Summer Of Cougars Part Three

It was not long after hooking up with Camilla in her yard I paid Judy an evening visit. After having sex twice, laying beside me naked and clammy from the long love making session, my hot cougar promised to tell even more members of her group about me. She said Camilla had called her just gushing about how hot and satisfying the sex with me was. Judy said she had just smiled and told her it was no trouble. Then the two of them went out for lunch and compared stories about having sex with me and other young men. She told me I still had three members of the group to pleasure.
This next one, she promised, would be more to the kinky side. She explained that her name was Natasha and she was looking to cheat on her husband. She was a sexy mature European with a very vintage, beautiful style. Her family came from Gypsy blood.
It was only a few hours later I got an email from her.
We had a short conversation where she explained what she wanted and when she wanted it. I asked her if we would be interrupted by her husband. She told me that she owned a little shop in the downtown area. I was to come in just before closing and pose as a customer then when the last customer left we would go upstairs where her office was and have sex.
She was the only one there on that particular day and her husband never came to the store and did not question when she was late returning home. He assumed it came with running her own store. I asked her to wear certain clothes and lingerie and told her I would be there when requested.
On the day arranged I put on a pair of tight, torn jeans and a t-shirt as she requested and headed for her store.
I got there ten minutes before closing where a customer was finishing her purchase. As soon as I saw Natasha I knew who she was. She was the Mayor’s wife! She was a local celebrity of sorts. She was from Romania and a musician and artist. She had even toured with a band a few years ago, until she married and had children.
She ran her store as a consignment shop for local artists and crafters. The store was a funky mix of clothes, jewelry, art and knick knacks. She was tall and walfish looking with round hips and long straight black hair that came to her lower back. She was dressed in a long black skirt that looked on the Gothic side, with a a black blouse that looked like it belonged with a tuxedo. Around her neck was a ribbon choker with a green crystal hanging from it, she wore rings on all her fingers and thumbs, which also had blue nail polish and what appeared to be dark red lipstick. She wore mascara to lengthen her thick eyelashes highlighting deep brown eyes. The look was finished off with high heeled ankle boots with brass accents and buckles. She was a very attractive forty nine. A very sophisticated, sexy European look that made her very desirable…no, not desirable, very fuck able. Her tits looked to be around a c cup.

