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Date Night

He opened the door for me and I entered. I was the same way every week, on Friday. All week I looked forward to this magical night. The long grueling week at work was over. We entered our home hand in hand. Tonight he had promised me something different for Date Night.vbcrlfvbcrlf”Remember what I instructed you, and go tend to your business now.” He shut the door and playfully swatted my ass once. I went upstairs and quickly showered. Towel drying my hair, I looked at myself in the reflection of the mirror. I saw the blush coloring my cheeks slightly. I was so excited about tonight, I could think of nothing else all day.vbcrlfvbcrlfI dressed and walked down stairs. The lights were dim and candles lit. I stopped at the bottom of the stairs and waited. I felt the cool silk of the blindfold wrap around my head and the soft whisper of his voice in my ear “Good girl, now follow me.” He took my hand and led me to the next room.vbcrlfvbcrlfThe clicks of the cuffs around my ankles startled me. I had not expected that. I felt a bar being inserted and my legs spread opened. I opened my mouth to protest, suddenly a bit frightened. We had not spoke of this happening. I felt his finger at my lips, silencing me. “Remember, first word spoken ends this immediately, nod if you understand”vbcrlfvbcrlfI nodded and remained totally silent, as my mind reeled. Without a word, he took my hands in his and raised my arms. I felt the cool smooth leather embrace my wrists and snuggly fit around them. Slowly my arms were lifted over my head and snapped into something above my head – I turned my face upwards and through the darkness of my blindfold was unable to see a thing. His hands roamed over my satin teddy. Down over the lace covering between my legs. Exploring and taking his time his hands moved over me.vbcrlfvbcrlfI purred as his hands cupped my breasts and held them, as if weighing them in the palms of his hands. His fingers idly toyed with my nipples, making me wiggle as best I could. Quite suddenly his fingers twisted hard. Tugging my nipple between his fingers, I gasped, but remained silent. He continued to tug and twist both nipples at the same time. Tears welled up in my eyes, but at the same time I felt the familiar tug in my pussy. Sobbing without noise I felt the shame of a small orgasm at the pain he inflicted. He laughed. A soft tender rumble that filled the air with sound. I felt more shame ripple through me, knowing he knew.vbcrlfvbcrlfHis fingers left my nipples and touched my dampened material between my legs. The lace had become wetter with each tug of my nipple. His finger slid back and forth, working me into another frenzy. My hips tried to move with his touch, but it was awkward at the way I was positioned.vbcrlfvbcrlfThe stroking stopped as suddenly as it began. Total silence filled my mind as sure as the total darkness filled my vision. Confused I tried to twist around, to feel or see or hear something! Suddenly I heard the whisper of a whip slashing through the air and make contact with my fleshy ass cheek. I cried out with surprised pain. Again the whip swished through the air and kissed the other cheek. My whole being was trembling, as the pain seared into me. Then his hand was there, smoothing out my ravished flesh. Tenderly touching the welts that were rising up. His fingers rode down between my legs and touched my soaked lacy covered pussy.vbcrlfvbcrlf”Oh see how this pleases you!” He was taunting me, and I felt humiliated at the truth in his words. I was feeling pleasure, incredible pleasure from this. He laughed again and lashed at my ass in rapid strokes. Again and again the leather slapped my ass. And as suddenly, it stopped. No tender strokes this time, no touches, his hand reached up and ripped my teddy from my body. Leaving me naked and completely humiliated at how good it made me feel to be this vulnerable.vbcrlfvbcrlfHis laugh continued as the butt end of the whip handle rolled down my ass cheeks and over my red welts. He moved around my hips and tickled the soft curly hairs at my pelvis. Moving it down lower, teasing the soft wet folds of my outer lips with the dry brittle leather handle. Still I remained silent. My breathing quickened and my pulse raced as the handle slid back and forth over my juices. I whimpered, wanting it to stop, praying it would never end.vbcrlfvbcrlfSuddenly he plunged the handle of the leather whip up inside me. My pussy speared with it, coated by my own orgasm, it filled me. The leather stretched my pussy and soaked up all my juices, making is very slick. He jutted it in and out a few times. My hips tried to move with it, fearing it would end before I felt release. His hand reached out and rubbed the throbbing nub of my clit as the other hand fucked me relentlessly with the handle of his whip. I whispered softly. “Oh yessss”vbcrlfvbcrlfWhen suddenly it stopped. Ended. His hands left my body and the whip dangled from inside me.vbcrlfvbcrlf”You spoke” were his only words as he walked out of the room.

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