Older Couple On A Road Trip Day Two Part Three

“We are about forty five minutes into South Carolina,” I told her.

“Wooooowee that was some orgasm. I don’t think I have anymore.”

She reached over and rubbed my hard cock.

“You must be aching by now.”

“I was aching a long time ago. I am ready to explode now.”

There was traffic in our lane and Margaret leaned back in the seat again and looked out the window just as a big rig went past us on her side. The truck lane was suddenly moving much faster than we were. She looked up at the window of the truck and did a double take.

“Hey let’s make a quick stop so I can get some of this cum cleaned up; I need to get changed.”

I pulled into the next gas station, which had a large lot, parked a little away from the other cars. Margaret immediately got into the back seat and stripped naked. I guess having a squirting orgasm while some stranger in a pickup truck watches gets rid of a lot of your inhibitions. I headed over to the pumps and grabbed some paper towels and soaked them in washer fluid so I could get the “fluid” off the dash of the car. When I returned Margaret had pulled on another sun dress with nothing under it and headed into the washroom. She was back before I finished cleaning up and she suggested that she drive while I cleaned up her cum. It seemed a little odd since she doesn’t drive that much but I needed a break so I continued cleaning as she jumped into the drivers seat and took off.

Back on the freeway she quickly picked up speed and was driving faster than she normally would as I finished cleaning the dash. I asked her if she was in a rush and she said she was excited to get to the hotel and I suggested that the way she was driving we would be lucky to get there alive. She kept her foot on the gas for a while longer until we were approaching a line of tractor trailers.

“You know you are right, I need to slow down.” She said as she quickly slowed and pulled into the slow lane. She was acting a little weird but I figured all of the orgasms had gotten to her or something.

After a minute of travel in the much slower lane she reached over and rubbed my cock through my shorts. “You must be hurting by now. Why don’t you pull it out and give it a rub.”

“Well it’s about time,” I said. “What happened to this being your game?”

“I don’t have any orgasms left after that last one so you get to have the South Carolina orgasm.”

“Hell yes,” I said as I pulled my cock out and started jerking off.

I was quickly getting into it, precum was flowing out of my cock head as I quickened the pace. We had picked up speed again and were passing vehicles, cars who could not tell what I was doing and tractor trailers who could easily see but I didn’t care as I was slowly approaching my orgasm. We were approaching another big rig when Margaret started to slow down and as I moved closer and closer to blowing another load Margaret edged closer and closer to the cab of the big truck. I wasn’t paying very close attention as my hand flew up and down my cock and just as I began to tense for orgasm Margaret pulled even with the cab. I had reclined the seat and was staring blankly out the window as I neared release and as we pulled even with the trucks high drivers door the driver looked down and saw what I was doing and I looked up and saw the driver ….. was a women, and not a bad looking one either. Apparently Margaret had saw her pulling out of the truck stop and had an idea that it was my turn to show off.

Well it worked, as my foggy brain cleared enough to realize I was jerking off for a strange women, I stiffened and blew a load all over my chest. Even though this was my second load of the day, it was still a lot. I kept pumping as the juice kept flowing and the driver was giving me the thumbs up, pulling on the cable so she could blow her horn and smiling from ear to ear.

As I started to relax Margaret pulled ahead of the truck and sped off down the road, a wicked smile on her face, and headed for our destination. We were only just getting started.

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