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First Day Of College

Miles pulled into his new community college proud of his new Ford Ranger the 2001 series. He was the first owner and he made sure the truck had a shine today and as he pulled into the parking lot he had his music blasting just so that he and it can be seen. Finding a park was more difficult that he thought it would be but he found one, way in back and as he hoped out he grabbed a book. An english book, he only had one class a day which gave him lots of confidence that he can pass all of his classes, in highschool he juggled way more classes than that. He walked into his class to see that he was the youngest one there, alot of the students were adults going back to college, which made sense with only one class a day they could afford to bring it into the busy adult lives. Miles sat down at a desk in back it was then the teacher introduced himself. He told the class his name was Aaron Fenrich but only call him Aaron because Mr. Fenrich was his dad’s name not his. Aaron made lots of jokes infront of the class making Miles all the more confident that he was going to have a great year this year. The class opened up their books and began to listen to the teacher as they took notes and in the middle of note taking is when it happened. The door opened and Miles looked up from his books and stared in amazement. There she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, well that was a lie but at the moment it was all he could think of. She was spainish, maybe mexican, but Miles always thought of them as hot as she had long dark hair, Miles always loved long hair also. Her breasts were full and her stomach flat suddenly he wanted her. The girl told Aaron her name was Jennifer when she was asked and Miles said it over in his head to remember the name. She sat down not next to him but pretty close, and now it was hard for Miles to concetrate on Aaron. He was too busy sneaking peeks and Jennifer and looking away at the right moments to think about school. Miles had just gotten out of a relationship that had lasted three years but she decided she thought she was in love with Miles because he was a good friend and decided to go cheat on him before breaking up with him. Miles didn’t think much of himself anymore and thought Jennifer was way out of his league but he couldn’t help but to stare at watch her. She even got up to go to the bathroom so he got a good look at her butt. It was kidna flat but she had enough good qualities to make up for that. Class didn’t go very long it seemed even though it was 4 hours long and Miles got out the class room before Jenifer. He started psyching himself up getting ready to say something to her as he walked outside and got into his truck and rolled back up to the enterence. He thought the truck might better his chances and he waited for Jennifer to come out. But to his surprise Jennifer was hand in hand with another guy they even kissed before he left her to go to her car. Miles peeled away and drove him. The next week he had the class again and went into the classroom regreting ever seeing Jennifer. Aaron gave them an assigment and told them he picked partners for them. Miles begged Aaron in thought not to pair him up with Jennifer but he ended up having to change chairs with the girl sitting next to Jennifer to work with her. Jennifer did alot of the work and Miles spent most of the time staring at her. He knew he caught her a couple of times and felt too embaressed to look to see what the look on her face was. Jennifer told Miles she was thirsty and was going to the vending machines to get a drink. Miles just nodded without looking for her. She didn’t come back, Aaron asked Miles where Jennifer was Miles just shrugged and told Aaron what Jennifer told him. Aaron said she’s been gone too long and told Miles to look for her. So Miles got up, reluctently, and went to the hallway to search for Jennifer. He went to the vending machine only to feel a hand slide over his mouth and another one slide over his eyes. He felt a smooth wet tounge slide across his ear and could feel it all over his body then a whisper rang through his ears.
“I saw you looking down my shirt now you’re going to be punished” Miles stiffened this was Jennifer he didnt’ know if this was good or bad she did lick his ear he stood still and felt Jennifer pull him and he didn’t fight her at all. He had no idea where he was, he guessed a bathroom when he heard a door open followed by another door and him being blindfolded and shoved to sit down. He could feel Jennifer taking off his clothes, his clothes sliding off his body leaving slowly. The last thing off was his boxers. And he felt Jennifer tap his cock with one finger.
“Not bad… I’ve seen better but… I’ve seen worse…” She said and Miles could feel his cheeks flush. She wrapped her hand around hsi shaft and Miles stiffened opening up his mouth not expecting her to grab it. He then felt a soft round breast go into his mouth and an erect nipple. He sucked on it of course, and could hear Jennifer moaning, he knew she was making a bigger deal out of it than it really was with her maoning but it still turned him on alot. He felt it slip out and leaned forward to get to it again only to feel himself getting shoved back into the seat and tied up tightly. He couldn’t believe it he hoped Jennifer wouldn’t leave him there naked and tied up but instead he felt warmth around his penis. Jennifer had slide his manhood into her pussy and now was rocking back and forth on him. He kissed him every now and then but never on the mouth and not very often. Just on the cheek and forehead now and then. Miles wanted to reach out and touch Jennifer and kiss her but he was tied up. Jennifer began cumming the cum sliding down Miles’ leg and driping onto the floor. Jennifer began to rock back and forth harder and Miles could feel himself almost cumming. Jennifer got up and looks at him and Miles blindly looked aroudn though he couldn’t see anything wondering why Jennifer got up. She got up at just the right moment and Miles was now cumming all over his leg instead of inside her. He could hear buttoning and zippign and knew it wasn’t his clothes becuase he coudln’t feel them being put back on his body. He then heard two doors clothes and started to panic.
“Jennifer you there?” Miles yelled, there was no asnwer.

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