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Forgive me… (part II)

Running through the halls of this foreign keep was confusing to say the least. Knowledge that Mara, his beautiful wife, had seen him rutting with Teani sent his head spinning.

Even as he strained to see any trace of her passing or hear any sound of her flight, in his mind’s eye he saw her look of anguish and heard her sobs as she found him with the raven-haired temptress.

“Forgive me, Mara!” Bryce shouted as he fell to the floor in an exhausted heap.

He was not recovered and his encounter with Teani left him further weakened.

The echoes of his voice drowned to silence. And in that silence he heard muffled crying. With renewed vigor, he rose and followed the sound to her.

As he rounded a corner, he finally saw her. The hallway ended at a window and there was no where for Mara to run. She sat upon the window ledge softly sobbing into her hands. As he neared, she looked at him with such grief, that he faltered.

“Why?!” She choked.

“I…” Bryce started then fell silent. Mara wasn’t really looking for an answer.

“H-how could you?” Mara stammered “You don’t know how I worried, sick with the thought of what they were doing to you, hoping that I wouldn’t find you dead. And to find you… to find you… Oh God! To find you like that! Every time I close my eyes I see you, I see you thrusting between her legs with that lustful snarl on your face and I hear your grunts mingled with her moans”

She seemed as she would collapse and Bryce instinctively reached out to her and grasped her near to him, stroking her hair. “Mara, my heart, I want to try to explain, I want to tell you know what hell I went through, but truly I have no excuse. I hate myself for what I’ve done.”

Angrily, Mara pushed from him. “That makes two of us.”

It was then their troops caught up with them. “My lord!” the captain hailed “We must leave now before they can muster forces.”

Bryce reached out to Mara’s hand. She snatched it away then swept past him. With his head bowed, he followed.

She would not speak to him nor awknowledge his existence the entire trip home.

At night, Bryce could hear the hushed wispers of the soldiers telling of what transpired and when he neared, they always fell silent until he passed. They were no better than house wives! To listen to them gossip of his betrayl, made him ill.

Weeks passed by. Bryce was tortured by dreams of seduction and nightmares alternately. He couldn’t forget the passion he felt with Teani but he was haunted by Mara’s hurt.

Finally, one night as he was bathing, Mara walked into his chamber. She looked as he had never seen. She had painter her face like a courtesan might and she was clad in only a paper thin night shift. He jumped to his feet and quickly robed.

“I rather liked you before” Mara cooed archily. Bryce could tell she was drunk. Even if it weren’t for the strange behavior, he could easily smell the liquor.

“Mara, what is this. This isn’t you.”

She approached him and traced her hand down his chest stopping at the tie in his robe. “No, but you like it” she purred. Her hand untied is robe then she made a show of running her eyes along the length of his body to his awakening manhood.

She turned from him, sauntered to his bed, then lay upon it invitingly. His entire body ached for this. But this wasn’t right, this wasn’t his Mara.

“What’s the matter, my lord? Don’t I please you?” Mara asked wantonly. She began to run her hands along her body and down her legs. Her legs parted and she arched her back as her hand found her pussy.

Unable to control himself, Bryce went to her. He climbed atop the bed and into her embrace. “That’s it. Show me how you fucked her. Let me know that side of you, only she knew.” He ignored her words and the stench of alcohol as he kissed her fiercely. His hands groped her breasts through her shift and when that wasn’t enough he pulled her bodice down so he could suck and nibble on her perky nipples.

Mara moaned and grind upon his leg but as his nibbles turned more into bites and his fingers began to punish her clit instead of massage it, she stuggled.

“Stop!” Mara finally cried. “Not like this. Please! I didn’t know…”

Bryce appeared not to hear her. She trembled now beneath him as his breathing became harsh and rough in his throat.

As he sat up to remove his robe, Mara dove to get off the bed. But he caught her and pulled her back.

“Fine, you want the robe to stay on, that’s fine with me.” He fought to position himself between her legs and he had to exert some force. “Why are you struggling? You came to me and you asked for this.”

“Please, no.” she wimpered as she felt his cock begin to push into her cunt.

“Oh, yes” he replied with a hard smile.

His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he began to slowly pump in and out, in and out.

He was in a different place, with a different person. He was once again a prisoner but this time without torture. He was once again with her. Teani was her name and the thought of her sent chills throughout his body. He was once again fucking her but this time he was in control.

He fucked her hard, like an animal in heat. He fucked her the way he’d always wanted to. He fucked her the way he knew she wanted to be fucked.

He heard her moans and added his own. His blood was pumping so hard, his heart beating so fast. Harder and harder he thrust, quicker and quicker his pace. His toes curled and his entire body stiffened as he came inside her. Another hard thrust, and another, then bliss.

He blindly reached out with his lips and kissed her but she didn’t kiss back. Slowly he realized that he tasted saltiness. “Had he bitten her lip in his passion?” He wondered. He opened his eyes in dawning horror. It wasn’t blood it wasn’t blood from Teani’s lips, it was Mara’s tears. Realization hit him and he knew Teani’s moans of pleasure was actually Mara groaning in pain.

Mara looked at him and finally understood her husband.

“Oh Mara, I’m so sorry. Please, Mara, forgive me.”

Mara gave him a sad little smile and reached out a hand, pulled his head to hers and gave him a gentle kiss.

“I love you. And I finally forgive you, my love.” Mara breathed

She pushed him back so Bryce could look in her now steely eyes. “I forgive you. But don’t ever take me like that again.”

They spent the rest of the night and day talking of his ordeal. He told her of his torture and of the seduction. Though it pained her to hear of his lusting, it helped heal the hurt.

They made love when the talking was through.

“This was her husband” Mara thought as she looked at Bryce’s sleeping form “He had finally returned to her”.

But Bryce was troubled. Telling Mara of his days of capture helped felt good. A little too good. Remembering the lust for Teani and the feel of her kindled a fire in his loins. And though he satisfied himself with Mara, the fire was not quenched. The entire time with his wife, he had to keep his passion in check and banish thoughts of his raven-haired seductress from his mind.

[part III coming soon] — —

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