GF Wears Tights To Hang Out With Boyfriend And Buddy Part Two

…Continued from Part 1…

When Cindy felt the lump in Dave’s pants, her heart started racing even faster and she almost gasped from the excitement. She started squeezing it urgently and Dave’s penis responded by growing stiffer and stiffer. He looked over nervously at Bob, but Cindy was keeping her boyfriend distracted with her kisses. Dave noticed a pair of college girls sitting behind them giggling and whispering to each other. Dave wondered if they noticed how Cindy was gripping his jock and he felt a little embarrassed. But his embarrassment shot through the roof when Cindy started trying to unzip his pants. He tried gripping her hand to stop her, but she was insistent and so he looked around shamefully and finally let her pull his fly down. His stiff boner came springing out of his pants and Cindy moaned as she kissed Bob and stroked Dave’s exposed cock at the same time.

One of the college girls behind them leaned forward brazenly and watched with fascination as Cindy tugged on Dave’s rod. He tried to avoid her gaze, but she kept tugging on his shirt so he finally looked over at her and gave her a weak smile. She winked at him lewdly and waggled her eyebrows at him as she watched Cindy yank on his thing. Finally, Bob pulled away from Cindy to catch his breath and the girl’s friend behind them yanked her back into her seat. Cindy quickly withdrew her hand from Dave’s shaft and he rushed to cover his pulsating manhood with the bucket of popcorn.

Bob felt weird about making out so madly in the theatre like that and it was freaking him out the way the two girls behind them were watching and giggling. So he pulled away to catch his breath and then decided to go the bathroom and cool off for a minute.

“I’ve got to go take a piss,” he whispered to Cindy and she nodded solemnly as he scooted down the aisle and headed off to the restroom.

“Where’s he going?” asked Dave with trepidation.

“The bathroom, want me to suck your dick while he’s gone?” asked Cindy devilishly.

“Oh fuck, we can’t do that here,” he whispered in response, glancing over his shoulder at the two girls behind them who were talking excitedly to each other in hushed tones.

“Oh, just watch me,” breathed Cindy. She was horny as hell at this point and pulled the popcorn bucket aside to reveal Dave’s erect phallus. It wasn’t much bigger than Bob’s but it was hard as a rock and that got her worked up. So she descended on it with relish and started sucking on it right there in the theatre. She knew the two girls behind her would get a thrill from watching her and that made it even more kinky.

“Omigod, you are such a slut,” whispered one girl as she leaned forward and watched Cindy sucking Dave off with interest.

Cindy ignored her and Dave just shrugged his shoulders. “Sluts are more fun,” he told the girl behind him as Cindy went down on his meat enthusiastically.

The girls just giggled nervously in response and Dave noticed a few other couples sitting nearby them glance over curiously at the sight of Cindy’s head bobbing up and down in Dave’s lap. He just waved lamely when people looked over, trying to play it off as a joke. But it was too crazy to be getting blown by his buddy’s girl in the theatre while everyone watched and he could feel himself getting ready to cum. Cindy noticed the preejaculate oozing from Dave’s cock and she slurped it up with relish and renewed her efforts. She tugged his shaft as she sucked on the head of his cock and then she reached in with her other hand and started pulling gently on Dave’s scrotum. Dave couldn’t take any more and he grunted with pleasure as he started spurting loads of hot semen into Cindy’s mouth. She pulled his dick from between her lips and let his fountaining ejaculate splash against her face.

“Oh man,” gasped Dave. “That was awesome.”

“I guess it was,” said Cindy, judiciously dabbing at the generous load dripping from her chin. “Do you normally cum that much? There is like a quart of jizz on my face here.” She laughed and looked at the girls behind them. “He’s such a stud, look how much he came,” she told them in conspiratorial whisper, gesturing at her face slick with semen.

“I can NOT believe you just did that,” laughed the one girl. “You are a total tramp.”

“Jesus, he DID cum a lot,” interrupted the other girl with interest. “Has he been eating oysters or something?” All three girls broke out in hysterical cackling until they were shushed by the other theatregoers.

Cindy turned back around and sat primly with her hands in her lap and her face covered in spooge.

“Aren’t you going to wipe your face?” whispered Dave nervously. “Bob will be back any minute.”

“Maybe he won’t notice it in the dark,” she said softly with a rakish grin.

Bob did return just then and made his way back down the aisle past all the folks sitting there and finally plopped back down next to Cindy.

