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Mansion Lesvos Chapter 2: Yoni

Apsara’s Statement.

6:32 a.m.


‘My love, I am happy! Yes, I am happy for the news of your arrival that Kanya has conveyed to this chamber. She has conveyed the news to my anxious ears, speaking before me in her melodious voice. She has conveyed the news, standing so brazenly naked before me, with her bountiful chest heaving and her face flushed. Her rosy lips so elegantly parted in a grin that has captivated many a glance to roam over the equipoised charisma of her vibrant face. Ah… that face I’ve bestowed with a myriad of kisses. Those eyes, cheeks, lips, and neck I caressed with my mouth. That body, so supple and curvaceous, I licked all over. Those pink, throbbing nipples I sucked to elevate my pleasure. That yoni, so ripe and juicy, I ravished to quench my thirst. That pillowy rump I clawed when she thankfully kissed me as I let her fondle my breasts and finger my aching wet yoni.


‘Mohini, my sweetheart, I cannot wait to see you in person but I have to endure this affliction of waiting. I cannot forget the way you touched me. I cannot forget the feel of your lips on my mouth and skin. I cannot forget the delectable tease your tongue and fingers gave me. The pleasure, that momentous gratification, shook me all over whenever you clamped your mouth on my yoni to swallow the liquor it secreted.


‘Showing my appreciation to Kanya, for conveying this delightful news of your arrival, I’ve just sucked her wet yoni and thereby appeased my parched throat with her consecrated liquor. Now, she’s dismissed to attend some crucial arrangements and be ascertained of your facilitated movement through my canal.’



To be continued

Hello everyone! I am Mahir Jaan, a simple Indian guy. I love to read, and sometimes write, lesbian erotic/girl-on-girl romantic stories/poems because I love the perfect embodiment of beauty, namely woman. :)

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