From housewife to a mistress

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I was then working as a contract manager of a multinational company and staying beside a small bungalow on a hill top in the outskirt of the town beside the national highway. Often I had to entertain the request of various pressure groups to allot them tenders. There are extra incomes as also threats in the job. About two years back our company floated a tender involving crores and there were various parties contending for it. Some even offered to leak out the price quoted by their rival parties in exchange of good amount. But I remained strict. There was a mafia group that threatened me unless I bow down to their offer. However, the tender was allotted as per procedure. After a month of this allotment one night at around 11.30 at night robbers broke out in our house. They were five in number and armed with fire arms. Their faces covered under masks. Before we understood what was happening they broke into our bedroom. As expected they demanded the keys of our domestic chest and helplessly we handed over the keys. They started collecting the few gold and diamond ornaments and a little bit of cash that was there at home. The robbers seemed to be dissatisfied at what they got and were looking here and there as if to find other valuables in the house. The leader, who was taller than others o of the group even called us beggars and searched every corner. Ria was standing at my back and suddenly his eyes fell on her. Ria was wearing a sleeveless transparent nightie and she was without any undergarments as we were just preparing for a mating session when the robbers broke in. The moment his eye fell on Ria I could see lust in his glances. He gestured something to the gang and before I could understand anything they tied me tightly with plastic ropes to the chair. My wife protested. But the leader said cunningly, “His safety is now at your hand…. How you serve the guests will decide his fate……”
For the first time, the leader removed his mask and instantly recognized him. He was Suleman, the unscrupulous mafia of the locality. “You!”, said I, “how dare you enter my house and do like this?”
– I’ll be doing many more things tonight. Suleman replied, “Remember what I told you. You refused to compromise but now you will”.
– “Boss, he lives like a vagabond, said one of Suleman’s aides, “Whatever we got is not even worth venturing. Let us break the limbs of him and his wife so that they remain bed ridden for months”
Frowning at his aide Suleman said, “How can you think doing harm to such a lovely lady?…….. There are more assets here that we can make use of.”
Suleman’s suggestion was clearly towards Ria and she shivered at the comment. I politely tried to please Suleman, “Please don’t harm us, I’ll pay you whatever amount you need”.
Laughing slyly Suleman said, “We are not going to harm a beautiful and sexy lady. But what we do to you will depend on the quality of her service”. His four aides fully got the meaning and laughed sensuously. Suleman turned to my wife and pulling her by hand brought at the centre. Under the bright light her body became more visible under the thin nightie. Suleman said to her, “Your treasures we can see …. Will you remove the nightie yourself or my men will help you?”
Ria was shocked and pleaded to be spared. Suleman asked his aides how they liked the idea of letting her go but they only encouraged their master. So holding Ria roughly Suleman brought her near him and ordered his aides to position my chair in such a position that I could see what happens. His aides were pointing their firearms towards me and Ria telling us not to make any noise. Suleman said, “Whatever I do I will do in front of you so that you can see we are not handling her roughly”.
Before we could make even the meek protest Suleman snatched Ria by her nightie hugging her closely and forcibly planting a kiss on her sensuous lips despite resistance from her. As his hands started exploring her big boobs roughly he said to me, “You have valuable assets here that we did not notice earlier…..” Then he told his aides, “What do you think? If we get this asset, we need not take those ornaments!” Ria was by that time struggling in vain to free herself. Suleman threw Ria to his aides ordering them to strip her while he himself took an iron rod and struck hard on my knee telling Ria that her disobedience would compel him to inflict more such strikes on me. Within next five minutes his four aides tore away Ria’s nightie and she stood before all with all her wealth exposed. As she tried to hide her treasures by folding her hands, one of the aides pulled her hands at her back and commented that she has got a whore’s body and should not be ashamed of showing it off. Another aide said that she was already hot and ready for Suleman. Suleman took the torn nightie and threw it on my lap asking me to keep it in my custody so that I can cover her up after they are finished. Ria was in the meantime laid on the carpet of the floor in front of me with her hands and legs stretched in four directions like a multiplication sign. Suleman almost licked her nude body with his glances and expressed his delights to find her armpits and pussy cleanly shaved. His two aides who were holding her hands could not control themselves any more and started kneading her flesh mounds violently. To my surprise and despite apparent resistance of Ria, her nipples grew erect revealing the growing excitement. One of the two aides who held her legs started fingering her cunt that made Ria shiver. But soon he removed his finger and started working there with his lips and then his tongue. He took her labia lips in his mouth and started sucking them. He was sucking so hard that soon the labia lips became swollen and parted. But when he put his tongue deep inside her orifice, Ria was gasping for breath and started moaning uncontrollably showing the unfailing sign of her arousal. I was shocked and surprised but the way they were treating her made me hot too and my member stood up inside my trousers.