She turned to him and smiled sweetly.

“Jesus, what’s that on your face?” asked Bob in surprise, noticing that his girlfriend’s cheeks and chin were slick with some wetness. If he didn’t know better he would think it was cum, but that was impossible of course.

“Do I have something on my face?” she asked innocently. She dabbed a finger on her cheek and put it in her mouth, sucking Dave’s semen off her finger right in front of her boyfriend. The girls behind them broke out snortling softly again and Cindy shot them a wicked grin. “Oh I must have sneezed or something. How gross. Can I get a handkerchief?”

Dave handed over his handkerchief hesitantly and Cindy diligently cleaned Dave’s seed from her face with it and handed it back to him. Bob handled the soaked piece of cloth gingerly and put it back in his pocket.

“Gee, thanks,” he said with disgust.

‘No, thank YOU,” she said with a strangely mischievous smile.

Bob couldn’t understand why the girls behind them were laughing so much. It gave him a weird suspicious feeling, but he just put it from his mind. He was a little relieved that Cindy didn’t try to resume their makeout session and they just watched the rest of the movie in peace.

After the movie, the threesome went and grabbed some beer at a corner store and headed back to Bob’s apartment together. All three of them were consumed with their own thoughts on the drive back. Dave was feeling a little bit guilty and a bit giddy with the excitement of having had this sexual encounter with Bob’s girl and he wondered what else she had in store for them. Cindy was eager to get back to Bob’s apartment with her two boys and try some more slutty antics. Bob himself had a lingering worry that something wasn’t quite right.

When they got back to Bob’s apartment, he put on some good music and turned the lights down. Cindy snuggled up next to Bob on the couch and Dave sat in an armchair across from them. They chatted briefly about the movie but Cindy kept squeezing Bob and nibbling on his ear.

“Hey cool it in front of Dave, ok?” laughed Bob nervously as Cindy nuzzled his neck.

“Just kiss me for a minute, I want love,” pleaded Cindy cutely, putting her arms around Bob and squeezing him tightly.

“What about Dave?” asked Bob, looking over at his friend with chagrin.

“It’s cool, do your thing. I have my beer to keep me company,” laughed Dave easily.

Bob shrugged and turned to give his girlfriend a kiss. Soon they were making out wildly on the couch and Cindy was gripping the bulge in Bob’s pants and putting his hands on her boobs, encouraging him to squeeze them.

“Whoa, now this is getting a little too heavy,” panted Bob, his penis stiff with excitement. “I feel too weird doing this with Dave here.”

“I don’t care if Dave watches, it will be kinky,” said Cindy, unbuttoning her vest so that her generous tits came flopping out.

“Jesus,” exclaimed Bob, but he could say no more as Cindy clamped her mouth onto his and forcefully put his hand on her boob. He gripped one large soft breast in his hand and enjoyed the weight of it. Cindy squeezed Bob’s rod through his pants urgently as she flicked her tongue in and out of his mouth and soon Bob practically forgot that Dave was in the room.

Dave leaned back in the armchair and drank his beer, watching with interest as Bob pinched Cindy’s hard pink nipples while the couple made out hotly on the couch. His own johnson was stiff as a board and he touched himself idly as he watched his buddy Bob getting it on with his girl. Dave thought back to how eager Cindy had been about sucking his own prick and it made him even harder.

Cindy unzipped Bob’s fly and pulled out his cock to start stroking it and he pushed her away impulsively.

“Ok, this is too weird,” said Bob, his heart racing madly with arousal. “Dave, can you take off now? Cindy and I have some business to take care of.”

“I want Dave to stay,” said Cindy petulantly. She jumped up to stand before Bob and shimmied out of her tights. Bob stared at her dumbfounded as she discarded her top and stood there naked before him. For his part, Dave was admiring the sight of Cindy’s round white rump from behind as she dropped to her knees before Bob. “Let me suck it,” she begged him sweetly, pulling his pants down and pressing her big boobs up against Bob’s thighs.

“But, but,” stammered Bob, torn between arousal, embarrassment, and jealousy as his stiff cock strained upward expectantly, waiting to get sucked.

“No buts, Dave’s watching while I blow you,” said Cindy decisively as she inhaled Bob’s hard penis.

“What’s up, Dave?” said Bob sheepishly as Cindy’s head bobbed up and down on his phallus and she gave little whimpers of excitement.

Continued in Part 3…



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