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The first night I ever spent over at my boyfriend’s house was perfect except for one thing. I was so exhausted from our day together that as soon as he turned out the light, I was fast asleep. I knew that he had expected more, and when we kissed goodnight, I could feel his cock harden against my thigh. I just couldn’t perform that night, I was just too tired.
I consider myself a pretty heavy sleeper, and had told my boyfriend this before. He must have remembered.
In the morning, I was awakened by the slight quick movements of the waterbed. I was about to turn over to investigate when I realized that my boyfriend was beating off, something I had never seen him do before. So I lay still, my eyes closed. The more he did it, the more I became aroused, and I could feel my pussy start to become wet. I wanted to turn over and push it on him, but decided to keep listening to what was going on. The next thing I knew, I could feel him lean over me to see if I was sleeping, and then I felt his dick slide past my shorts into my underwear. (I was sleeping on my side facing away from him) Once he had it in my underwear, he beat it some more, but I could tell he wasn’t satisfied. Once again he checked to see if I was asleep. Then I felt his hard cock enter into my ass. I was so surprised that it felt so good- it had never happened to me before this morning. I tried hard not to gasp as he tried to gently push it into me as not to wake me up. I could feel him breathing on my neck, and I felt him lift up my shirt to get a good look at my little firm tits. Then I decided to try something. I moaned a little and moved like I was waking up, and he quickly pulled out and pulled my shirt down, then rolled over. This turned me on immensely to think that he was ,in a sense, raping me. I wanted nothing more at this point then to have his dick inside of me, but I lay still and quiet. When he was satisfied that I was asleep, he began to stroke it again, then his breathing became really intense and he clutched my tit with all of his might and began to suck it. I guess he didn’t care if I woke up or not. I then felt him enter my wet cunt and thrust only a couple of times before he got off and quickly got on his knees next to my head. The next thing I knew, I was feeling warm liquid run down my cheeks and lips, and my boyfriend was quietly moaning. I was so horny and couldn’t wait to “wake up”.
After he laid back down and got me situated and my face wiped off, I ‘woke up’ and asked how long he had been awake.
“Only a few minutes” he answered sleepily as he leaned over to stick his tongue in my mouth and move it lazily all over my face.

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