Suleman took off his clothes and his nearly nine inches long hard tool jumped rhythmically in excitement of invading Ria’s pussy. As Ria looked at him, I noticed a sense of fear on her face and also a glow of anticipation and excitement in her glances. Suleman carried his clothes to place on my laps to make sure that I know that he was ready to invade Ria. My hands and feet were already tied and my body was tied to the chair. He lifted Ria’s torn nightie from my lap and noticed my hard-on. He ordered his aides to bring Ria near me. As they pulled nude Ria, Suleman said to her, “See how excited your husband is to see our sexy action with you!” and pointed at my erection. Ria seemed disgusted at me and took away her glances. But Suleman wanted to humiliate us more and unknotted my trouser and brought out my hard cock and commanded Ria to perform lip-service to cool down me. Actually, we never engaged in oral sex and Ria was not ready to perform and she resisted to take it in her mouth. One of the aides said, “Boss, she would treat the guests first”. Instantly, Suleman who was holding Ria by her hairs turned her towards him and before she could resist pushed his hard dick inside her mouth that almost choked her. With his other hand Suleman kept spanking her big rounded asses. Reluctantly, Ria went on sucking Suleman’s dick while his two aides started playing with her tits. As it went on, one of the aides noticed our handycam hanging on the wall and started recording Ria’s action. In front of the camera, me and the robbers Ria was compelled to suck Suleman. After a while Suleman invited his aides to experience the pleasure of being sucked by Ria and each of them came forward exposing their hard dicks and asked Ria to choose out of four which dick she wanted to suck first. As Ria turned away her face, Suleman asked them to stuff it in her mouth forcibly one after another. Catching her roughly by the hair one of the aides pressed her cheeks and as Ria opened her mouth he put his dick inside her mouth. For the next three Ria did not resist but took their tools of her own one by one and sucked them as they desired. The last of the aides was too excited and within 10 minutes of Ria sucking his tool he spurted his load inside Ria’s mouth. Ria felt disgusted and tried to bring out the tool from her mouth. But he pressed her hard compelling her to swallow his thick come to avoid choking. Strangely enough, hardness of my tool did not subside despite the humiliation of seeing my wife being forced to suck them and Suleman pointed out again to Ria how I enjoyed the show. She seemed more disgusted at me and resolved to enjoy with them. But Suleman wanted Ria to cool down my dick and forced her to suck me till I burst and went limp. All the while as Ria was sucking my tool, Suleman kept control of her movement by holding her by the hair while his aides were playing with her nude body all along in front of me.
Both me and Ria knew by then what awaited next. They were going to lay Ria in front of me. But Suleman was more vicious than we had anticipated. After I had discharged my load inside Ria’s mouth, he told me that Ria was excited enough to serve them and he pointed to her wet pussy and parted labia lips to show how ready she was. Yet he wanted to know if I would like to see her treated gently. When I nodded, he commanded me to ask her to offer them as they desire and then made a peculiar demand that I suck and lubricate their cocks before they invade Ria’s pussy. Soon I was forced to give Suleman a good suck, and then he hugged Ria pulling her down on the carpet just in front of me and commanded her to spread her legs wide apart. Ria was ready for invasion but Suleman forced his dick so violently that she screamed in sudden pain as the big tool almost tore her apart. However, Suleman made her mute by locking her lips in a kiss and she was only moaning as he started slow tentative thrusts. After about ten minutes Suleman started violent to and fro movement and was driving Ria to such ecstasy that she moaned uncontrollably in pleasure. At one stage I even heard her pleading Suleman to push harder and faster which he obliged and after about another twenty minutes discharged his load insider her tunnel and I saw Ria hugging and scratching Suleman’s back in violent passion.
As Suleman left Ria he gestured to his aides to take her; they were only too ready for it. But the four of his aides preferred to play with her for another forty minutes or so to arouse her sufficiently. They sucked her pussy violently and made her suck and lick their dicks. Finally each of them fucked Ria one by one and to my utter surprise Ria responded actively with each and had orgasms on each occasion.
It was around 2.40 AM when they left Ria totally exhausted. They did not take the ornaments and money collected earlier telling that they were paying it to the whore for the nice service she provided. Suleman took the cassette from the handycam telling us not to report the matter or he would sell the cassette in the local market. For hours after they left we remained in the same position – me tied up and Ria lying tired on the floor after being used by five demons. In the morning, Ria got up, dressed herself and untied me. We hardly exchanged any word but I knew from Ria’s appearance that despite shame and humiliation as well as the exhaustion of being fucked by five goons she had enjoyed the rough treatment she received from Suleman and his aides.
Things became normalized after about a week though during the mating sessions with Ria I knew instinctively that she was fantasizing about Suleman episode. After nearly three months of the above incident, one day at around 12 noon I got a phone call at the office from Suleman asking me to reach home immediately. When I came home I found him waiting with one of his aides. He told me that he felt a deep passion for my asset and had come to quench his thirst with Ria. But as a precaution that we do not create any trouble he wanted me to be at home. Ria seemed to have no objection as she made no protest. Suleman locked me in the attached toilet while he and his aide went to bed with Ria. After about one hour they completed their carnal game and let me come from the toilet. Ria was still lying nude on bed while they dressed themselves up and left thanking me and Ria for the co-operation. Since then, Suleman visited us at least ten times – sometimes singly, sometimes with one or two aides and on each occasion my wife went to bed with them and always she was treated like a whore. Ria too participated quite actively on each occasion just like a mistress of Suleman. I found that both me and Ria had started enjoying the matter and it became a matter of sexual arousal for us both.

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