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A Date With The Paddle

A Date With The Paddle Part 1

My mother sat at the dining room table looking at the credit card bill before her, the items in question (which had put it well over it’s limit) were highlighted.

‘Why did you do this’ I asked ‘you know the rule about asking before using my card.’
‘I’m sorry dear’ she replied without looking up at me ‘I just didn’t think about it…at the time…I’m sorry.’
Continuing I asked her ‘We had a discussion about this the last time didn’t we?’
She gave no verbal answer but nodded her head up and down indicating a ‘yes’.

There were three stores on the list, I asked ‘Do you still have the items that you bought and are the tags still on them?’
There was a short silence then she answered in a small voice ‘Most of them still have the tags on them…I took some off to wear them…but…not all.’

The lecture lasted for about half an hour, in the end I told Linda ‘Pay attention dear, this time I’m going to paddle you for this. You have been warned in the past and I let it slide…since you didn’t listen or pay attention I’m going to get your attention once and for all.’ She did finally looked up at me as her eyes misted up at the mention of a paddling. I continued ‘I really haven’t decided how much you should be punished…how many whacks…but I will begin with at least six good ones tonight. We’re going to the garage and when we’re finished you can go directly to the bedroom and spend a little time in the corner before bed.’

As I said this she raised a shaking hand and wiped a tear that was running down her cheek.

‘I’m going to use the big paddle this time, for now go to the bedroom and stand in the corner. I’ll call you when I’m ready.’

My cute little mother slowly rose and pushed the chair back then turned and obeyed me as she walked to the bedroom. After giving her a few minutes I joined her to make sure that she was indeed in the corner. She stood there with her hands clasped in front of herself, head down and resting in the corner, the little crop top she wore was tight enough to show the outline of the bra under it. Her tan shorts were very short as always and equally tight to the top of the legs, through the light material I could clearly see the outline of her panties, these wouldn’t be on for too much longer. Leaving her there to think I went back downstairs and made myself something to eat.

As I finished eating I called her downstairs to begin the discipline.

She walked from her bedroom to stand before me, hands clasped in front of herself head down a little. ‘Go get the bigger paddle and go to the garage, I’ll be out in a few minutes.’ Without answering me she turned walked to the basement door opened it and took down the twenty-four inch Sutton paddle from it’s hook, she then walked to the garage. Giving her some time to think I got a drink of water then went to join her in the garage workshop. She had laid the paddle on top of the workbench and stood facing it, her hands were clasped as before as she waited. I closed the door firmly then closed the one leading from the workshop to the garage itself, her eyes followed me as I did this. Then, walking back to stand beside her I said in a no nonsense tone ‘You know the rules dear…get out of the shorts and panties…shoes off and bend over the bench.’
I watched in silence as she kicked off her shoes then opened the shorts and wiggled out of them pushing them down over her hips to reveal a pair of lacy white bikini hip hugging panties. As my cock twitched she pushed the panties down then bent to get both items off around her ankles then place them on top of the workbench.

As she turned to face me I said ‘I want you to bend over the bench and cross your arms so that you are laying on them, you will remain in position until I tell you to do otherwise…do you understand me?’ After a long sigh and another nod she crossed her arms under her breasts and began to turn toward the bench. ‘If you try to protect your bottom I will give you extra whacks dear…please obey me and take your paddling.’ Picking up the paddle and stepping to her other side I continued the lecture ‘Tomorrow we will take a little ride (Linda laid her upper body on the bench and wiggled into position pushing out that beautiful bottom) you and I will take back the items that still have the tags on them…’

At that point I pulled the paddle back and allowed it to drop a little, aiming for the bottom of her quivering cheeks in what would be an upward arc then gave a good swing.

As she waited her head rested on the cool wood of the workbench, her cute thighs and bottom continued to quiver a little as the paddle sped towards it’s target. As the paddle made contact it did so with a sharp loud ‘CRACK!’, her bottom bounced and flattened with the impact rebounded as her head shot up and she gave a little wail of pain.

