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7 Facts about Vibrators that Will Impress Your Girlfriend

Indian Janta is finally accepting the fact that toys are great and do not replace them. Buying your girlfriend a sex toy requires thoughtfulness and courage. This gift also represents how much you take care of her sex life that she has with you and by herself. If you give space and understand each other’s sexual needs, nothing can beat up this type of relationship. Because at the end of the day you both are secure about each other and know that this space only brings you closer to each other.

More than half of women use a vibrator for their sexual satisfaction and if your girl also uses it to ‘it’s okay, it does not mean she is not happy with you but maybe she is ready to take things to next level, she is comfortable with you to show her intense side to you. And if your girl does not have one that is waiting for, be a good boyfriend and get her one. Getting her sex toy can be a great way to her that you are looking for adding things in the bedroom and you also respect her boundaries and her body needs. If you get a vibrator in your relationship, it has its own benefits, which will amaze your girlfriend. Here are some interesting facts about the vibrator, which you need to tell your girlfriend. 

  1. Vibrators can work as a therapeutic act that can help her with sexual satisfaction, relationship satisfaction, and most importantly can help her with sexual dysfunction. A lot of women can face trouble in enjoying sex. It can be painful for them and not able to reach orgasm (which happens to 82% of ladies). Using a vibrator on the clitoris and clit can alleviate the pain. Many sex therapists actually recommend the use of vibrators in their relationship or solo. But do it in the right manner.  
  2. Vibrators come in different sizes; small and large. Larger vibrators are designed for deeper stimulation and clitoral stimulation together and smaller (known as a bullet) is only designed for the clitoris (do not put bullet vibrators inside you, it can be harmful). This way you can give her what she enjoys the most. I enjoy deeper strokes then stimulate her larger and with love clit stimulation get her bullet vibrators.
  3. Surprising vibrators are made of so many different materials. Silicone, stainless steel, pyres, cyber skin, jelly rubber, laminated wood, etc. You can choose the material you know is safe for you.
  4. It actually helps you to relax and beat up the stress. A satisfied orgasm can improve your mental health and happiness. A survey on couples tells that ‘couples who use sex toys in their relationships have more chances of better orgasm and healthy relationship’. Sexual activities and using a vibrator lower the anxiety and depression scores because of the release of oxytocin. For her happy mood get her the happy tool.
  5. It will keep her vagina healthy. With passing age, women’s vagina starts becoming less elastic and narrow because of lack of estrogen, this can turn into less pleasurable sex but regular sexual stimulation can actually work and for that kind of situation; vibrators go perfectly. When they have aroused their vagina secret a layer that keeps the vagina moisture. There will be less vaginal dryness and this is one of the ways to say your vagina is healthy. Regular physical intimate contact means high chances of STD, by using vibrators you both are sexually relived and safe too.
  6. Vibrators can be a great way to expand your pleasure areas. Vibrator Online have many modes and speeds and sensations, by which they can experience many things which haven’t been experienced yet. For example: by using a rabbit vibrator you can experience external and internal pleasure together. By using a vibrator there are higher chances you can explore many erogenous spots, resulting in mind-blowing orgasms in various areas.
  7. Better your relationship; this way you give her space which will is god her own growth and it works in both ways. Bringing sex toys in your bedroom; stronger your trust bond and better your sexual life. Especially if you are in a long-distance relationship. Not only vibrators, but all sex toys will boost your sex life.

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