick look around and, with their garden not directly overlooked by any neighbours, I dropped my shorts. My hard cock sprang into view and I quickly began to stroke it whist looking up at Tara, who was clearly playing with her pussy.

Tara beckoned me back to the house and then vanished from view. I quickly rushed towards the house and found her lying face down, spread-eagled at the top of the stairs. As she heard me come up the stairs, she looked over her shoulder and begged me to fuck her hard.

Her firm, tanned arse was a picture to see and I quickly moved into position behind her. I gently rubbed my cock up and down the crack of her arse and probed lower and lower until I could feel her moist, pussy hairs tickling the end of my rigid cock. As I did this, I tenderly licked and kissed the nape of her neck, causing her to moan gently.

I started to push further with my cock until I could feel her pussy lips parting under the pressure and then, suddenly, Tara thrust her arse back towards me causing my cock to enter her by no more than one inch. I pulled out before probing and teasing her again, making the tip of my cock rub along the full length of her cunt lips and up against her clitty. She moaned long and hard and I pulled back before quickly plunging forwards again, my cock entering her cunt and thrusting deep inside, almost to the hilt, before I pulled back just leaving the tip inside her lips.

Slowly I fucked her, as her low, deep moans became louder. My thrusts being met by Tara pushing back to ensure she received the full length of my cock each time. By now my cock was completely soaked in her juices and I could feel my pubic hair getting wetter by the second.

I could feel my orgasm getting ever closer and pulled out and rested. Fucking at the top of a staircase didn’t worry Tara as she screamed, “Don’t stop. Fuck me. Please fuck me.” I smiled and said “Not here. Let’s go to the bedroom.”

Looking a little disappointed, she climbed up the last few stairs and almost ran into her bedroom. I quickly followed and told her to kneel down in front of the full length, mirrored wardrobes. Doing as she was told, Tara obediently knelt down and I stood in front of her, my cock poised to enter her mouth. She slowly took hold of my cock and kissed the tip, leaving behind a small amount of her ruby red lipstick.

“You naughty girl” I said, “You’ll have to lick that off now.”

And she did. Very slowly at first, her tongue was flicking up and down the full length of my cock, before she swallowed me whole. (Guys, if you’ve never been deep throated, I do feel sorry for you!) The feeling is quite incredible and I watch Tara in the mirror as she slowly pumps my cock rhythmically into her mouth, waiting for me to come.

She closes her eyes with a passion as she deep throats me, before pulling my cock completely out and then licking the shaft and balls. As she takes each ball in turn into her mouth and rolls it around, she gently snags the skin of each ball with her teeth. I still couldn’t tell you for sure, but it was a lovely mix of pleasure and pain – and I loved it!

So much, that I told her I was about to come and Tara quickly pulled me into her mouth and I could feel her tongue trying to wrap itself around my shaft as I shuddered and spunked deep inside her waiting mouth. Three powerful spurts jetted into her mouth before she released me and looked up.

Still holding my cock in her hands she squeezed every last drop onto her spunk stained tongue. She then stood up and French kissed me, passing my own spunk into my mouth. I willingly took it and tasted myself, as I had done so many times since I first came regularly as a teenager.

I then pushed her back onto the bed and quickly buried my face in her pussy. Probing with my tongue, I soon found her cunt lips and clitty and began to massage them. Changing the pressure on her clitty between firm and soft, as I had done on the two previous occasions we’d fucked, soon had Tara gasping for more, urging herself on to a powerful orgasm.

As she thrust back towards me, increasing the pressure on her clitty, she suddenly screamed “Oh, oh, don’t stop. Keep licking.” And then Tara started to pant heavily before moaning, “I’m cumming”, bucked hard and her juices suddenly flooded down my face and into my mouth. As she shuddered for several seconds, I tried to drink all of her juices and failed miserably. There was almost a mug full covering my face and the bed before she collapsed back on to the bed, breathing heavily.

I fell onto the bed beside her and we hugged each other passionately as we drifted together into a deep sleep. We woke about an hour or so later and just held each other quietly for a while. No words were said, before I jumped up, got dressed and went down into the garden to carry on working.

Later that day when I’d finished, Tara told me she loved the smell of fresh sweat on a guy, finding it a real turn on. So I wasn’t going to disappoint her and we fucked again in the bath before I left for home, promising Tara that I’d be back for more…

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