GF Wears Tights To Hang Out With Boyfriend And Buddy Part One

By Gustav Jorgenson

Cindy and Bob attend college together and have been dating for a year and living together for 6 months. One night they decided to invite Bob’s good friend Dave out to see a movie with them. Cindy liked to flirt with Dave, but Bob generally didn’t mind since he trusted Dave and he knew that Cindy was just a flirtatious person. But he never foresaw how her flirtation would play out if left unchecked.

“Hey Dave,” said Bob, answering the door. “Come on in, Cindy is still getting ready.”

“What’s up, Bob?” said Dave, patting Bob on the back in greeting. “How are you doing?”

“Good, I’m just glad that finals are over and I’m looking forward to the break,” said Bob, ushering Dave into their cluttered living room.

Cindy walked in wearing black skin tight leggings with thin red zebra stripes and a little leather hippie vest that left her midriff exposed.

“Hey Dave,” she said languidly, cocking her hip sexily.

“Whoa,” said Dave gazing at her curvaceous figure. “Nice outfit.”

“You like it?” she asked, putting her finger in her mouth suggestively. “How about from behind?” Then she turned and bent over slightly so that Dave and Bob could get a good look at her rear. Her leggings clung revealingly to her round butt cheeks leaving nothing to the imagination.

“Don’t tease me like that,” laughed Dave striding forward and slapping her bottom playfully. “I know you’ve got a great ass.” Dave enjoyed the firm bounce her buttocks gave as he slapped them and his member began to swell in excitement.

A thrill shot through Cindy’s body and she put her hand to her mouth in mock indignation. “Bob, did you see what he did? Totally inappropriate behavior!”

“Alright, take it easy,” laughed Bob. He could tell that Cindy was a little bit attracted to Dave, but it didn’t really bother him. He figured it was harmless.

“Sorry about that, bud,” said Dave, flopping down on the couch.

“Ha! Don’t worry, I trust you,” said Bob, opening a beer and handing it to Dave. “I don’t know if I can trust her though.” He paused to look at Cindy’s generous cleavage straining against the tight leather vest. “Jesus, are you even wearing a bra?” he asked her with a laugh.

“No,” she responded petulantly. “I don’t need one, you can’t see my nips through this leather.” Cindy cupped her large round boobs in her hands and gripped them. She noticed with satisfaction that Dave’s eyes were fixed on her breasts as she did so. She liked it when Dave paid attention to her. He was normally fairly aloof and she was surprised that he had gotten up the nerve to slap her butt. She casually wondered what it would be like to have a threesome with him and Bob. She was afraid to bring it up because Bob was pretty conservative sexually and she didn’t know how he would react.

“Uh, yeah, ok,” said Bob with a gulp. Cindy had an amazing body. He couldn’t really blame her if she liked to show it off. “So what movie should we go see?”

“Something with lots of sex,” said Cindy with a wicked grin, helping herself to a beer and casually dropping her rump into Dave’s lap.

Dave spread his arms with a chuckle, surprised to find his buddy’s girlfriend on his lap.

“You don’t mind if I sit here, do you, Dave?” asked Cindy innocently, wriggling her rear against Dave’s crotch.

“Err, no, but I don’t know how Bob will feel about it,” said Dave, his penis stiffening beneath Cindy’s warm, soft buttocks.

“Oh, Bob doesn’t mind, do you honey?” asked Cindy with a sly grin, taking a sip of beer. She could feel Dave’s thing getting harder and pressing against her ass cheek and it was making her hot. She wondered how far Bob would let her go.

“Well, you are getting pretty… uh, friendly with Dave over there,” said Bob uncomfortably. The sight of Cindy lounging in his friend’s lap gave him a strange combination of jealousy and arousal.

“Yeah, maybe you should slide over,” said Dave, putting his beer down. He took hold of Cindy’s hips and squeezed them, enjoying the feel of her pliable flesh in his hands. It made his prick get even stiffer and press more insistently against Cindy’s rump. He knew she must be able to feel it, but she wasn’t making any move to get off his lap.