As the other customer left she asked me how she could help me. As she approached with a wink. I told her I was looking for a present for my girlfriend. She walked me to the jewelry rack at the back of the store as the front door clicked shut. She looked me up and down giving me a long capricious going over. She even ran a finger over my arm. She smiled and pushed her bangs behind one ear. She told me to stay where I was while she went to the front door, locked it, pulled the blind and turned the sign in the window to closed for the day. She then drew the blinds on all the front windows throwing the store into shadow.
She walked back towards me undoing her blouse as she did. As promised she wore a very old looking corset with lace trim and lots of embroidery and ribbing, it made her breasts jiggle as she sauntered back to me. She was tall enough she could look me right in the eye. She ran a hand over my face.
“You like?” she asked with a thick Euro accent. “ I bring zis corset from my home country. It very old, hand made.”
“It’s very nice,” I said, tracing my hand over her breasts. She smiled and took the fingers on my left hand and began sucking on them. “There any chance your husband will come in?”
“No,” she said confidently. “He never come to store. He working late on town business. You and I vill be to fucking all vee vant uninterupting,” she smiled. “Judy was telling of the truth, you are hot, vant me tie up you and fuck on me.”
“Lead the way gorgeous.” She smiled, took my hand and led me to a set of stairs. We walked up a flight of stairs to a landing. She stopped turned and kissed me. Her tongue probing my mouth, her hands groping my ass and I played with her full c cups. She was panting when she took my hand and led me up the last flight of stairs. We came to the top of the stairs to a door that said “Private, Employees Only” she turned and opened the door. It was not an office as I expected. There was a desk and computer, but also an antique arm chair, a chaise lounger, a camel back couch and a full length mirror on a stand. There was an Asian looking room divider with all kinds of material hanging over it. The window was covered with a large thick muslin curtain. It gave the office a very antique look.
She floated over to the camel back and sat back with her arms over the back of the couch. She smiled and crossed her legs and looked at me with a sultry, sensual smile. Her red lips looking full and juicy.
“Strip,” she commanded. “Take off your clothes. Slowly.”
I started by kicking off my shoes. She asked me to take off my socks as well. I did as asked. I then pulled off my shirt. I tossed it on the floor.
“Vhat a nice body yew hev” she coo-ed in a severe way.
I slowly undid my belt and undid my jeans. She uncrossed her legs as I dropped them and she saw the bulge in my boxers. I kicked the pants to the side. I cupped my junk and then pushed down my undies and stood there in front of her semi erect and my hands at my side. She motioned me over with her finger. She said nothing as she stood up and ran a hand over my chest and kept it there as she walked around behind me and ran her hands over my shoulders. She began kissing my back and neck as she reached around and put her open hands on my stomach.
“Everything feel okay, lovely lady?”
“Mmm” She said keeping her face close to my body. “I vant.”
She grabbed my ass and bit my neck. “I vant much!”
She pointed to the camel back and told me to sit right in the middle. As I made my self comfortable she went over to the room divider and took some silk scarves from the top and came over and put my out stretched arms on the back of the seat and proceeded to tie my hands into place.
“MMM der, Yew now spred yer legs awiding,” she commanded. I did so and she used two more scarves to secure my legs to the bottom of the furniture.
“Now I take yew, like eh slave, ya.”
“I’m all yours.” I said as she began unzipping the skirt from the side. It floated to the floor exposing her corset fully, the garter straps holding up her stockings that had a lacy top to them, she had no panties on and I saw her thick, furry pussy.
She undid the garters and turned around and had me undo the ribbon on the back with my teeth. It came loose easily and she held it to her as she turned around. Then with a devilish grin she let it drop and she showed off her firm tits.
She stepped up on the seat if the furniture and spread her legs and bent her knees so her pussy was right at my face.
“Eat my poosssey, yew little boy.” she commanded as I leaned my head forward and let my tongue slip right between her lips and swirled it and flicked. She re-positioned and I was able to get my mouth right around her pussy. I lapped and sucked and licked, letting her vag juices trickle into my mouth as she grabbed my ears and began humping my face.
“Yes, yes, yes boy yew mouth fuck good!” She was really grabbing hard as she barked her approval at me. I was really into what a freak she was as she stood up straight again and stepped off the couch, turned around with her back to me and sat straight down on my rock hard cock.
“Fucking hell yess!” she screamed as she began to grind and roll her hips. She leaned back against me and put her hands over top of my tied ones and gripped them tight as she planted her feet on the floor with a clomp as she used her feet as traction. Her nails dug into my skin as she thrust her hips fast and deep. She complimented my dick as it hit her magic spot and sent her into a lust filled frenzy of bouncing up and down on my lap. Then she stopped completely and turned around with her knees on either side of me and began kissing my neck and face as she slowly raised and lowered herself on me until she dug her nails into my shoulders and screamed through an orgasm that caused her head to thrash and bang.
She undid my wrists and then my feet and stood me up and kissed me on the lips as she grabbed my ass.
“Vas gewd fer yew, yes?”
“Oh I haven’t come yet honey,” I said as I walked her over to the room divider and put her spread eagle against it. I grabbed and silk scarf from the ones hanging over the edge and tied her hands behind her at the wrists.
“Now it’s your turn to be restrained,” I whispered in her ear.
I took her over to the chaise and put her on her knees with her shoulders resting on the corner of the arm and the back. I pushed her legs together and shoved my hard on inside her pussy, grabbing her upper arms to get her pulled back as far as possible. She moaned her approval as I fucked her like crazy. She wasn’t the only one who could fuck like an animal. I put a foot up on the chaise and fucked her even faster as I was getting close to finishing.
“Where do you want it, in your pussy, on your face or what?” I commanded.
“Mai ass.” She looked over her shoulder at me with a smile. “Fuck me and come in my ass!”
She didn’t have to ask twice, she was in the perfect position as I pulled my dick out and forced it into her tight ass.
“Not bad sweety, nice n tight the way I like it!”
“I like dis, yes, ass fucking. I told my asshole is nice for fucking.”
“Oh hell yes, it is.” I couldn’t last any longer I was going to come and come hard. I buried deep in her and she shook her ass a little bit and I filled it with a huge hot load.
I undid her bonds and she pulled me down on the chaise behind her and we stayed spooning until the room was too dark to see.
“I pay fer sexual service vunce,” She began. As I was putting my clothes back on. “He was not a man like you, he never had me off, just played around and left me to finish myself.”
“Well you should have called me sooner.” She turned and laid on her back, she was in no hurry to dress and go home, the fresh evening breeze was cooling her naked body.
I had only gotten my shirt back on and was looking for my undies when she asked me to go again.
She walked over to the desk and sat on the edge and spread those long pretty legs. She leaned back and began masturbating as I took my shirt off again. I did not speak, she just grabbed my dick and stroked it hard again until I pushed her back on the desk and spread her legs and pushed into her and pushed her legs forward as I slid in and out of her holding her ankles wide and high.
“How’s that, you crazy sexy lady?”
“No talk, just fuck please.”
So I fucked her. Her body sliding back and forth on the desk she pussy tightening as I brought her to orgasm quickly. She reached up and put her hands over mine on her ankles. She came a second time as I was balls deep thrusting inside her. I went like that for another ten minutes as I emptied my balls in her pussy as it began squeezing my dick tighter and tighter.
When it was all over she walked me to the front door wearing only a sheer robe. She kissed me and sent me on my way.
Camilla called an hour later, asking what I had done to Natasha, she was at Camilla’s place and they were on their second glass of wine. What ever I had done to Natasha, Camilla wanted the same treatment. I promised to come over the next day and make her day.

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