Older Couple On A Road Trip Day Two Part Two

Luckily there was a rest stop a few miles ahead so we pulled in and I grabbed my overnight bag and held it in front of me as I walked into the bathroom. I found an empty stall and, since the weather was warm and supposed to get warmer, I cleaned myself up as well as possible and pulled on  a pair of shorts. I left my underwear off because, even though I had just had a massive orgasm, I was hoping for more and this time I wanted to make sure I, or Margaret had easy access to my cock.

I opened the car door and found Margaret with one foot on the floor and one foot on the console and her dress hiked up to her waist. There were only two other cars in the parking lot so she took the chance to display her juicy pussy to me as I climbed in the car. The fact that she had make me cum in my pants had her turned on again and she was rubbing her clit with her finger and thrusting her hips, a sure sign of an impending orgasm. I had had a chance to recover so I grabbed her hand and stopped her, thinking I could get back in charge of our little game again.

“You had your orgasm, you have to wait for the next state line.”

“You didn’t say I couldn’t masturbate; you said I couldn’t cum.”

“True but it’s a long way to North Carolina so you better give it a rest.”

Margaret rolled her eyes and pulled her dress down.

“Okay let’s go then.”

We talked about what had happened as we drove. Talking about our adventure turned us both on again and my cock was back at attention quickly.  Margaret slipped her hand into her bra and rubbed her nipples or slipped her fingers under her dress and rubbed her clit every once in a while.  She told me how she had been thinking about Gary’s fingers in her pussy as she was cumming in the diner bathroom and how nasty she had felt when she came with a stranger in the stall next to her. My cock was making a tent out of my shorts and Margaret reached over and slid her hand up my leg and jumped when she touched my bare cock.

“You must be looking for more; are you?”

“Much more.”

“Well I guess we’ll see about that,” She said as she leaned back in her seat and started rubbing her nipples again.

We continued the sexy talk as we drove and were soon crossing into North Carolina. Margaret was anxiously waiting and was rubbing her clit as we crossed the state line when I suddenly noticed that we were low on gas. I had been paying attention to Margaret as she slowly played with herself while we carried on our erotic talk so I was not watching. There was a gas station at the next exit so I told Margaret she would have to wait and I pulled off the highway and into a gas station in a small town just off the freeway. As I pumped gas I could see Margaret through the window with her hand discreetly under her dress slowly rubbing her clit. She was really turned on with the events of the day. I finished filling the tank and we pulled out of the gas station when my cell phone rang. I run my own business and it was an employee calling with a question. I pulled over to the side of the road in the downtown area and talked to my employee while Margaret grabbed her vibrator from her purse, pulled up her dress and went to work running the vibrator over her clit. She was really getting into it as I ended the call. She had reclined her seat and  her face was flushed as she worked her clit. and rolled her hips to meet the buzzing vibrator.  I turned to look at her as I was putting my phone in the console when I noticed movement at the side of the car.

“Quick, cover up; someone’s coming.”

Startled, Margaret didn’t know what to do so she slid the full length of the vibrator up her pussy and pulled her dress down, although it only made it part way down her legs when there was a tap on the window. The someone turned out to be a cop who was walking down the street.  I hit the button and lowered the window.

“Good afternoon sir, is there any problem?”

He did a double take then as he looked at Margaret. She had rolled back into the seat when he approached the window and the deep plunging neckline on her dress and her cleavage on full display. Margaret, however, was unaware as she was concentrating on the whisper quiet buzzing in her pussy. I could detect a slight movement in her hips as she tried to act normal but apparently the vibrator was hitting her g spot and she was trying her best to maintain her composure but the vibrator was pushing her quickly to the point of no return.

The officer looked at Margaret and she smiled weakly back at him as the vibrator quietly buzzed against her G spot.

“Your parked in a no stopping zone, sir,” the cop said.

“Oh, sorry officer, my cell phone rang so I pulled over to answer it and didn’t notice the sign.”

The officer was looking at Margaret again just as an orgasm hit her. She was able to hold it to a shutter as she closed her eyes.

“Ma’am, are you okay?”

Margaret opened her eyes and I think, finally focused on the officer for the first time. He was good looking and that didn’t help her predicament at all.

“I just took a chill,” she was able to stammer out.

He took a long appreciative look at her ample cleavage and beautiful legs and said. “I imagine you probably did.”

He looked back at me and said, “Thanks for not using your cell phone when driving, sir. Have a nice day.” He looked at Margaret again as he stepped away from the window.

I quickly rolled up the window and pulled away from the curb and headed back to the freeway. Margaret immediately started to pump her hips and thrust them like she was fucking an imaginary cock, except it wasn’t imaginary. It was shoved up her flaming cunt and sending her into orgasmic orbit. She started to make growling, gurgling noises that I had never heard before and she was stretching her nipples painfully as her head tossed back and forth and up and down, her hair flying everywhere. We were now stopped at a light just before taking the exit and there was a pickup truck parked right beside us. The driver looked down into our car and his eyes went wide as he saw what Margaret was doing. Her weird sexy noises continued as she looked at me with her eyes now wide open and then flopped her head the other way and looked directly at the driver who she did not know was there.  As soon as their eyes made contact  her orgasm took off. I guess the ideas that a stranger was going to see her have a massive orgasm really set her off.

Her legs had been  squeezed tightly together but as her orgasm hit,  she threw herself back into the seat and her legs flew wide apart and three massive streams of female cum sprayed onto the dash and all over the floor. The vibrator flew out of her cunt on the first orgasmic spasm and lay buzzing on the drenched car mat. I looked over at the driver and his mouth and eyes were wide open. Margaret was still having small spasms and cum was still running out of her drenched cunt. She rolled her head back to look at the driver as she continued to spasm. Just then a couple of horns honked and startled all of us as the light had turned green and we of course did not notice because of the show Margaret had just given us. I quickly hit the gas and pulled away from the stunned pickup truck driver and took the entrance ramp to the freeway. I checked the mirror and the truck continued on so we were on our own in the light traffic of the freeway. It was at least another minute before Margaret stopped twitching and flexing but her breath remained ragged as she panted.

“What just happened?” She asked when her breathing had returned to normal.

“You just ejaculated, really hard.”

“I’ve never done that before; did you enjoy it?”

“Did I ever, and so did that pickup truck driver!”

“Having a stranger watching me cum is really erotic. It’s a good thing it didn’t happen when that cop was at the window I would have been arrested.”

“Well I don’t know what he would have done to you but he wouldn’t have arrested you.”

“You better get me to the hotel I am pretty well finished.” She said as she laid her head back on the seat, turned towards me and curled up in the seat. She was sleeping a few minutes later.

My cock was hard again from watching and as I drove I pulled my shorts up so I could get at my cock and started pumping. Precum was already leaking out of my cock so it was lubed up and cumming was not going to take long but I we were just reaching the outskirts of a city and the traffic was picking up so I put my cock away and raced toward South Carolina. I couldn’t imaging what was next but I hoped we were not done yet.

Margaret slept for two hours and I had already crossed the state line into South Carolina when she suddenly awoke and stretched, looking around with sleepy eyes trying to figure out where we were.


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