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My Favorite Bar

Y’know what my favorite thing in the world is? Going to the lesbian bar down the road from my apartment. I really love it there, just a huge room full of women, beautiful women, ripe for the picking. And because I live so close, it’s no problem to get them to come home with me, sometimes several at a time. I love women.
I remember one girl who I met there… man, she was wild! We met at the bar, and it wasn’t five minutes before we were sitting in one of the booths in the dark corner of the club. As soon as we sat down, she slid her hand up my skirt and her tongue in my mouth. I spread my legs for her as she gently probed both my pussy and my mouth. Expertly, she massaged me inside, quickly sliding her other hand up my shirt to pinch my nipples. I was in ecstasy and had my first orgasm. As soon as it was over, she pulled away from me and licked her fingers.
“Wanna eat me?” she asked. I eagerly nodded yes and she kicked off her panties as I leaned under the table. I slowly began to caress the insides of her thighs as I pulled up her skirt. She started to moan before I even touched her pussy. Once I had her skirt up high enough, I could see her perfectly shaved pussy lips, they looked delicious. I flicked my tongue over her slit and her hips jerked up. I had never had a girl with such a sensitive pussy. I immediately dove in, licking her entire pussy, inside and out. It was driving her wild, and I could tell that it was hard for her to keep from screaming out and making a scene. So I dug in even more heartily. Her hips were bucking under me and I could hear her barely muffled moans and screams of pleasure. After about her third orgasm, I finally pulled myself away. I’d have more later. I climbed on top of her, straddled her, and started exploring her mouth with my tongue. I was slowly grinding my body against hers while we kissed. I began to nibble on her neck kissing across her collarbones, working my way up to her ear. I kissed and nibbled on her ear until I could tell she was getting really excited again. Then I whispered, “Let’s go back to my place.” She eagerly said yes and we quickly left. I realized later that she forgot her panties there, but I’m sure that happens all the time.
We walked the block to my apartment, and we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. She had these great tits, I couldn’t help but grab them. As soon as we got inside, we practically ripped each others clothes off and started making out, our bodies rubbing against each other, our hands exploring every inch of the other. We eventually made it to the bedroom. She threw me on the bed and immediately saw the handcuffs on my dresser. She gave a sly smile as she grabbed them, and before I could stop her, she handcuffed me to the bedpost. She just stepped back and looked at me, squirming around trying to get free, even though I knew I couldn’t (and didn’t particularly want to).
“I like that, but something is missing,” she said, and picked up a pair of knee high nylons I had left on the floor. She grabbed my legs and tied each foot to a bedpost too, so I was spread wide open on my own bed. I’d never been restrained quite like this before, and it really turned me on. By this time, I was aching for her to touch me, I was in a sexual fever, and I knew all it would take was one touch to push me over the edge. But instead, she just looked at me, she leaned in to get a better look at my shaved twat, I could feel her hot breath on my quivering lips, she even blew on my clit a little, but she wouldn’t touch me. I pushed my hips towards her, but I was so worked up, I could hardly make a noise, and with my restraints, I couldn’t really do anything about it. After what seemed like an eternity, she finally touched me. She put her finger on my left knee, and slowly ran it up my body, over my thigh, right past my clit, up my stomach, between my breasts and into my mouth, which was open, gasping for air, as a shudder ran through me. I gently took her finger into my mouth and flicked my tongue around it, trying to remind her of the booth, hoping she’d let me eat her pussy again. She took her finger out of my mouth and dangled a gorgeous breast above it, just out of my reach. I kept trying to get it in my mouth, but she would pull away if I got too close. The best I could do was flick my tongue over her nipple, and once I figured that out, I did it with fervor. I suddenly wanted nothing more in the world than to make this girl cum over and over and over. It wasn’t long before she started to moan and finally she let me suck on it. I licked and sucked her nipple as she moaned louder, then I gave it a little bite. She got even louder, so I kept nibbling. I realized she was about to have an orgasm. I’d never seen a woman orgasm just from nipple stimulation before, and by this time, she was working on my nipples too, pinching them and rolling them between her fingers. Finally, I felt her body shudder as she came.
I begged her to let me eat her again, but she just got up and looked at me again. What a site I must have been, legs wide open, pussy dripping, my breasts bouncing around as I tried to fight my restraints, sweat beginning to cover my body. And all I wanted was another taste of her pussy, it was all I could think about. I begged and begged. She went and got the chair in the corner of my room, put it near the foot of the bed, between my spread and tied legs, and spread her own legs, she put two fingers inside her pussy lips and gently pulled them back so I could see the pink inside of her.
“You want this?”
“Oh god yes, I want it, I want it!”
She just laugh and started rubbing her nipples with her other hand. She was teasing me. Slowly, she slid a finger inside her. I started to struggle even harder against my handcuffs, but I couldn’t do anything. The more I struggled, the more it turned her on, and the harder she masturbated. It was driving me wild, and I was on the brink just from watching her. She was rubbing her clit with her thumb while finger fucking herself, throwing back her head, putting on one hell of a show for me, sometimes looking at my pussy, which she had a perfect view of, and licking her lips. Finally, she screamed in orgasm. Then, she reached her hand over and brushed it gently against my clit. That was all it took. She just sat there, between my legs and watched my pussy go crazy as all that built up orgasm rocked through my body. Then she smiled again, crawled on top of me, slowly pulling herself up my body, and started kissing me. I was completely helpless, I was putty in her hands as she moved back down my body, kissing down my neck, the spot between my collarbones, between my breasts. She stopped her downward motion to pay some more attention to my nipples. She put her mouth over one and slowly made circles around it with her tongue, then did the same to the other. She then continued downwards, pausing again to suck on my bellybutton ring, which is incredibly erotic. Finally, her head was between my legs. Again, I could feel her breath on me, and again I tried to push my hips up to meet her. This time, she lightly licked the length of my slit, and an unexpected moan escaped my lips. Meanwhile, she was licking my other lips, sticking her tongue a little farther in my every time. She started rolling my clit between her fingers, and soon after she was tongue fucking me. She was absolutely amazing, her tongue hitting a better spot every time it went in me. I had an amazing orgasm building, my body was starting to tingle all over and I couldn’t make a sound. Finally, my entire body jerked and I came all over her face. It was the longest orgasm I ever had, I was in ecstasy for what felt like days. I couldn’t move, even after she untied me. I mustered up enough strength to give her a goodnight kiss, moving my tongue gently over and between her swollen pussy lips, giving her one last gentle orgasm before we both drifted off to sleep.
After some more great sex the next morning, I never saw her again. I never even knew her name. But if I ever find her again, she’s not getting away without one more fuck.

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