The House Guest Part Two

A few nights later I got up in the middle of the night to get my daughter a cup of milk and was heading back to my room when I saw the light on in the spare bathroom and noticed the door was cracked open. I looked in the door and saw Jenny laying in the bathtub with her eyes closed, softly moaning and was gently rubbing her pussy. I stood and watched and began rubbing my cock. After a few minutes I couldn’t resist anymore and I quietly pushed the door open and as she looked at me surprised I whispered, “Do you mind if I lend a hand?”

She winked at me and smiled. I knelt down next to the tub and ran my hand down her wet stomach, between her legs and inserted two fingers in her pussy. Jenny moaned as my fingers moved around inside her pussy. My cock got really hard and she looked over and saw it. Jenny sat up in the tub and pulled at my shorts. Once she had my shorts down she began sucking on my cock. She took one hand and rubbed my balls with it as she sucked my cock. This pleasure went on for several minutes before I came, and she swallowed my load and licked my tip clean. I pulled up my shorts and handed her a towel as she let water out of the tub. Jenny climbed out of the tub and kissed me on the cheek and I went back to bed.

The next morning after breakfast my wife left to run errands for a couple hours and I began yard work outside while my kids took a nap. I was concentrating on my weeding when I heard, “How’s it going?” I looked up to see Jenny in her bikini with a towel in her hand. I smiled at her and she said, “I am going to lay out and sun tan.” I said ok and got back to working.

A few minutes later I looked up and saw Jenny was laying on her back on her towel and she was topless. I sat and stared at her gorgeous tits and when I saw her starting to move I quickly darted my head back to ground. Jenny said, “Hey, can you put some lotion on my back please?”

I took off my work gloves and walked over to her, knelt down and took the sun tan lotion bottle and began rubbing lotion on her back. My hands ran down her back and I couldn’t stop myself from softly grabbing a small handful of her round butt. She turned her head around and said, “I get a butt massage too? Nice.” I laughed and squeezed her butt with both hands.

Then I slowly pulled her bikini bottoms down below the back of her legs and ran my tongue around her butt. She spread her legs a little and I began licking her pussy. Jenny moaned and I felt myself getting very aroused and I pulled down my shorts and stuck my hard cock into her wet pussy. She leaned on her knees and I grabbed her hips with both hands and began pounding her pussy hard. Jenny moaned and would push her pussy back on my cock with every hard thrust I made. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and release several times and I exploded inside her and she collapsed to the towel.

I got up and pulled up my shorts while she laid there for a few minutes before reassembling her bikini and going to sit in a lawn chair on the deck. Jenny had been sitting down for maybe 5 minutes when my wife came out the back door to tell us she was home. I thought man that is twice now fucking Jenny has been real close to getting caught. As I finished my work I thought I can’t keep fucking her or I am going to get caught, but I can’t resist her body when I see it half naked. I was able to avoid being any of those situations again until the last night she was staying at the house.

The three of us were in the hot tub and had a little buzz on when my wife mentioned to Jenny that we had wanted to have a threesome before, but never had gotten the opportunity. Jenny smiled at her and said she had never had a threesome¬†either. Felecia and Jenny talked about it for a half hour before Felecia turned to me and said, “It is Jenny’s last night here; what about we fulfill our threesome fantasy?”

I smiled and answered, “If you want to, it’s fine with me.”

Jenny added, “Sounds fun to me, too.”

The three of us got out of the hot tub dried off and walked to the master bedroom. Once in the room the girls took off their tops and began fondling and kissing ¬†each other’s breasts while I watched. Felecia motioned me over to the bed and I pulled my boxers off and joined them on the bed and began sucking on Jenny’s tits while Felecia stroked my cock with her hands and lips. Then Felecia reached in my dresser drawer pulled out a condom and put it on my cock and motioned for Jenny to climb on me.

Jenny guided my cock into her pussy and Felecia sat on my chest facing Jenny. She held Jenny’s tits while she rode me for a few minutes. Then Felecia said it was her turn and I motioned her to bend over. I pulled the rubber off and tossed it aside and guided my cock into my wife’s very wet pussy. I pounded her while she moaned loud and Jenny held my hips until I eventually came. As I pulled out of my wife Jenny licked my cock clean and then we all cuddled up and smiled for a few pictures and a selfie.

The next morning Jenny left and we never saw or heard from her ever again. Once in awhile my wife and I will look at the pictures we took that night and then we fuck like crazy animals.


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