Wild Weekend Part 1

It was Thursday morning and my wife was leaving town for 5 days. We had an argument before I dropped her off at airport, and we agreed to let each other cool off for that time and only contact each other via text to say hello to let the other know we were alive. As I drove back home I was still pissed and decided I was going to have fun and be care free for those days. I invited my friend Colleen over for dinner and she accepted. Colleen is in her early forties and has dark eyes, dyed auburn hair and an average body size. I frantically cleaned house and then went to the store and purchased items for dinner, some alcohol, Gatorade, and I don’t know why but grabbed a few sexual performance enhance pills and drinks. Never needed them or used them before in life but thought what the hell if it makes sex better. When I got home and put groceries away I couldn’t believe I bought those things let alone had no idea when I would even use them. I finished cleaning house and early that evening I showered and shaved and began preparing dinner before Colleen arrived.  She got there and I remembered why I had been attracted to her for a few years when I saw her in her jeans and short sleeve shirt. We talked and laughed and ate dinner.

After a few drinks I said, “I have to be honest and tell you I have had a crush on you for years.”

She smiled sheepishly at me and said nothing. I felt like an idiot for blurring it out and couldn’t stop myself from saying, “I wish I could make out with you!” She smiled and took a long sip of her drink. Then, she said, “So, I am not opposed to granting that wish.” We laughed and then I followed her to the couch and we sat down next to each other.

Then we slowly leaned into each other and our lips parted open and our tongues began to wrestle.  My hands rubbed herb back and she held onto my shoulders tight. This went on for 15 minutes until I made a move and slid my hands up the back of her shirt. She did not stop that progress so I proceeded to unhooking her bra. She felt her bra loosen and pulled back from kissing me and smiled and took off her shirt and bra. Her breasts were pear shaped size C and her pink nipples began to harden. I wasted no time upon seeing them and began sucking on them and softly biting her nipples.

She pulled my shirt off and ran her hands around my chest. Colleen smiled at me and ran her hands down the front of my pants and grabbed a hold of my cock and squeezed gently. I was hardening fast with her touch and she let go and stood up and pulled off her jeans and panties. I quickly pulled off my pants and boxers and arranged her into the doggy position on the living room rug. She moaned as I slowly guided my cock into her soft pussy. My hands grabbed onto the sides of her hips and I began thrusting. She moaned louder and louder with each thrust I made and after awhile I reached my boiling point and made one last hard thrust and my hot load exploded inside her. We crumpled to the ground in exhaustion and laid there for 5 minutes before getting up dressing and getting water. Colleen left my house and I text my wife goodnight and went to bed smiling. What a nice end to day 1.

Friday morning as I drank my coffee I read the packages of the enhancement pills and drinks and considered maybe I would try one tonight before I went to the party at buddy’s house. That afternoon I went to the store to grab a dessert to take to the party and I ran into Kim who I played softball with and worked in same complex wig previously. She has shoulder length dirty blonde hair, green eyes, a slender, attractive body and beautiful face. We talked briefly for a few minutes and I boldly gave her my number and invited her to a party I said I was having Saturday night. As she walked away I stared at her tiny ass in her tight jeans as I hit myself and said to myself you idiot guess you are going to have to set up and throw a party in 24 hours.  I got home from the store and feverishly began texting and messaging some people to gauge interest in a party on short notice. Got a few responses back and said I would get back to them on a time. I figured I would cancel if I never heard from Kim which I didn’t expect to anyways.

My friend Tasha asked if I could give her a ride  to Robert’s party and I went to her house to pick her up. She let me in and told me she wasn’t done with her hair if I could just sit and wait. I sat down on her bed outside the bathroom and talked to her as she was getting ready. Tasha has brown hair, brown eyes and that attractive girl next door look.

After awhile she came out of the bathroom in a  little black dress and questioned, “How do I look?” My answer surprised her and me when I blurted out, “100% fuck ya. Fuckable right now!” We both stared at each other and I was trying to think what I could say to cover it.

After what seemed like minutes but was a few seconds Tasha said, “Well, I guess you think I look good.”

I smiled softly and said, “You are going to have no problem getting the guy’s attention tonight.”

She laughed and said well thanks and started to walk out of the room. I don’t know if it was her perfume or the enhancement drink I slammed down before I left my house, but I was very attracted to her and as she passed me hugged her wrapping my arms around her waist and softly blew against her neck. Tasha didn’t try to squeeze free but hummed softly. I ran one hand up the bottom of her dress until I felt her thong and I grabbed her ass. As I did I hear her make a noise of hmmmm and I saw her bite the corner of her lip. I lifted up the back of her dress with my other hand and glanced at her small ass and silver thong before softly spanking her ass a couple times.

She said, “How did you know I liked to be spanked?”

We laughed and I spanked her a couple more time as she bent over the bed. Her ass had a red print on one cheek from the spankings and, I slid her thong off her and down her legs. Then I slowly ran my tongue up her legs and around her ass and onto her pussy lips. As she moaned in acceptance I spread her lips with my fingers and stuck my tongue inside. I moved my tongue up and down back and forth inside her pussy and it was getting really wet.

She said, “I better take this dress off before it gets ruined.”

Tasha got up and took off her dress and bra and placed them on a chair. I glanced at her freckled covered skin and small size B tits.

She said, “Now, go back to using your fucking tongue,” as she laid on her back on the bed.

I knelt down and spread her thighs with my hand and returned to pleasuring her pussy with my tongue. I felt her getting quite wet and tasted her sweet juice on my tongue. She pulled her legs back by her head and said, “Fuck me now.” I bit her little hard nipples and she winced and said, “Fucking give it to me already!” I teased her nipples with a couple more bites before I slid my cock into her wide open dripping wet pussy. I made long and slow pumps and she said, “I want it hard!” I began thrusting with everything I had and she moaned and screamed, “Ya. Ya fuck ya!” When I felt her pussy contracting with orgasms I would rub the head of my cock against her clit causing her to scream in ecstasy. After this went on and on I came and shot a huge load inside her and fell onto the bed.

We laid there for 5 minutes before she said, “I know I am going to have to fix my makeup, but hopefully my hair isn’t fucked up.” She got up and went to the bathroom and fixed her makeup while I put on my pants. Tasha said, “I cant believe we did that and it will be our secret.”

I responded, “Me either. Sounds good. But, what it’s worth you are a great fuck.”

Tasha said, “Thanks, you hit all right spots. I hope this doesn’t change our friendship.”

I replied, “We won’t let it.” She finished her makeup, put on her dress and we left for Robert’s party.

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