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Dear Diary

October 2 Dear Diary, We all got together this afternoon to map out strategies for seeing a big cock! Ems said that she has seen her dad’s cock when he came out of the bath room after a shower, but it wasn’t hard at the time!! All of the guys we saw on line had been circumcised, but she said her dad’s cock had the head covered by loose skin!!! Said she liked the looks of the ones in the pictures better cuz the heads were always uncovered! Talking about that stuff made us all hot, so we pulled our panties down and masturbated together! For the first time we all came at the same time!!! Wow, it was awesome!!! Well anyway, we decided that it would be easier to get a boy our own age to show us his cock, so we decided to try Gary Ownes, cuz he’s kinda dorky and would probably jump at the chance to take his pants off in front of us!!! One other thing, we’ll probably have to show him our pussies, but that’s a trade we’re willing to make!!! Night now, bye!

October 6 Dear Diary, Success!!! To make a long story short, Ems cornered him after lunch and talked him into coming over to her house after school to work on a class project together! She walked him home, and we were there waiting for them on her front porch when she they got there!!! We all went up to Ems’ room, and plopped down on the floor and listened to music on her CD player. It was really funny watching Gary fidget around, wondering what in the heck he was doing there!!! You should have seen his face when Hills, who else, casually complained that she was too hot and then removed her jeans!!! I thought his eyes would pop out of his head, and that was with her panties still on!!! She made sure to keep her legs apart and her pussy thrust forward to give him the best view possible!!! When ever he thought we were looking at him, he would drop his gaze to the floor and avoid eye contact!!! It was sooooooo funny!!! He never had a clue what was going on!!! When the CD came to an end, Ems asked Gary to go over and put on a new one!!! You could see his erection through his pants, and he walked kinda sideways to hide it from us!!! We were all just dying, but I felt that little jump in my pussy when I saw that he had a hardon!!! After about two more songs played through, Hills asked him for a favor, and he nearly fell over dead when she slid her panties aside and asked him to check and see if her pussy was wet!!! He was frozen stiff as a board and unable to talk or move, but is eyes were absolutely riveted on Hills pussy!!! I don’t think I ever told you this before, diary, but of we three, Hills has the hairiest pussy of all of us, and I must tell you, that I was getting wet looking at her open cunt!!! Both Ems and I then slipped out of our pants and panties, and told him that if he wanted to stay he would have to take his things off too!!! His eyes just glazed over, he couldn’t believe that three pretty girls wanted to show him their pussies, and better yet to expose his cock to them!!! He still hadn’t moved when Hills practically ordered him to take it off!!! He went excruciatingly slowly, but finally, as his shorts fell away, his erection popped out hard and long, and while he wasn’t as big as the men in those pictures, he was really hard and it was all covered with dark blue veins!!! The best thing about it was that he didn’t have that extra skin and you could see his cock head all of the time!!! All three of us just stared at it, as he stood in the middle of the room with his pants around his ankles and his cock sticking straight up!!! I don’t know who started doing it first, but soon enough the Three Amigos were all doing their pussies a mile a minute!!! Hills then told him to start doing his cock for us, and that we wanted to see him shoot his stuff out!!! It was a pretty incredible watching him sliding his hand up and down until he groaned really loud and his pecker shot tons of white stuff all over the floor!!! What was even stranger, was that as soon as his stuff came out, all three of us girls seemed to automatically cum really hard all together!!! After he came, he practically broke the world speed record trying to get out of there!!! After he was gone we all roared with laughter, but Ems then reminded us that if we were anything like her, she was afraid that her need for cock was overwhelming!!! We all settled down, and quite agreed with her, so we masturbated one more time until we all had to go home!!! Pretty exciting, huh!?! Okay now, bye!!!

October 13 Dear Diary, Wow, it’s been a week since we last talked, and what a week it was!!! We all found out that Ems was right about one thing, that we were now hooked like addicts to Gary’s eighteen year old cock! There was another change at school I hafta tell ya about, Gary’s attitude, wow, has he ever changed!!! From the scared dorky boy, to a forceful man in just one day!!! The next day at school he came up to us and told us to follow him! Hills was about ready to tell him to go jump in the lake, but he got this funny hard look on his face, so we kinda just looked at each other and trailed off after him!!! He led us to the far end of the dark empty gymnasium, until we ended up behind the edge of the bleachers, completely out of anyone’s view!!! Hills started to ask him what the heck was going on, when he just cut her off and then opened up his pants and showed us his hard cock! I hafta tell ya, a shiver went through all three of us as we stared at his hardon in the dim light of the gym!!! He really surprised us when he asked who was gong to be the first one to touch it!!! Even though she had treated him like a bitch, Hills was the first to step forward and wrap her fist around the big head and start jerking it!!! Holy moly were we hot!!! What I can’t believe is how strong the sex drive is!!! Even here at school with all the teachers and kids around, we were standing there watching Hills jack Gary’s hard cock!!! Another thing, diary, both Ems and I reached in and started doing our clits!!! All the time, Gary had this little smirk on his face, the kind ya just wanna slap off, but you don’t, cuz you’re afraid if you do that he won’t let you take a turn with his cock!!! After a few more minutes, Gary pushed Hills away and said who’s next?!? Ems jumped in to take her place, but Gary held her hand back and said if she wanted to touch it, she’d have to use her mouth!!! Nobody said a word or moved a muscle, but when Gary started to put his cock away, Ems begged him to stay and then dropped to her knees and let him put it in her mouth!!! We had all seen pictures of oral sex, but in person, the effect was 1000 times more exciting!!! It was obvious from the first second her mouth touched it, that Ems was in heaven!!! Hills and I just stood there staring and doing our clits for all we were worth!!! The swagger Gary now showed was almost repulsive, but he knew that he had what we wanted, and would do almost anything to get it!!! He looked me right in the and asked me if I wanted a turn?!? I was a little ashamed at having no resolve to resist him, and instead, just nodded my head yes!!! Gary pushed Ems off his cock and motioned me to take her place!!! Diary, all I can say is Oh My!!! Even though a male’s penis is only six or seven inches long, I can’t imagine anything else on earth that a woman would want to have more!!! I have never felt more like a female than those few moments that when Gary was letting me have his penis for my very own!!! As it turned out, I was lucky to get to go last, cuz without warning he filled my mouth with his cum!!! There must be something in cum that drives a woman nuts, because even though I wasn’t touching myself, my pussy did a flip flop, and I had an incredible orgasm!!! I feel so good, and am so glad that I’m a woman, talk to ya later, bye!!!

October 21 Dear Diary, We meet Gary everyday for oral sex, with each of us taking turns on who gets to have him ejaculate in their mouth!!! Gary also has started fingering our pussies when we’re sucking him!!! Even though we can make ourselves cum easier, cuz we know just how to touch it, we all still would rather have the rough hand of a male touching our pussies, it makes us feel like he needs us as much as see need him!!! Gotta go now, bye!

October 29 Dear Diary, Now he wants to fuck us!!! So far we have resisted him, but when a man wants something from you they can be very persuasive!!! He usually makes his pitch when one of us is sucking him, and he is fingering the other two!!! God it would be so easy just to let him do it!!! We all want to, but we’re still scared!!! I don’t know diary, I am so drawn to his erection I don’t know if I can hold out much longer!!! Wish me luck, bye!!!

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