“I like it here on Dave’s lap, it’s comfy,” said Cindy with a dramatic pout. She rearranged herself slightly so that Dave’s firm bulge was rubbing against the bottom of her labia. She felt Dave’s cock twinge in response and she knew that he understood what she was doing. She was getting really hot and bothered now. “Besides, Dave is normally so cold to me. I like that he is being friendly today.”

“I’m never cold to you,” complained Dave, pulling down on Cindy’s hips, daringly grinding his rod up against her warm mound.

“Actually, it’s OK if my buddies act a little cool with my girlfriend. It shows that they respect the fact that you are my woman and they aren’t trying to put the moves on you,” said Bob impatiently. He didn’t like the way Cindy was shifting around on Dave’s lap, it seemed suspicious. He could feel his stomach twisting slightly from jealousy and excitement.

“Ok, Ok,” laughed Cindy, her cheeks flushed and her eyes shining with excitement. “I didn’t realize you were the jealous type.” She slid unceremoniously off of Dave and he quickly dropped his hands into his lap to hide his raging hardon. “Is that better?” she asked Bob, crossing her legs as she sat next to Dave and twirling her foot at Bob rakishly.

“Yes, it is, thank you,” said Bob standing and giving a little bow of exaggerated politeness that made Dave and Cindy laugh. “Shall we go?”

“Sure,” said Cindy, noting with interest that Bob’s pants seemed to have developed a bulge of their own.

Dave stood up awkwardly, struggling to conceal his boner, and walked quickly ahead while Bob ushered Cindy along from behind. Bob gazed down, admiring her perfect ass cheeks whose shape was accentuated by the thin zebra stripes of her tights. He decided that he really couldn’t blame Dave for giving them a spank, but he was afraid that other guys would notice as well. Good thing it was going to be dark in the theater.

During the drive to the theater, Dave’s mind was racing madly. He felt guilty for flirting with his good friend’s girl, but he was also extremely horny for her now. He was torn between loyalty to his buddy and lust for his buddy’s girl. For her part, Cindy was trying to figure out how to get Bob to agree to a threesome. She liked Bob a lot and wouldn’t dump him in favor of Dave, but she would definitely prefer to fuck Dave and Bob together to just fucking Bob alone. Dave had made her extra hot when he pulled her aggressively down onto his cock and she wanted more of that treatment. Meanwhile, Bob was struggling not to be jealous at the fact that Cindy was clearly interested in Dave. He trusted Dave completely and so he didn’t really think anything would happen between them. Also, he was really into Cindy and definitely didn’t want to fight with her over the matter, so he just decided to grin a bear it if she flirted a little bit.

After they disembarked from Dave’s car in the theater parking lot, Cindy casually put one arm around Dave and the other around Bob and the three of them walked arm in arm toward the cinemaplex. Bob felt a little weird about this, but he didn’t say anything. As they approached the entrance to the theatre, Bob noticed that many of the men they passed were gazing with interest at Cindy’s body and the way she was casually strolling along with her arms around two guys. He realized that she looked incredibly slutty doing this and it made him blush slightly. He could feel his pulse quicken and armpits growing damp from all the attention they were getting.

Cindy noticed the attention, and it quickened her heart rate as well, but she was loving it. She always enjoyed having men show interest in her, so she was feeling high spirited and she laughed and teased the ticket cashier and the guys selling popcorn at the refreshment counter. Dave laughed along with her sexual jokes as well, but Bob just grinned stiffly and tried not to be a spoil sport. Bob was relieved when they finally entered the darkened theatre and settled down in their seats. He was a little annoyed when Cindy slipped between him and Dave but he kept his mouth shut about it.

Cindy wasted no time and immediately put one arm around Bob’s neck and started nibbling his ear as soon as the film started. He was interested in watching the movie, but he couldn’t resist his girlfriend’s insistent kisses, so they were soon making out madly. Dave just glanced over now and then with a little smirk on his face. He was surprised that he felt jealous about Cindy’s passionate attack on her boyfriend, but he knew he had no right to feel that way. He had to admit that he wasn’t totally surprised when Cindy reached back and gripped his hand while she was kissing Bob. Bob was too distracted to notice. Dave was feeling bold, so he took Cindy’s hand and put it right between his legs so she could feel his bulge. Watching her go after Bob like that had gotten him hard again.


Continued in part 2…



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