‘the items that do not have tags on them…’

‘CRACK!’ This time the little wail was followed quickly by a moan.

‘will be brought home…’

‘CRACK!’ As her pretty (and reddening bottom) bounced she flexed her legs and moaned louder.

‘and we will continue out here…’


‘until the lesson is given and we understand each other.’

‘CRACK!’ This time her head shot up as her heels left the floor, she spent about fifteen to twenty seconds pushing up and wailing before relaxing on the bench again. Now there was a small but growing puddle of tears on the polished wood as her shoulders shook and her head sagged.

Although my cock was now straining to be free there was a little more work to be done as I said ‘Pull yourself together…there are a few more to go. Tonight you will be given eight whacks.’ All of them had been given pretty hard, my mother was now sobbing after the last one, each whack had been given then I had allowed about a minute for the pain to begin to become a dull burning glow before giving the next one. At this point her little bottom was beet red almost all over showing welts and the outline of the holes in the paddle stood out in ashen white contrast. Her body trembled as she waited for the next explosion of pain in her bottom, her thighs (as she flexed her knees) trembled out of control, she probably had to pee but she knew better than to ask, it would wait.

As she lay there shaking I pulled the paddle back and took aim at her sit-down area, right above her ‘smile’. This area had been given most of the attention, the idea was that when she did sit (for the next few days) she would have no problem remembering why she was paddled. As the paddle cracked once again, causing her cheeks to bounce and flatten, Linda wailed arched her back and kicked hard with both legs. Her hands flew out to her sides and wavered there, she wanted to put them back and rub/protect her blistered bottom in the worst way but knew better.

I couldn’t take it anymore, that sore ass was begging for attention and my cock was rock hard! As she lay there bawling I picked up a large jar of petroleum jelly and moved it beside her shaking form then dropped my slacks and shorts, it was time to fill that tight ass with my cock.

I took the top off of the big jar of white petroleum jelly, it was pretty warm in the workshop and it was well softened by the heat. Aiming it at the head of my cock I pushed it over it and coated about the first two inches then set it down on the bench. Moving up behind her I placed my hands on her hips just above where the swelling of them stops and gripped her firmly then eased myself down a little and pushed the head into her burning crease right about where her tight little rectum should have been. The two little lines of welts just on the inside of her crease would make this a little uncomfortable but the heat of her bottom was hard to resist just now.

Easing up against her bottom I slowly forced the head of my cock through that tight puckered hole as she moaned and arched her back. The head entered her and I began to ease into her steadily, soon her arms flew out and she reached above her head to grab the back of the bench and hang on tight as I moved in to straddle her legs and keep them together. She gave a squeal as all eight inches found a tight hot home and I rested against her burning bottom trapping her against the bench, Linda wiggled under me squealing and moaning while working her rectum hard and trying to relax it just a little.

‘You will get the last two after I finish this.’ I said.
Breathlessly she moaned ‘God…I hope you…don’t…cum…for a…WEEK!’

Her crying and louder moaning continued as I withdrew slowly leaving only the head inside of her hot little rectum then eased back in all the way. My mother squealed loudly as I hit bottom inside of her once again and slammed against her blazing bottom to press her against the bench and hold her there before withdrawing once again, the squealing continued as did the moaning and wiggling of her ass. As I slammed against her I could feel the hot hard leathery welts the paddle had left, soon these would be worse.

As my balls began to tense I increased my thrusts and the tempo of the fucking, she squealed louder with each long hard stroke as our bodies slapped together in forbidden sodomy. I felt the first spasm building and slammed her harder than ever, Linda squealed then screamed both at the attack on her bottom and the cock hitting her deep inside as I reached up and grasped her shoulders to increase the pressure then lunged again as hard as I could. As her little scream died away my cock began to pump a nice big load of cum deep in her bowels, I held her tight as I emptied my balls inside of her quivering quaking body. As I blew my load in long hard shots there was a loud release of trapped air from her bowel, it bubbled around my cock as I trapped her…filling her.

