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I Try to be good

Heather was always ready to please people, even as a young child. So there is no question as to why she is the way she is.

Just turning 16, she was preparing for a party in her honor. As her friends arrived, her parents kissed her goodbye and told her to have fun and be good. They would return tomorrow.

She shut the door and was ready to party. Things were going well when Sarah, an old friend arrived. Hurt because she was not asked to join the party, she stormed up to Heather and demanded an explanation. Heather stammered, not wanting to hurt her friend but didn’t have an answer. Her friends questioned why Sarah was left out and Heather blurted out “Because she controls me and makes me do bad things”. The crowd looked at Sarah and she glared at Heather. “Make you do bad things???” “We will see who does bad things”.

She grabbed Heather by the arm and forcefully brought her to the couch. Heather was made to sit down and Sarah stood in front of her. “You will get such an ass whipping for this” “You know you love what we do together”. Heather looked down at her feet. Sarah sat on the couch and, being bigger than Heather, pulled her over her lap. Sarah pulled up Heathers new skirt (she got for her special party) and exposed the silk pink panties under her skirt. “Oh aren’t these sexy” “Come on guys you know you want to see” Heathers guy friends from school approached nervously. Sarah knew they liked what was happening by the bulges in their pants. Some of the girls were whispering between themselves as others just stared. Sarah raised her arm and proceeded to smack Heather’s tight ass. 30 blows and Heather stiffling screams. Sarah asked if she had learned her lesson and Heather refused to answer. “Well guys, she is being naughty, should I give her more?” They looked at each other, one tall boy stroking himself in pleausre and said “Give it to her good”.

Sarah began to spank her again when the tall boy, Nick, came forward for a better veiw. Sarah played into his enthusiasm and asked him to remove her panties. Heather began to kick and scream. Two other boys came forward and held her legs apart (wider than needed but they wanted to see her pink cunt as her panties were removed). Sarah thanked Nick and told him it was his turn to punish Heather, since she has ruined the party. Nick came forward and gave her 2 hard blows across her ass, but closer to her cunt. “You want that don’t you Nick?” Sarah asked. “Go for it”.

Nick kneeled behind Heather, giving her an occaisional smack as he peered in towards her cunt. He asked the 2 guys holding her legs to spread her open further and they did. Heather thought she would split in two, but knew better to say anything as Sarah would punish her more. Nick reached forward and was very rough with his fondling. Heather knew he had little to no experience. He just wanted to play. He began to finger fuck her hot cunt with 1, 2 then 3 fingers. Heather was a virgin, but her episodes with Sarah had allowed dildos, fingers and other implements into her small cunt hole and her tight ass. Nick was getting hard, fingering her cunt. “Don’t ignore that tight ass Nick” Sarah said. Nick was too busy with his fingers, feeling her cunt walls tighten around his fingers”.

One of the boys holding her legs, Paul, leaded forward and in his excitement ran his finger in her pussy juice and jammed one to the knuckle deep in her ass. The party goers watched in amazement as their friend was being finger fucked in the ass and cunt and they got horny themselves seeing she was enjouing it. Kevin, the other boy holding her leg motioned to one girl to get him something from the table. She handed him the ladle for the punch. The handle was huge. He told Paul to remove his finger from her spasming ass. Paul did so, only to have his fingers replaced by the thick handle of the ladle. Heather began to fidgit with pain as he forcefully pushed the implement as far as it would go.

Heathers friends began to gather around. Sarah noticed that some of them were begining to get horny and playing with each other as they watched their friend be tortured. Sarah came up with the ultimate in humiliation. Heather had a dog. The thought was a wild one but she thought it may work. She asked Paul to go get Rya, the Shepard/Great Dane Mix. Paul became wide eyed as he realized what would happen next. Rya was brought to the room. Heather had been through a lot in the past with Sarah, letting her play with her and “teach her” what older girls do (Sarah was 3 years older than her), but this was the ultimate in humiliation.

Sarah held onto Rya’s collar and led him to Heathers ass and cunt. He sniffed around but nothing happened. “Wait” said Paul as he ran to the table for some food. Hmmm candy, chips dips. Paul thought of a great idea. He unwrapped a lollipop and put it in his mouth to get it wet. He took it and ran it up and down Heathers ass and cunt, inserting it in as far as it would go, getting the candy flavor all over her. Heather squirmed in protest, only to be held tighter. Rya was brought forward and began to rake his tongue across her ass cheeks and then quickly and deeply into her twat “OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH” screamed Heather. This increased her friends excitement as they watched the large dog insert his tongue deep into her ass and cunt, licking at all drops of lollipop juice. Heather, to her dismay,was writhing in ecstacy from this firm tongue that just did not stop. She came with such force she fell sideways off of Sarahs leg onto the floor. He legs still spread wide, Rya positioning between them to continue to lick her to no end, now after her cunt juice instead of the lollipop juice.

Heather looked up to see her “friends” standing around masturbating, playing with each other and getting off at her humiliation. “Fuck you all” she screamed. Sarah reached down and smacked her across the face. “Your friends are enjoying you, you should be glad you made them happy” “That is no way to talk to your friends, you don’t deserve friends like them”. AT that, Sarah whispered to the 3 boys that helped her. Pretty soon there were whispers around the room.

Heather went to get up but was qucikly restrained. 3 of her girlfriends were holding hr down, legs spread wide and ankles up near her shoulders. Her friends stood around her, full view of her aroused cunt and abused asshole. Sarah nodded and her friends dropped their pants. Heather looked confused but knew what was about to happen. Rya was placed over her face and her face was forced to his teeny cock. “Suck him as we give you what you deserve for not realizing you have great friends” Sarah said. Heather tried to resit but had no chioce as her protests made her cheek rub on Rya’s cock and it began to grow. As she moved her head it landed in her hot mouth and instantly grew. She began to become aroused and losing all reality began to lick and suck her dogs cock. As she did, she felt wetness hit her belly, legs, breasts, feet, all over. Only then did she realize her friends were peeing on her.

She turned her head to see Paul and keving holding their semi hard cocks over her breasts and peeing a long heavy stream. Her friend Carrie was squatting over her thigh, playing with her nipples and peeing up a storm on her friend. Sarah forced Heathers mouth back to Rya, just in time as the dog began to hump her face and head and came in her mouth, on her chin and down to her chest. Rya jumped off and Heather laid there. She now realized she did give her friends some pleasure. As she sat up, she saw Rya, now between Carries legs, lapping up her pee drops she had just left. Paul and Kevin were holding her legs wide and high but I don’t think they had to, Carrie was enjoying hrself as she pushed Rya’s head harder into her pussy.

“I guess I do have good friends” she said to Sarah. “Yes you do Heather” Sarah said as she moved around and raised her very wet pussy to Heather’s face. “Now do what you do best to your best friend”.

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