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E-mail to Kelly


So yesterday morning at 3am I woke up all hot in between my legs—-I
been masturabating much more lately, dreaming about the good sex I had
w/ my
sweet boy

And I tried and tried to get back to bed, but I just ached with longing
had to get relief

I was so wet and like HIGH from a dream sleep….I was barely awake,
asleep, just in another world, and all I did was think of his face
between my
legs, and I swear, he was there in my hallucinations

and I was so wet

and I had a great orgasm after a half hour of hot sex by myself

and then I finally dozed off

When I woke up, I was still wet

And I discovered much blood in my panties and ALL OVER my pjs

and dried blood on my hands


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