As I finished she released her grip on the back of the bench tucked her arms back under herself and lowered her head to continue crying, without allowing my cock to relax I pulled out slowly again releasing a little puff of air. I cleaned us both up a little and got my pants back up as she lay there flexing her thighs and working her bottom, the balance of the paddling was about to begin as I picked it up and stepped to her side again.

I gave the last two hard and fast without giving her a chance to begin to relax between them. The first one caught her by surprise and brought a loud shrill yell of pain, as she yelled her hands shot out to grip the far edge of the workbench as she kicked wildly. When her feet were back on the floor the paddle was already in motion aimed once again at that (now) very tender and blazing sit-down area. This last one produced a shrill cry of pain as she almost crawled on top of the workbench in agony, her sobbing became louder than ever as she bawled at me to please stop. As my mother clung to the back of the workbench for dear life, sobbing and bawling, her legs were doing a dance behind her. Spread wider than ever she flexed and kicked away in pain while showing everything.

I set the paddle on the bench and returned to the house for another drink of water giving her a few minutes to begin to calm down. I had left the door open and could clearly hear her bawling in the garage over twenty feet away.

Once I had given her enough time to calm down a little and as the noise coming from the garage quieted some, I joined her there. Linda was still bent over the bench in pain legs spread wide but now as she bawled and sobbed quietly her hands were busy rubbing her very sore backside. Her poor bottom was now showing some livid bruises along with the marks from the holes in the paddle, I could also clearly see the welts standing out. As I walked into the garage and approached her she stopped rubbing in an instant to put her hands at her sides as she clinched them into little fists. My inspection, which caused more pain and increased wailing, showed that the two little lines of welts running down the inside of her cheeks were now purple and very tender. As I rubbed spread and inspected she slammed her fists down on the top of the workbench in agony.

‘Stand up dear’ I said ‘finish stripping off then put the paddle away and go to the bedroom.’ Watching as she pushed herself up to stand on shaking legs I continued ‘You will spend a little more time in the corner then go to bed.’ As I spoke she pulled the little top up and over her head then undid the front clasps of the bra and removed it. With a great deal of moaning and gasping she then gathered up all of the clothes the shoes and the paddle to turn and face me. Red faced and puffy she gasped ‘I…really..have to…pee…please dear…I can’t…ho…ld it much lo…ng…er…ple…ase?’ She stood holding everything in front of herself in a bundle dripping tears and trembling very hard, her free hand was pressed between her legs.

‘Do as you’re told’ I said in a stern tone ‘I’ll decide when it’s time to use the toilet brat.’ With a heavy sigh and a long moan my mother walked slowly to the house, legs spread and walking like she was on broken glass.

I did some work that had to be attended to and waited for about half an hour as Linda could be heard crying and sniffing in the bedroom. When I decided that she had suffered enough I walked upstairs to find her in the corner with her blistered bottom on display, both hands were jammed between her legs and she shook like hell all over. As I walked up behind her I said ‘Go to the bathroom dear.’ then followed her down the hall as she limped along a little faster now. I noticed that the inside of her thighs glistened with dampness…I had been just in time.

Linda entered the bathroom walked to the toilet and sat with great care spreading her legs wide, the river of pee began before she was completely seated and came out in a torrent as she sat gasping and moaning on the cool seat. As she emptied her bladder I got a washrag ready with warm water and a little soap to clean her while filling the sink basin. Once finished toilet flushed and wiped mother rose slowly, I took her arm and directed her to the center of the floor then had her spread her legs so that I could do the job of cleaning her pubic area as well as down her legs. I washed and dried her put everything up then turned to put my arms around her for a long hug saying ‘You have been very obedient dear…the discipline is over for tonight…go get in bed, I’ll be up in a few minutes.’ She thanked me then we shared a nice warm kiss before she limped down the hall to throw herself on the bed and cry quietly.

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